Home Phone Reviews Get Stream Deck On Your SMARTPHONE – But Is It Any Good?

Get Stream Deck On Your SMARTPHONE – But Is It Any Good?

Get Stream Deck On Your SMARTPHONE – But Is It Any Good?

well hello people I’m Dimitri and Computex madness is about to begin it’s actually weird making in Computex video without actually being in taipei yet but I love complex because we can reunite as a team meet amazing people amazing food and Taipei is just awesome but back to the topic at hand what el gato is announcing is a virtual mobile Stream Deck so the original stream like the physical Keys lets you customize different shortcuts for streaming for gaming for editing for whatever you want software is intuitive and they come in different sizes but now that sort of application is going to be available on your iOS device which is pretty cool let’s check it out but first the huge thanks to our sponsors Phantex and SteelSeries for making our Computex trip possible alright so for all of our streaming gurus elgato is announcing a new stream deck excel with 32 keys which has more than double what was previously available on the lower end models for the 6 and the 15 keys and that is because people have been buying 215 key sets and setting them up the way they want and now we have the 32 option which is pretty awesome for customization of anything you want especially because you can create folders within each key and then customize that per application it is a $250 part which is expensive but considering the 15 key set sells for $149 it seems like a pretty decent deal but the thing that I’m actually more excited about is the stream deck mobile it is available only on iOS right now no Android support sorry guys you know iOS for life for life Android for life yeah but you can get stream deck mobile on on the Android well it’ll soon be announced so the set up on the iPhone is actually pretty straightforward you scan a code on your computer it matches as long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi network and I’ve created myself a little touch bar situation that I can use in conjunction with my Razer Blade 15 and it’s actually pretty awesome you can go in portrait mode or landscape and they rotate there’s a little haptic feedback when you press the keys love vibrations so you know when the key has been registered plus a visual indication of the key actually going in just like you would experience on the actual physical stream deck and so what is the main use case scenario for something that is on your phone you don’t need another physical device if you are trying to go after some customization and shortcuts for any of your programs and the cool thing is here I’ve created an editing profile shortcuts within the app so I go into editing and all my shortcuts are here it’s can sit beside my laptop as I work and can activate multi key commands like opening the screen or linking and unlinking footage something that doesn’t require me to reach different keys that are far away from each other everything can be set up on the stream deck mobile app and that has been actually pretty convenient especially because there is no lag or input from here from the time when the actual shortcut is activated on the computer so we do get 15 buttons but you can create folders within folders granting you unlimited access and customization for all types of applications and I’m just I’m just scratching the surface of what I’m able to do in the short period of time on something that I will actually be using from now on and that is pretty incredible now the thing is we were joking with the guys that next thing you have to consider would be an iPhone stand and something that that you can interact with and I feel like the whole point of this stream that mobile service is to really tease you on what is possible with customization within the stream deck software and the whole ecosystem and potentially push you over the edge to go and buy the physical product and that brings us to price this is subscription service based through your Apple ID so $3.

99 per month or $32.99 per year it’s almost like they’re competing with themselves because they don’t really have competition but 30 $2.99 per year versus buying a 15 key for $150 you can deftly try this before committing to a physical product and potentially you might not even want one since the economics of this being in front of your monitor especially if you have a good stand and the visibility of it and the size too might be a better way to go then go in the physical route now I have the stream deck mini the six key version I’ve actually customized it to turn on my lights to take screenshots and other miscellaneous things that I do here and there but that has to be plugged in via USB it occupies space on my desk versus the app I can literally open that anytime I want when I’m in my household because there things connected to the same network I can literally do things without being in that physical space and that is a big benefit for me but guys I’m not a veteran stream deck user therefore can tell you this is the best value or it’s an amazing product but if you do use the physical keys would you consider going for the subscription service or not and you can use them in conjunction with the physical modules as well and the fact that you have that monthly trial gives you an opportunity to try it before committing to either the physical one or going on with the annual subscription service all right that’s it from Elgato thanks much for watching make sure to subscribe and check out this other relevant stuff from Computex I’ll talk to you in the next video we got we’re getting claps


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