Home Camera Reviews Fujifilm X-T4 Camera Review: A Revolution Or Evolution?

Fujifilm X-T4 Camera Review: A Revolution Or Evolution?

Fujifilm X-T4 Camera Review: A Revolution Or Evolution?

What’s up everyone? We are back keeping our social distancing in full effect here in Singapore With another camera review This time a camera a lot of you have been asking me to do a review on I’ve finally got my hands on it Not on the market just yet Will be soon though It is the Fujifilm XT4 Like always we’re not paid or sponsored by anyone but I do want to thank Fujifilm Singapore For providing the camera and lenses for us and the battery grip With that, let’s talk about the camera Okay first off, let’s talk about design The XT4 looks just like the XT3 But there have been some design changes to it Some slight design changes which are welcome First off, the grip The grip feels a lot better in the hand Now has been slightly enlarged, not a lot but Every little bit makes a difference Now of course I have the new battery grip on it which I love I love the battery grip on any of the XT series because I have larger hands This really feels good in my hand with the battery grip, plus You can have three batteries in the camera A lot of cameras out there with battery grips only let you have up to two batteries Fujifilm lets you have a battery in the body and two in the grip So that means you’re gonna have a lot of battery usage because In addition to the larger grip you have now Larger capacity batteries That means your battery life is pretty much double that of the XT3 So for those who had a pocket full of batteries or a bag full of batteries when you’re on shoot with the XT3 You don’t need to carry so many with you now because the XT4 covers that Also, the dials have been refined a little bit, simplified It still has that kind of classic look the XT3 had But for some reason to me, I don’t, this just might be a placebo effect But this feels like it’s a little bit better build quality than the XT3 I mean I remember reviewing the XT3 We’ll put a link in our description below of that camera And I liked it but everything feels a little bit more solid, a little bit more clicky The grooves on the dials feel a little bit better And the overall build quality of camera just feels a little bit more premium Don’t know what it is exactly I can’t put my finger on it but it just feels that way One of the improvements has been The removal of the photometry or metering modes On the right dial My right, your left dial right here on the bottom of it Now instead they have Still and Movie Mode which is very welcome because It makes it a lot easier Now Fujifilm likes to stack dials on top of each other Like shutter speed and then you have Still and Movie Mode, then also Have your ISO dial with your high speed shooting modes there on the bottom of it So sometimes you can move the bottom dial without realizing it So do always just double check It’s not a deal-breaker, it’s just one of those situations that you have to understand That’s how Fujifilm makes their cameras But for the most part, the dials feel a lot better in the hand And turning them it’s a lot more clickier This camera just feels really really good Besides that, EVF is still the same 3.

69 million dot EVF Three-inch touchscreen display on the back of it, 1.62 million dots on that These are not flagship level specs They work and they work well But talking about the display in the back One of the big improvements which a lot of people have been wanting from Fujifilm for a long time ls the fact that you can swivel the display now But there is a but to this I’ll talk about that in just a bit it’s a big but for photographers out there Because it does hinder a certain style of shooting Anyway, another big addition to the XT4 is of course IBIS Now when we reviewed the GFX 100 That was some of the best IBIS technology I’ve seen in a camera overall I mean all my shots were steady along with the image stabilization in the lenses You have five-axis image stabilization in this camera that’s borrowing From that kind of technology that was in the GFX 100 It is really welcome because The camera is relatively lightweight, when you’re using a lightweight camera Sometimes you will get shutter shake especially when you’re shooting at lower shutter speeds This IBIS does alleviate most of that You sometimes will still get it, it’s not gonna completely kill Any sort of shutter shake or any sort of handshake in it But it does help especially with video The video is well, video functionality still there, 4K up to 60 all that kind of stuff Your autofocusing has been improved slightly, it’s all there This is a really really solid camera by Fujifilm This is to me, is their flagship camera.

I know they have their XH1 But we don’t know if there’s gonna be a XH2. But overall That is the XT4 in a nutshell An evolution, not a revolution Now, let’s talk about some of the lenses Now, I have the 90mm f/2 which is on the camera right now Also, the 16mm f/1.

