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Gaming Laptop Review – Should You Get One?

Gaming Laptop Review – Should You Get One?

hello and welcome everybody long hot here and I am back with the beard hat I’ve been doing many vlogs lately and it’s just being too hot to actually vlog with the beard hat but I’m doing this video early in the morning so it’s quite cool and also my hair is really messy so I thought better wear the beard hat anyway this is my gaming laptop review a pros and cons vlog now this is not a buyer’s guide for a gaming that’s what I will be going over a couple of gaming laptops probably some of the top M ones out there at the moment very briefly later on in the video but I won’t specifically be going this is a great laptop to buy this I will be doing that shortly there I’ll be doing a buyer’s guide for gaming laptops and desktop PCs and you know custom-built pcs and parts and all that upgrades and things like that in about a week’s time for Rome 2 and already the bid hat is falling down on me I need to pin up the beard a bit so yeah I will be doing kind of a buyer’s guide in about a week’s time so if that’s what you’re looking for please watch this video because it probably if you’re looking for a gaming laptop this should probably help clear up a few misconceptions so I’m gonna go kind of through the pros and cons first of all in the first part of this video then briefly look at a few of the top end gaming laptops that are out there at the moment of all the most recognizable brands at least and I kind of look at briefly their pros and cons and then I’m gonna briefly talk about my personal experience and kind of round up with my conclusion my review of owning a gaming laptop and I will see here’s mine my msi GX 740 which i’ve had for four years now it’s done me very well and it still works I will tell you more about that later though so yes the pros and cons now when I looked into a gaming up top I did a lot of research I think that’s kind of something with this top PC to an extent you can actually go Oh on the desktop PC you look at one you look at the spec and you buy it with the gaming laptop it takes a little bit more I think I think he needed a little bit more research I think I support perhaps it’s a bit daunting for some people because they just about get their heads around desktop components and then they see laptop mobile components and they’re a bit bit unsure about them so let’s go through some of the pros and cons so you want to see the biggest Pro and is I would say ultimately it’s the extra money you end up spending on a laptop is because it’s a portable device you can carry it wherever you want you take it to university as I did you can take it to your friends as I did you know I’ve been to solve LAN LAN parties and of her know gaming conventions but you know go around some friends and they’ve all bought their PCs and lug them around and I’ve turned up with a laptop and open the lid I’m set up in you know two seconds they take you know a couple of minutes or their limbs of apples they have to carry the huge thing you know it can it can surf the internet wireless it comes with a wireless card built-in most pcs well I don’t know there was a phase I personally found about five years ago where every PC prebuilt PC II bought was came with a wireless card now it seems it’s phased out people are going back to cables it’s all it’s all different all over the place all you know some people just go you know buy a PC and then you buy the extra wireless card to go in so another Pro is what it does have a battery you know it is it that extra portability you can you no doubt have to be plugged in all the time sure probably gaming even on the best laptop you’re only gonna get you know an hour hour and a half tops on the best battery but it’s better than nothing I’m gonna keep looking over that screen if you’re wondering because I’ve got some notes and shoes you can even customize laptops prior to buying it that’s that’s you know that’s a feature for most for most gaming but normal that tops probably not so much for gaming laptops if you buy it from a good gaming website or you know or a good gaming manufacturer whether with their options a majority of the time you can tweak some things in the gaming laptop like PC specialist CyberPower Alienware so you can you can normally choose the process or the RAM sometimes the hard drive size and sometimes the video card as well but I’ll talk about some cons in a moment as to why that you know that choice is quite important and who the gaming laptop it is you know it is a choice it isn’t a quite a selective choice because here’s where we come to the cons the value of a gaming laptop now my MSI gx7 44 years ago cost me 800 pounds now that was with an operating systems with Windows 7 64 bit and actually came with a free backpack which was useful for carrying it around it’s quite a nice backpack some of the zips and stuff have now sort of died on it but I’ve