Home Laptop Reviews Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 Core i3 Laptop Review & Hands On

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 Core i3 Laptop Review & Hands On

Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 Core i3 Laptop Review & Hands On

hey guys welcome back again these MJ and today I’m going to review the Fugees two laptop and the model embodies like book a hatch by 30 so the laptop has 15.6 inch display with the resolution of 1366 by 768 pixel the processor is intel core i3 and the speed is 2 point 2 gigahertz hard drive 500 GB of hard drive and 4gb of ddr3 RAM and intial graphics optical drive battery is 6 cell battery ok it has VGA port HDMI port LAN rj45 port Wi-Fi bluetooth car dealers weaker webcam etc so this is a key feature of this laptop now let’s check the some connectivity and the pores of this laptop okay first in the right side so there is a power pole given and optical type duty right her and the lock and one USB off 2.

0 okay and the front sight okay let me check so this is a corridor all in on corridor and are doing might pork you one and there is a LED indication of Wi-Fi Bluetooth power etcetera etcetera and the left side so here you can see two more USB of 2.

0 and hey Jimmy I put a losting are a fortified LAN port a VGA port so all it has output except the 3.0 USB world okay so design and look yeah it’s one color only black and design and look not so impressive as we go it looks normal okay so there is top side you can see here okay it has black matte finishing and the touch pad yeah the touch pad is very smaller but let me check the performance okay oh it’s working great yeah d1 is a small in size but he’s working very nice really good touch crowd noise the touch but yeah but nice okay and the keyboard layout yeah it’s a full-size key pair layout with numerical key and there’s a big gap in win in between the keys I think I’ll see ya okay so we have to check the performance okay okay go to kind of work with this touchpad and keypad working knife so there is no issue that touch parent keyword working nice and a speed so as I said is a Intel Core i3 2.

2 liter for Thor and 4gb of ram here so I’m trying to open some application the same time so let’s check how to perform okay I think the performance little slow compared to other core i3 laptop like Dell is all I saw yeah really experi little slow but you can work this with this laptop okay so touchpad and key will working fine and I speed Andy Dania which is okay and this is the webcam 1.

3 megapixel webcam and I come to figure out thickness okay the top is we are slim not ultra slim but yeah scream okay and the bottom base okay it’s a god this has a VGA port so that way it will take and the wait I don’t think it’s a lightweight yeah okay I think it’s around 2.

5 kg it’s a 2.5 k year on so this is the average laptop from Fuji store for it is fly then old equation click the link in various ways like for watching and please know how you like come on subscribe please click the link given in video description for latest price and full specification please like share and subscribe


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