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Gateway 20-Inch Multi-Touch Screen All-in-One Desktop PC

Gateway 20-Inch Multi-Touch Screen All-in-One Desktop PC

hey welcome back to JN our music and computer world here in New York City my name is Brett finally touch screen at your fingertips today we’re taking a closer look at gateways ZX 4,800 oh seven multi-touch screen all-in-one desktop PC now if you’ve yet to experience a touchscreen computer this is really going to blow you away the gateway one is intuitive it utilizes easy to use touchscreen technology everything is touchscreen just like this and it’s got an eye-catching style take a look at this you can see that it’s space-saving you can see that it’s sleek and you can see that it’s coming from Gateway its gateway one and it integrates a PC and a monitor into one that’s where it gets its name from everything is built inside the monitor itself plus you’ve got a wireless keyboard and you’ve got a mouse and the remote this PC is perfect for any room in the house it doesn’t have a huge footprint and something that will certainly work in the office as well imagine being able to take your everyday work to a whole new level with a gateway one you’ll love the fact that it’s interactive computing media sharing with all the social networks and of course stunning HD entertainment all in one the high-definition display comes in at about 20 inches which will give you enhanced entertainment and you’ll also notice that the images and the graphics have great clarity and are ultra sharp that means you can enjoy playing your games taking a look at your applications to their fullest or if you’re just surfing the internet pop it in a movie or watching digital TV no matter what you’re doing you’re really gonna be blown away now while we’re talking about its entertainment features keep in mind the gateway one lets you immerse yourself into an HD world with high definition audio and 5.

1 channel surround sound support plus the computer can also do double duty as your new TV and the media hub and it’s got a built-in webcam a microphone which comes in handy when you’re chatting with your friends and your family no matter where they are in the world and the gateway one features what’s called touch media share technology what this does is it lets you manage all of your photos and easily share them with everybody and know and of course doing it with the touch of a finger another pretty cool feature included inside is something called gateways touch suite what this does is it syncs your PC and the internet with OneTouch gateway also adds in gadgets which are pretty cool they let you instantly handwrite notes you can start a photo slideshow even use it to organize your music collection of course keep up with all the social networking sites and doing it with a touch of a finger as far as the guts and everything that’s inside looking at the specs you’ve got an Intel Pentium T 4400 2.

2 gigahertz processor there’s four gigs of DDR RAM and a gigantic hard drive 750 gigs in your hard drive Plus also DVD + + – r RW as well as a hybrid TV tuner remember it’s not just a computer it’s a television as well of course your gateway one will come with the brand new windows 7 home premium so you don’t have to worry about an outdated operating system and nothing to upgrade you’re ready to go from the time we take it out of the box and if you want to get one for yourself it’s the gateway one PC and you can get it from J&R music and computer world by calling 808 0 6 1 1 1 5 or go online to junior comm and we really hope that this video has been helpful maybe learn something today if you’ve got some comments some questions concerns or want to learn more about this PC leave your comments on youtube so we know what you think


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