used it pretty much every day for at least three and a half years and the other half year I was you know every few days you know what was it Union pretty much every time I had a lecture I’d go in laptop in backpack in I went lecture outcomes laptop the right back you know lecture time I was back in that pack carry it back you know it was in that backpack in and out that backpack all the time you know it got daily use you know and it served me well it’s still working but you get the value of a gaming laptop eight hundred pounds for mine another spec in it probably you would find in a roundabout a 500 pound PC so you’re thinking okay where’s the extra 300 pounds coming from well before you think that’s really overpriced and that you should definitely go desktop let’s think about it now that’s what comes with a screen so let’s say you know okay it’s a 17 inch screen 70 pounds for a reasonable screen it’s got it’s not going to full HD resolution it’s got a 1680 by 1050 resolution but it’s still pretty good so say 70 quid for you know the the screen you’ve got a keyboard and a mouse essentially in the trackpad let’s say 30 quid for that together you know it’s a hundred pounds there you’ve got speakers speakers can arrange for any sort of price let’s say 20 pounds 120 pounds there you know so X 120 okay we’re looking at six 620 620 pounds so where’s the other 180 pounds going that is essentially what I would like to call the portability tax because that is one of his biggest pros yeah it factors into this value as one of its cons with the desktop you buy for a stationary purpose for a laptop you don’t and so you have to acknowledge the extra cost part of that you are actually paying so you can take it places you’re paying that the technology is small enough so that you can literally do you know you are paying so that it is reasonably light or that it’s not that light but then the amount of spec in it is reasonable that can play ok so to illustrate play Shogun 2 total war on medium high I played Napoleon on high ultra it didn’t like Shogun as much but yeah with with large battles good detail I’m gonna play battlefield 3 on that on on low medium settings and it plays quite well actually it plays crisis I did some benchmark so you can you can check them out across my channel actually and that was four years ago and it still plays you know today’s latest games that will run rome 2 as well the spec in that will run round 2 but it’s 4 years old now and mobile technology has come on a long way now this brings back to one of those other cons and kind of coming back to that looking back at that probe that you can customize it yes you can customize it before you buy but a lot of people specifically on my on my youtube videos of my gameplay of Total War thing like that say oh I want to a great man my laptop what graphics call it really suggests you can’t that’s the simple answer bar some really expensive or kind of let gaming laptops that are built on kind of a bare-bones sort of motherboard hardly any gaming laptops allow you to upgrade the graphics chip now I take a chip because I don’t really see it as a card because it’s actually you know soldered onto the board for most of them or it’s connected direct to the board so I see as a chip a graphics chip rather than a graphics card in a laptop and I’ve over mine up and had a look at it cleaned all out many times before so really that’s why it is key to if you’re gonna get a gaming laptop you have to really do your research you can’t just find one that you like and you have to you have to think I mean I bought this I was hoping this gaming laptop would last me at least my three is it unique it’s done that it’s done it by an extra year it’s done great so you know that’s really you know you kind of have to fruit future-proof yourself but perhaps paying more you know so it will last because otherwise if I spent a hundred quid you know four years ago and then halfway through had to spend another 800 quid to get a new more recent more current gaming laptop you know I’m you know this 1,600 pounds whereas this you know it’s half the price so it’s very important to really do your research and really find out what what parts it’s got in what graphics cards going what’s processor so yes graphics cards pretty much our unknown oh and not just because you can’t you know take it take the chip off the boredom for a new one in you can actually do that and you can buy them from eBay or other stores you know things about actual mobile chips graphics chips to put onto your onto a laptop on the board it’s that it then won’t be compatible with your motherboard because your motherboard was made all that motherboard for that game and effort was made specifically to be combined with a certain graphics chip so unless there’s been like a BIOS update to flash or your motherboard to accept a new graphics chip generally it’s not going to work and it’s a lot of hassle actually flashing it sometimes sometimes sometimes it