Home Phone Reviews Geemarc CL8400 Mobile Phone Review By HearingDirect.com

Geemarc CL8400 Mobile Phone Review By HearingDirect.com

Geemarc CL8400 Mobile Phone Review By HearingDirect.com

this is the G mark cl8 400 clamshell amplified mobile phone this is a new phone from G mark and the first of their clamshell amplified mobile phones it’s been designed to be as simple to use as possible quite popular in terms of its clamshell design to receive accept and close down calls you can just simply close and open the actual phone some people have also commented that it makes it easier for their voice to be picked up because the length of the clamshell when it’s open perhaps as a bit longer than a standard phone once it’s closed however it is a very neat little phone compare this to something like an iphone 4 and you will see that it’s very neat indeed in terms of the features of this phone it’s certainly amplified it has up to 40 decibels of extra amplification for incoming voice and a very loud ringtone in order to change the volume there are clear buttons on the side up and down in terms of volume and also the little treble clef music sign indicates that you can also change the tone control within the phone so you can emphasize higher or lower frequencies there is also a headset input socket the phone does have FM radio pick up or you may want to insert various as this listening devices for telecoils or hands-free sets next to that headset socket you can see that you can also plug in the charger directly on the phone if you don’t wish to use the cradle unit on the phone itself you can see that the buttons are very clear simply use the green and red buttons to make and end calls if you don’t wish to use the clamshell to open and close there are three instant memory Donal options which can be programmed m1 m2 and m3 the phone in terms of its features can make and receive calls and do texting using the menu uses the two keys at the top most of the time and all the instructions are very clear on the big screen at the top of the phone to give you an idea of what the actual numbers look like when you are dialing you can see that they are very large indeed but they will show a complete phone number within the initial display other features on the phone include an SOS button that can be programmed with up to six numbers that the phone will dial automatically if this is priced it also emits quite a large signal to charge the CL eat 400 there are two ways you can insert the cable directly into the phone on the side or you may wish to use the provided charger as well simply stand the phone in the charger and add will automatically stop charging so overall the ca cl8 400 is a very easy to use amplified mobile phone with the design of a clamshell it is supplied unlocked from gmac and therefore any SIM card can be used simply insert the SIM card into the back of the phone underneath the battery as per mobile phones


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