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Fujifilm XH1 Real World Camera Review

Fujifilm XH1 Real World Camera Review

Hi I’m Adam and welcome to first man photography today we are going to be testing out this is the new Fujifilm xh1 and I’ve come to the absolutely stunning lake district to really put it through its paces and try and figure out whether this is a genuine replacement for the DSLR.

Come with me!! So the Fujifilm xh1 is the new top of the range mirrorless camera from Fuji it’s been brought in to replace the smaller Fuji Xt2 and this is a really nice upgrade it’s more rugged it’s nicely weather sealed and it just feels much more solid in the hand and with that weather sealing lets you get into places like this it means you don’t have to stop for the rain it’s got the same 24 megapixel sensor as the XT2 so we already know it’s going to be capable of capturing some really nice shots.

Would we wanted to see an upgrade from that maybe but that is a nice sensor and quite capable. Part of what people love about the XT2 especially landscape photographers was the small size so it might be surprising to some that fuji have made this camera bigger whilst the first that might not seem an obvious thing to do I think it’s very very clever from Fuji because this just feels much nicer to hold in the hand and that provides a certain level of versatility when you have to shoot with the camera all day something like a wedding having the nicer grip especially once you’ve got the battery grip on it and you can shoot with it all day which just makes this camera potentially a really really solid all-rounder so whilst it is bigger than the XT 2 it is still significantly smaller and lighter than a pro level DSLR something like the Canon 5d Mark 4 I normally shoot with and that reduction in weight today is gonna make a really big difference to me because I’m used to carrying around bagful of lenses heavy cameras and today I’ve got this with just one lens on this lens is the 16-55mm lens f2.

8 it’s an absolute peach of a lens so let’s get up into the mountains put the Fujifilm XH1 through its paces and all the video you see today that doesn’t have the camera in it will have been shot on this You don’t see frozen waterfalls in the UK like that very often it’s a bit of a treacherous trek up but with that little loan tree there and the frozen waterfall that had to be captured These mountain climbs never seem to get easier I’ve been promising to get fit for a long time but it just hasn’t happened but I still get up the mountains one nice feature of this camera though is that it’s got a setting that lets you set the gain level of the microphone input for a built in microphone I’m using now and also plugging an external microphone in which means you don’t need to be constantly swapping the gain or changing the gain every time you plug the better external microphone in it’s a really nice touch that lets me get moments like this.

so another thing this camera has is a time-lapse mode I’m just shooting the time lapse of this scene right now. so we’ve stopped now for my first shot of the day and unfortunately the conditions just aren’t lending themselves to the perfect picture really because we’ve got the cloud level really low down and it’s cutting off the tops of the mountains in the distance although we do have some absolutely stunning reflections but in the position I am at, at the moment there isn’t really a shot to be had because there’s just no light so I’m going to do is try and create a panorama to capture this scene because it is a stunning scene I’m gonna do two things I’m gonna firstly capture a panorama doing it myself, stitching a series of images together that shoot myself and then this camera also has a built-in panorama mode so I’m gonna give that a try and then try and compare the two and see what they look like I’ll put them up on the screen to see now.

So I now have found a shot because I found this tiny little bit of snow which I’m going to use as some interest in the foreground again the conditions aren’t perfect the cloud base is coming down below the tops of the mountains I do have a nice composition here is I’ve got the snow then I’ve got the smaller mountain just in front of us here and then I’m going over the lakes and then up to Skiddaw which is actually shrouded in the cloud at the moment but it is going to be a nice shot I’m going to use the bracketing feature of this camera to capture three exposures so I can combine them in post-processing to get all the dynamic range despite the clouds the sky is still very bright so that’s something I feel that I need to do.

Settings wise I am at f/16 because this foreground and snow is very close and I want to get everything in focus from the front to the back of the image and then shutter speed I’m at 1/30th of a second roughly and then two stops either side of that and iso 200 which is the base standard iso for this so i’m going to take that shot now i’m gonna just put it on the two second timer and then wait.

…. bracket that shot and have a look to see what that looks like yeah that’s looking pretty good a bit of post-production in lightroom later adding in some interest and some moodiness with some contrast into this shot and it should work out pretty nice but it’ll still let me give a good test of what this fujifilm xh1 is capable of doing.

One of the big selling points of this camera is the new in body 5 axis image stabilization that means it’s inside the camera rather than the lens and it can really breathe some new life into some old lenses that don’t have image stabilization now whilst image stabilization has never really got me excited when it comes to stills it definitely does when it comes to video because when you filming video you want that nice smooth footage and the in-camera 5 axis stabilization provides that and it’s great with this camera the video features are actually pretty heavyweight.