can be easy sometimes it can go horribly wrong and then you’ve got a bricked laptop so customization in a way post-purchase is a huge con game with a PC you know take up rapid car the process of the route you can take it all apart and put it all back in if I have done that pretty much with my with my gaming PC it came with an AMD processor a motherboard I’ve now sort that out for Intel processor a motherboard it got a came with an ATI graphics card it’s not run in Nvidia I’ve put a new hard drive in there I’ve put new RAM in there you know I’ve completely redesigned and customized my PC as I used to with a gaming laptop you can’t do that so you really that’s why sometimes I say don’t just go for the the cheapest gaming laptop you can afford go for the one that’s going to last so you know if you have to save up an extra two three hundred pounds go for that one because that is the one that’s going to last and that you know you’re not gonna have a great having said there is no customization you cannot grade RAM in pretty much every single laptop because it’s most likely one of the main things that’s accessible that won’t void your warranty and I should say that in most cases getting to a graphics chip or your processor will void your warranty because you’ll break a void void warranty sticker but most manufacturers either you can ask them within their warranty code you can have a look at within their warranty contract and it will actually say that you are allowed to change the RAM or hard drive or almost value the RAM in the hard drive are not in areas where you will have to avoid a warrant tree sticker to to get to them basically my gaming laptop has separate compartments for full RAM and the hard drives separate from the main the main board basically where if you open that up its it will void your warranty but yet so you can upgrade your RAM and you can in some laptops upgrade the processors and my laptop actually I did find out that you cannot great the processor you have to do a BIOS flash so they’re able to be accepted but you can do it you cannot grade the processor you can obviously most of the time put in a bigger hard drive that’s pretty easy to do so there’s limited customization upgradability post-purchase so that’s why it’s important to make those choices pre patches now I’ve come that I’ve seen that is obviously Jesus II’s are the laptops and they have a tendency to heat up really quickly and a lot of people get worried now laptops specifically their parts and that are made to get hot and sustain the heat even grab this class today generally I think most Nvidia ones have a threshold of about 98 I’ve seen my graphics card recently in the Summer Sun hit 94 and it’s an Nvidia card they always run hot anyway they always run hotter than AMD so not too worried about that it came straight it anyway I whacked my fan up brought it down nicely but with laptops obviously it’s all in a compact space as you can see this time look at the back of my camera you can see all the you know all the little events and things on the back you know you’d have thought they’d just vent the whole thing on the back so it would try and be cool but also you’re gonna get loads of dust in it but you’ve got fence for the main areas also a mine you’ve got kind of the the RAM is over here under this vent down here is the processor and up here is the graphics hoddan only has a little vent which I always thought was weird I thought it would have a much bigger vent to be honest but it has this huge no doesn’t is all I know is that no it does have a vent on the side like most laptops do it has it on the back so that is the graphics card vent on my gaming laptop at the back so that’s directly where the fan pushes all the heat out from the back so it has pretty good cooling inside and probably for the first few months it’s gonna retain its kind of store-bought optimum cooling you know efficiency but it will like anything like a desktop fan it will stocking dust in there it will start gradually being less effective as perhaps some of like the the cooling cooling paste will start to you know degrade and become less efficient a lot of people sort of say when you’re looking around I was saying oh no doing it this app top it’s too hot you can’t have it on your lap personally I’ve never really gained with my laptop on my lap I’ll always hand it on a on a table and actually in fact they will tell you most likely within the instructions or you know that manual it’s actually have it on a well situated base because as you can see there’s little rubber feet on the corners of the other laptop on on most gaming laptops so that it rides is it slightly up so the air can get under and cool the laptop now what do you do with a PC if it’s getting too hot you buy you know custom CPU call you buy more fans you can do that with a laptop and most of time it’s a lot cheaper and it’s all in one now this is a is a pool master I can’t remember what the exact name is for it but it’s a