Home Phone Reviews Geek Bytes – Motorola Droid X Phone Review & Demo!

Geek Bytes – Motorola Droid X Phone Review & Demo!

Geek Bytes – Motorola Droid X Phone Review & Demo!

hey YouTube what’s up it’s sketch of Tom’s here hey guys doing industry they ever review for you guys today I’m gonna be reviewing the motorola droid x which is made by motorola obviously powered by google and verizon and runs on verizon 3g mobile service so basically before i get started with this video the reason why the ipod touch is just randomly sitting over there next to the droid x i’m just going to be making a few comparing comparisons because this was the closest thing I had to a smartphone before this came along I’m gonna turn off the sound so none of the messages will interfere at the video and let’s begin so basically as you guys can see here is the motorola droid x this is a phone I got back in July thirtieth 2010 as a graduating seventh grade gift I even graduate from the school but yeah I got went along with it this phone costs about two hundred dollars back then I don’t know if they’re having a price / or anything but right I it came in on July fifteenth 2010 is the third latest smartphone of Motorola there is the motorola h motorola droid 2 and then there’s the HTC droid pro I don’t know if it’s made by motorola or HTC HTC but yeah so basically this is a great phone in my opinion pretty bulky though the only thing I could say negative about it because unlike all the other phones it’s fun is pretty big as it’s bigger than the palm of my hand and actually almost the size of my whole entire hand itself and actually with the ipod touch right over here this whole ipod touch is basically the screen the same amount of width and length of the screen so this fits right over here completely perfectly which is kind of amazing because this is so small and everything like that so basically also with the motorola droid x this has an amazing battery life this has about like a seven eight hour battery life for a mobile phone i think it can use rhapsody but I’ve been basically using it for social networking and a few games and mobile web browsing in order to have this phone you need to have a google account handy that you’re using actively because in order to go on to the android market which is the app store it’s like the apple app store except you can purchase android related apps in order to go on there you have to have access to a google account like a gmail address which or an AOL or yahoo account but has a link to a google account so here you can see the home page of my motorola droid x let’s kill you a little walk through here I have some widgets for YouTube Twitter some settings for when I can go so when I go place with my droid because it is running on 3g service i have 3g hotspot for routers that i have linked to it like i have a few riders linked to it for my uncle in my mom I my house and then there’s also if you’re in the airplane if you’re losing like a TV and then there’s a bunch of other ones i have a bunch of apps along over here then there’s some SMS widgets this thing comes pre-loaded with widgets and everything you just have to put your username and password in it and there’s also a bunch of other stuff you can add to it that’s pretty cool it comes set with a bunch of applications like most of these were already here when I got them here are the ones that i purchased so far i bought twitter for android but that’s frayed twitted skype mobile Foursquare and that’s basically on the homepage if you want to click to see more applications you can just click this button over here pretty handy and it leads to all your applications that are downloaded onto this phone right over here I basically use a lot of them but not live them but I use Twitter sometimes when I’m on the go this what I am a Twitter holic kind of you know yeah or tweet horsham like that so you guys to follow me on twitter twitter.

com / time of action so basically I’m gonna give you the little look at the phone right now back of it it has motorola on the logo as the motorola logo right over here here’s where the arm phone cards are in everything i don’t think you verizon uses a cma cdma or CMA on phone service unlike AT&T mobile with uses gsm so it’s kind of different this has an 8-megapixel camera that records in 720p HD notice that the iphone 4 has only a 5 megapixel camera and can record in HD as well but this is a better quality camera and it also takes amazing pictures so when you take these applications this is the camcorder way takes videos and this is over here where you can take on pictures here’s my gmail thing where I’m linked to Tom it’s kesha calm calm my phone is kind of weird and somewhat i have to give us a little bed thought that my google service can’t connect to this phone for some reason i haven’t had enough time to bring it to verizon to have this from text so i couldn’t buy any more ass their purchase as of like September ish here I have a bunch of emails and stuff I’ll probably have a bunch of at PAX my favorite app episodes and other stuff to include android now because I’ve been just prior to this I’ve been just using it on iphone app reviews and ipod touch app reviews so now i’m going to change it up a bit and try to be more creative because i do have a great fun here this phone is currently running on 2.

2 android 1 2.3 Gingerbread comes out I’m thinking of upgrading this phone because you know the more the better later the later firmware it has the better it will be used for I’m here some news on basically over here the apps I use our Twitter for I’m gonna give you a short little app on preview Twitter from Android which I have to honestly admit even though I am kind of an Android and Microsoft fanboy which I will admit that I kind of do like the twitter for iphone interface more I don’t know if this is just too colorful or I don’t like the blue scheme of it but I do provide the other one more so basically here you can see the twitter feed and everything my recent tweets and stuff there’s a bunch of modules that’s a nice kind of its colorful I say all these apps are colorful but some of them left the power of iphone apps I’m just saying that sounds like a fanboy comment but believe me I’m no apple fanboy you probably never would be so basically over here there’s skype mobile i do prefer skype on here because it’s more convenient handy because i can’t access skype on on my ipod touch where there’s no wet router because over here whenever wherever it verizon has phone service i’m able to use this I music we use all these applications sometimes when I’m in school or I’m in like a doctor’s office the wife the 3g is pretty weak but other than that it usually has a lot of bars and a lot of places so over here i’ll give you a little tour of the android market and I’ll wrong at my eyelids it’s hard i’m using this phone one hand while I’m recording with my camera kind of weird fish here’s the android market um as you guys can see they have on the zoom in um you can see this apps games and this verizon related stuff like rap city let’s get over here apps you can find applications like paid top top three and then the one to just roll released unlike iphone applications where they take forever to get process and approved in the app store because i’ve been trying to get myself an iphone app the android applications can be made by third-party your representatives such as yourself and noobs like other people like that like myself so you can easily make android apps and publish them onto the android market takes a little effort here that there’s now on android texas oh I’ve had test I made a tetris review for the iPhone and actually gotta get him out of views which is surprising to me because I didn’t know it was kind of an old app when I reviewed it so that’s pretty much it for this little walkthrough I’m gonna give you a little tour of my this I this droid x probably on my side shelf ever do get the chance so that’s pretty much it for this video overall I rate this product a8i 10 stars because actually ate at 10 not I actually read it like four stars because it’s this can do a lot of stuff it’s really jam-packed it’s kind of hard to fit in my pocket but other than that is a lot of pro features to it I do prefer some applications that are running on both Android and iPhone on iphone and then there’s some applications which I prefer on Android just for Android but just depends on who you want what your pains and preferences are so thank you for watch for watching follow me on twitter twitter coms just holla back shin and also comment on this video thumbs up and subscribe and favorite and share with your friends social network links in the video description and mine xbox live gamertag tom shots peace


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