It films 4k it does 120fps at Full 1080p as well and actually have found that the the video quality is actually exceptional it’s very much on a par with the Canon 5d Mark 4 which takes it into that sort of higher pro level DSLR video features and it really is very good for video it’s not perfect though there are a few issues around the focusing the autofocus is not as good as you get with the dual pixel stuff on the Canon cameras and it is a tiny bit fiddly, fiddling with all the dials switching between one mode and the other so if you want to take pictures you want to do normal speed video and then slow motion video it is quite fiddly changing between all of them and I’ve struggled with that a little bit today but otherwise it is a very nice camera I like this camera so much for video that I would definitely definitely use it as my vlogging camera if it were not for this stupid stupid screen on the back and don’t really know what good that is it flicks forward it flicks up and down it flicks sideways like that I don’t really know why but it does not flip out so I can see myself and shoot in full selfie mode which is what you need when you are vlogging it’s a massive disappointment for me because otherwise this probably would have become my vlogging camera but that’s a small a small snag and something that I’ve got to complain about most people are going to have that problem if they’re not otherwise good video features.

I’m set up for another shot and I’ve pretty much given up on the weather and getting some good light. I’m just trying to make the most of the things I do have around me and have found this lone tree in front of me here with this really interesting mossy Rock adding some real interest to the foreground and then it’s framing this absolutely stunning landscape that I have in front of me here it’s looking down the valley past the mountain of Skiddaw to Bassenthwaite lake and it’s just a really beautiful scene it would be even better in the summer when the sun sets in that direction as well so that’s one for the memory banks but today it’s just gonna be a nice test to see what detail I can pull out of this camera and try and make another dramatic shot because that’s what it’s gonna be all about today.

Settings wise I’m at f/16 because this tree and the rock are quite close to me I have a shutter speed of 1/15th of a second I’m just doing it with one frame this time because the sky is a bit duller than it was before iso 200 again and it’s pretty straightforward shot other than that so i’m gonna go ahead with this fujifilm xh-1 take the shot two second timer and it’s a really nice composition if I had some golden light striking that tree and that rock it would be perfect in the end I’ve had a great day shooting with this camera it really is a nice camera to get out and about with it’s rugged it’s good in this weather as it started to rain and I’ve just had fun shooting with it today it isn’t the perfect camera though there are a few problems with it, the fact that there’s no bulb timer means that you’ve got to plug an extra shutter release cable in if you want to do long exposures the menu system isn’t perfect either it’s a bit fiddly that might just be me getting used to using the Fuji camera though so again not a big problem the biggest problem for me by some distance though is the fact that this is a cropped sensor camera because what that means is you’re gonna lose some dynamic range compared to a full-frame sensor camera and also in low-light it doesn’t perform quite as well as some full-frame cameras The problem is in low-light, and I’ve done some tests with this, it’s no different from any other crop sensor camera is when you start to get the noise coming into your picture it just kind of feels harsh it feels mushy and you lose a lot of contrast and sharpness from the image you just don’t get that with a full-frame camera it kind of feels a bit more natural like film grain was and that’s just what I prefer but it is a minor thing it’s not going to be a problem for everybody this does come in at with this lens about £$2500 it’s about £1700 without the lens and that’s probably about right for the amount of quality that you’re getting this is though I think much better than the Canon 6D mark ii that I tried out a couple of weeks ago it just feels more solid it feels better built and to be honest the video features are better and you’re getting probably better pictures as well as long as you are at low ISO the thing is though is that the Sony a7R mark 3 is about to come out that’s a very similar price to this it’s a very similar size to this and that is a full-frame sensor camera so before I finally make the leap from a DSLR to this mirrorless type camera I’m going to need to try out that Sony first at the moment this is not going to be replacing my DSLR because I just love at the current 5d Mark 4 but it does come very close I’m so upset that it doesn’t have a better flip screen because it would have my vlogging camera the video features are good.

Anyway if you have enjoyed this video and you’ve enjoyed this type of review please hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so you can see them as soon as they come out I’m out and about in places like this almost every week doing vlogs as well so you’re into landscape photography this is the place to be please do leave a comment down below and let me know what you think is this going to replace your DSLR you’re gonna buy one if you have any questions about it let me know as well I’ll do my best to answer them.

Anyway I’ll see you on another one very very soon. I’m Adam, this is first man photography in the extraordinary Lake District Out!!!


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