cool master cooling pad it’s the it’s the U 3 Edition because it’s got three fans at the back now this was perhaps one of the best pieces of kind of tech accessory kit that I’ve ever bought because it works really well so as you can see when you place it down it instantly raises your laptop up on a wedge so that’s what will be of that degree it doesn’t distort the viewing angles at all it’s great and then you can move the fans on the back any way you want you just click them and you look back and take you River I want to take that fan off and I can put it up over here so you target specifically where your life was getting hot now for me I’ve put all these fans on one side because I put them all on the side where my graphics card was so that it would keep that side cool by putting it on I didn’t see my temp my am my ambient temperatures for more than five degrees but I what I did see was it by about twenty degrees less it didn’t heat up as much so before it was going up to about eighty ninety in games with this on you know it was only going up for about seventy odd which is absolutely fantastic and a brilliant cooling solution I really recommend one of these they’re about twenty thirty pounds there’s a u2 edition with only two fans so if you’ve got a hot gaming laptop one of these is perfect you know and you can actually which is pretty cool if you take the fans off and clip them on the other side if you want to carry all that time around you slot it in here it comes with a strap you sort it in here I should say the little gap soft it in here and it comes with a strap so you put your laptop in there you move the fans around the other side and your laptop goes in here you strap it in and then you a little handle up here and you can walk them on carrying it so if you’re going to a LAN party that’s a pretty cool feature so if you’re gaming a lot this is a great bit of kit so and you know that overheating issue it’s the same response I give do you know if your PCs are hitting you by a fan you by a caller this is the solution and unlike some callers where they really don’t work honestly if I’m going to be a sales guy for the cool master you through you right now this does work and it’s a great bit of kit so yes so overheating it is gonna be an issue because I mean look how small is look at the amount of tender look at how big your Tower is probably your desktop PC and then compare that to the the form factor of a laptop of course it’s gonna get hot it’s like some some people sort of expect it’s not going to get hot look at it it’s tiny of course where’s the air gonna go but it’s not nothing to particularly worried about unless you know everything’s going past 90 a hundred degrees and it’s burning up and you smell burning plastic they are meant to sort of sustained high temperature levels not 24/7 my moaning because that will weaken it but they can take it but if you want to help it out one of those poor master you you threes or you twos will work great I think it’s actually that’s that’s all the cons and pros that I’ve kind of got to bring to the table you know ultimately the biggest con is the price and the biggest Pro is the portability so really you have to work out whether you can justify the con of spending that much money to getting the value of not just a high spec machine but one that’s portable so let me briefly end nvm this video by talking about my own experience and then I will actually come back and talk about three top end laptops right before I finish off this phone I was gonna do it before that different local about my gaming laptop briefly it’s an MSI GX 740 that was an MSI’s you know flagship extreme gaming laptop when I bought it it was one of their sort of mid tier ones they’re their ones ideally if I’d had more money I would have gone for one of their one of their laptops which was around about the 1100 pound mark but I was just about to go on to uni I really didn’t have much money I’d saved up quite a bit to try and get this laptop and you know I was happy that it only cost me 800 pounds in the end considering that was a good at the time 200 pounds more than my current parts my desktop PC it cost me I was going but it comes to the screen and speakers that was fine so I guess to review it would say was it worth it yes it was fantastic the fact the fact that I could carry it to and from uni every time I came home for the weekend I could bring it back with me obviously have my gaming desktop here but when I went back to uni I had a brilliant brilliant multimedia laptop that could play games on a really good quality it could actually record some of my videos and I think my Napoleon total war either the Denmark or the Dutch won a few parts of that will actually record it on that laptop and the quality wasn’t that much different and that handled Darth model as well so there are a lot more units on the field and even though it had kind of a slower clocked processors and i-5 in there but I think it’s only clocked at 2.

