Home Camera Reviews Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera Review with Jim Baird

Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera Review with Jim Baird

Garmin VIRB Elite Action Camera Review with Jim Baird

one of the things we’re using to capture all the stuff we’re doing out here on this trip is this Garmin VirB camera it’s a waterproof camera can shoot underwater it attaches to our dog’s harness that’s also made by Garmin and that way we can get all kinds of cool shots to see what the dogs doing see things from his perspective but the good thing about this is that it actually has a screen so when you turn it on you can see what you’re shooting it’s a wide angle it also doesn’t fog up all of the time some of the other guys action cams they have a case and well as soon as some moisture gets in that case or you open it it’s drizzling a bit it gets full of water and the rest of the day it’s just foggy and cloudy and you get all these foggy shots never an issue with this this little piece here just clips on and clips off the bottom like this no problem and then to change the battery it’s just a twist you pull her out take the battery out I like to bring two batteries it takes a micro SD card very small card I bring two 32 gig cards instead of a 64 that way I’m not keeping all my eggs in one basket should one card become corrupted or break so the battery lasts a long time this is the morning of day 6 and I’m only changing a battery now which is freaking awesome so much less hassle charges from a USB to my solar charger battery and I can just plug that in and charge it up now I’m gonna charge this one up tonight but I bring two and I have a fully charged battery right there ready to go for another five or six days so we’re laughing and that just clips right on there and I can screw that down to the boat to a head mount to the side of the boat get all kinds of cool shots with this so this is just freakin awesome camera right here shoots an HD I love it


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