4 gigahertz it did turbo up to like 2.7 but even though it had a slower clock processor still handle that game quite well so you know I’m actually really feel that it’s lost me for years now there’s a reason why I’m not using it now and that’s actually because unfortunately it must know that it’s time has ended and that it can actually relax is that if we’re going to review this app but personally it’s a great laptop very powerful now I see how MSI kept the price down on this model specifically so that it was more affordable for gamers basically and they did that by including a 17 inch screen but it didn’t have a full 1080p or 1080 Reza had a 1650 no 80 by 1050 that keeps the price down the screen it’s a normal right screen it’s not the flashiest screen in the world but it’s good and also the the casing is mainly all plastic now the lid looks like brushed a loop aluminium or like that brushed metal finish and it feels really nice too however if we look along the back I don’t know if you can see you can see the kind of the split sort of there yeah you can see it through there the split on the actual hinge at the back of the gaming laptop now opening and closing that laptop over the past four years I wouldn’t want to guess how many times that’s been but it’s taking its toll on the plastic and unfortunately it has snapped and I have since found out that there’s a deeper problem with that and that in fact instead of the hinge working within its little screw to you know obviously to have a screw and it would go like that it’s not actually using this screw anymore it’s actually just bending on its own rather than pivoting on the screw so the actual metal is warping and being bent too close and bent to open so that is eventually going to snap and I keep getting what bits of plastic if I open it again are you going it bits of plastic flying out from this split because obviously it’s sharing things off in there so the laptop itself works but at the moment the screen is probably likely to fly off because one of the hinges is essentially gone now I can’t repair that but right now I don’t need a gaming that foot I’m back home I’ve got my desktop PC so perhaps I’m looking to repairing that at some point or I may set it on because it still works I wouldn’t sell it on for sort of like not working or four parts essentially because you can easily fix it you could take it down to I take this on my local store Nova Tech and it cost me about two hundred pounds about 150 for a new screen and fifty pounds for probably the labor charge of installing it I would try it myself but I have a look in there and it’s a bit daunting there’s a lot of a lot of cables everywhere and I don’t particularly feel up to that sort of challenge but it is durable or it’s got plenty of as you’ve seen I’m sure when I flash it along it’s got an HDMI out and it’s got a VGA I of a VGA out so you can just hook it up to an external monitor and you can easily reach under the screen and just hit the power button connect up a keyboard and a mouse and it’s basically like a mobile workstation and it’s a reasonable one at that so it’s not dead it still works it’s just as we can see with that design the you know I paid a hundred pounds for a cheaper for a cheaper quality build but it still lasted me four years which I’m quite happy with some people upgrade their whole pcs after four years I’ve upgraded my PC after less than that to be honest but it still works and it’s fine and I can get it fixed and sorted but I have to tell you that because that hasn’t changed despite that I haven’t changed my opinion of of my gaming laptop or gaming lapses in general I think that if you can afford the right one then they’re worth it now if you happen to have a lot of money a lot of money and you want to get a top-end gaming laptop I’ll quickly go through perhaps three of the top ones out there right now so there’s the Asus g7 5v w and now all of these prices are in u.

s. dollars because that’s what the site threw off at me and I haven’t had a chance to convert into pounds but for 1344 dollars you can get the Asus g7 5vw now the specification of this laptop let me get it there you gave up its an i7 Ivy Bridge 3720 QAM processor it’s got Windows 7 64 bit it’s Windows 8 ready as well it’s got 16 gig of ram it’s got a 17.

3 inch HD screen although the screen is only 1366 by 768 resolution so that’s actually kept its price down quite considerably and it’s got the option of a gtx 660 m or 670 m a video card with either two gig or three gig video memory 750 gig hard drive blu-ray and lots of other features so it’s kind of probably the cheapest one i’m showing of the top end of gaming laptops right now but that’s a good gaming laptop and in pounds that would be just over the thousand pound mark i think going to probably the other end of the spectrum the other extreme we’ve got the MSI laptop with the MSI gt70 now that is two thousand three hundred and fifty one dollars on this website I’m looking at these prices may not be the most current it’s got actually it’s not it’s been quite big the specifications but it says it’s got the latest third generation Intel Core i7 i5 processor there’s not got the Haswell or fourth-generation process in them in there yet but there are laptops with those in it’s got a 17 inch full HD 1920 by 1080 anti-glare screen so again that’s quite an expensive screen that’s a full HD resolution screen as well it’s got super raid in there but the hard drives and it’s got a killer gaming network network card so to keep your ping low for gaming so this is a kind of any heavy enthusiast class gaming laptop and to top it all off is got a GTX 670 M graphics card with three gig of gddr5 vram that’s and that’s another thing to water if you are looking to get a good gaming laptop get one with dedicated be around on the graphics card don’t can integrated card get a get one with a dedicated graphics chip with its own dedicated vram because you’ll be far better for it and it’s also got sound by Dino audio which it says is for extreme audio performance extreme I know the MSI laptop actually they do have really great sound and in fact the the speakers on mine were very good but these are not sure about that now finally I have to come to perhaps the the brand the name that you all all know but you will there will be a lot of hateful them and that’s Alienware now this is the Alienware m17 XR for 72-63 BK whatever that means that’s only one thousand six hundred and thirty dollars now I say only that that’s probably about one thousand two one thousand three hundred pounds that’s a lot of money but if you have I’m doing this purely for if you have the money this is what you should aim for or if you’re looking for a gaming laptop and you’re prepared to save up and you want something it’s gonna last these machines will do it now I’m not people going or why Alienware you know it’s overpriced it might seem over price but what you get is top gaming laptop quality you won’t get the plastic shearing off of a bat on the hinge like my MSI did you do have a lot of customization with Alienware as well some of the other manufacturers don’t always give you although MSI and Asus do offer some but Alienware arguably offers the most and their machines are fantastic I’ve never owned one but I can appreciate as a as kind of a techie as a PC nerd as a guy who knows his PC Tech they’re good and the the amount money you pay for them in the end it might seem like it’s gonna really hurt but the quality you get in return is worth it so this this Alienware MX 17 has an i7 3610 qm which turbo boosts up to three point three gigahertz which is a pretty reasonable speed it’s got eight gig of dual channel ddr3 ram at 1600 mates it’s got a 1 terabyte raid hard drive situation to 500 gigs there and it’s got a 2 gig gdg r5 AMD radeon HD 7970 m it’s got a full nine twenty by ten eighty 17-inch screen and doesn’t have a blu-ray player but it’s got a DVD burner as well and it’s got you know it’s a lot of extra software included with within that it’s got Wireless n card in there Bluetooth 4.

0 it’s got a creative soundblaster and thx truestudio Pro software good great sound on that so if you look at those that’s probably the one to go for out of those three but I’m not advocating that you go for any of them I will be doing a full buyer’s guide for gaming laptops specifically for Rome 2 in about a week’s time I’ll also be doing a PC buyer’s guide and I will be doing several stages I’ll be doing the kind of the cheapest best gaming laptop I’d recommend up to the you know the extreme and somewhere in the middle ground as well now one thing I will finish off is that when I’ve been talking about graphics chips in there ends up saying like the so go look at the only wife written seven 970m even though it says it’s seven 970 it’s not as good as a seven 970 desktop it bears its name is it’s only similarity it will probably be around a third weaker than the desktop cards will be about you know be 2/3 as good but it won’t have that final third to you know be a true 7970 most likely what that is is maybe a seven eight fifty perhaps in terms of comparable performance it may be higher than that I haven’t actually looked in that specifically but judging on how they go like as I am with mine mine has a my gaming laptop has a seven and a five eight seventy mobility and am after it now those you remember you know the seven eight seventy desktop cards from AMD they were great top performing cards however this is a mobility Series card in my laptop a seven of alula where I’ll keep same seven a five eight seventy mobility actually comes out in terms of desktop performance about the same level as a five 752 a five 770 they were sort of mid T cards rather than the five eight 70s sort of high tier but anyway I rambled on for half an hour but I hope this video has been used to I hope I’ve covered some of the pros and cons of gaming laptop I have but you know you’ve seen some insight from my experience from my four years of using one and if someone said would you buy another one if I have the need for portability yes I would but now currently in my current situation we’re on back home with my gaming PC I don’t have the need for one so I wouldn’t be buying a replacement for mine just yet but if you need one for portability and that’s what you have to weigh out can I afford the portability it’s not really you can really afford the laptops whether you can afford the extra for the portability but I hope you enjoyed please remember calm rate subscribe thumb up this video if you enjoyed it my third age parts are probably not going to be up until Saturday so you gonna be delayed today but they’ll be up then in the meantime check out my new mount and blade warband Floris mod series go check that out there on my channel see you all again soon ciao for now


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