4 which everybody raves about As being a fantastic lens and it is, it is a very very sharp lens One of Fujifilm’s best As well as I have the 50-140mm f/2.8 Which is equivalent to a 70-200mm when you’re converting from APS-C to full-frame Now for me, what I wanted to do is take this camera out to the zoo, shoot some animals Get some wildlife, get a feel of the camera, the autofocusing capabilities To the image quality and thus far And the autofocusing has improved a bit Is it the best on the market? No, but it’s in the top five I would definitely say Sometimes I’m missing here and there, could be the lens It could be a combination of the lens and body but The one thing that I did notice right off the bat Is that the IBIS is fantastic especially paired with a lens That has image stabilization built into it You’re going to get that five-axis image stabilization through and through And Fujifilm to me, makes some of the best, one of the best ones out there for photography Now when it comes to video Slightly different, maybe not as good as Panasonic from other reviews I’ve seen out there And I can confirm that, but overall it is much better than a lot of the other players out there I would definitely put it in the top 2 or top 3 In terms of image stabilization technology Image quality as you can see in the photos here is really really good When you nail it, tack sharp, the images come out great Now Fujifilm The thing about Fujifilm is, a lot of their lenses, some are older designs versus others Some of the newer lenses are much sharper Have better image quality to them Fujifilm probably does need to update a number of their lenses but I mean I really don’t see a big issue at all These are not deal-breakers, these are just observations that I’m making As someone that reviews cameras versus someone who’s buying it but I Talked to a lot of photographers that use Fujifilm through and through And they are very very happy with the XT4 when they got their hands on it Now one of the big things a lot of people have been wanting changed on the XT3 Or any of the Fujifilm cameras was the ability to swivel a display out Especially if you want to do video or vlogging Fujifilm listened to everybody, they have now done that with the XT4 But, there is a but to this for photographers You are missing one thing that a lot of you loved especially me That is the ability to shoot waist level Before on the XT3, I could just flip the display out Shoot waist level like this Get my shot It was great Now I have to flip the display out, swivel it To do the same thing Makes it a little bit more cumbersome, this is a big thing for a lot of photographers out there Who are not into videography and some of them have told me You know what, I’m not going to go up to the XT4 Because I need that waist-level shooting And you know what, I can’t fault them for that A fully articulated display in 2020 is essential, especially with the video capabilities And the photography capabilities this camera has But besides that There’s no really other fault I can find on the XT4 This is a phenomenal camera to use Now the lenses I had with me of course the 90mm f/2, the 16mm f/1.

4 and the 50-140mm With my friend Ivan Joshua Lowe who’s a Fujifilm X ambassador I did a photoshoot with his Supra I used the 90mm f/2 and I used the 16mm f/1.4 for that Got some great shots, we used Broncolour lighting Was a set-up Really cool, inside of a car park I love the images that came out of it the The images are sharp, the camera performs beautifully with it, no issues at all Then, I decided to take the 50-140mm to the zoo Because I want to shoot animals with the XT4 I wanted to see what it was like with the autofocusing Has it improved? What’s it like to track animals and thus far And I got some really incredible results from this This lens and the camera together, are a phenomenal combo So let’s talk about some of the things I wish were improved on the XT4 First off, I wish there was a better sensor This is the same sensor that is in the XT3 The X-Pro3, the X100V or 5 however you want to say it You know I mean it’s the same sensor throughout So why didn’t Fujifilm give us, let’s say a, maybe a 30-megapixel APS-C sensor They could have I mean because this is essentially their flagship camera now But they didn’t, they kept it the same Not a deal-breaker but I wish they would have done that Another thing is for videographers out there Your headphone jack is gone, that’s right they took it out I don’t know why they would do that because this camera’s more In a way, you could say this is more a videographer’s camera than the XT3 is But there is an option to use a headphone You have to use the USB-C dongle that you can attach to that Or if you get the external battery grip which I have on the camera There is a headphone jack there But that is a very bit odd to put a headphone jack here For your video, do you know I mean? It kind of just makes sense that everything would come out right here Especially if you’re using, let’s say, a SmallRig cage or something like that But they didn’t do that So it’s almost like they realized after the fact Oh whoops we didn’t put a headphone jack in Let’s put it in the battery grip, kind of a thing No come on Fuji, you guys are better than that That should have been included but at least you got the USB-C option there for you So I can’t fault you for that But a headphone jack in a camera like this It needs to be there What else I would have liked to seen a higher-res EVF 3.

69 million dot EVF is not flagship level Now it’s five point something now and above So I wish they would have included something in there like that It would have been nice because well the image is clear And it’s sharp in the EVF It does look a lot better when you use a higher resolution version That I’ve used in, let’s say, the Sonys and the Leicas and the Panasonics So maybe we’ll see it in the XT5 or maybe the XH2, if that ever comes out Sort of like a one of those legendary cameras that we don’t know will ever make it to the market But if it does maybe we’ll have that there Otherwise, the XT4 is a solid camera I’ve enjoyed using it Really one of my favorite Fujifilm cameras to date Really that good So overall, while this video is not as long as our XT3 review we had initially a few months back The reason for that is because this is essentially an XT3 plus As I mentioned this has IBIS, the flippable display Better batteries, a more refined buttons and dial system But besides that it’s an XT3 It’s the same sensor, the same processor, same image quality that’s coming out of the camera So the question to you is what kind of photographer, videographer are you? If you’re more mainly into video, the XT4 might be worth the upgrade Because the IBIS is essential for videos if you’re not using a gimbal And the display flipping out and swiveling around helps make vlogging easier If you want to do self recording or self taping Or if you just want to be in certain angles and you want to see your video How you’re shooting it, this helps a lot So then XT4 will be for you, but if you’re a photographer You might find the XT3 is good enough for you and I can’t argue with that I mean they’re both great cameras and the XT3 is now Cheaper than the XT4 But if you’re new to the Fujifilm system And this is what is gonna be your first Fujifilm camera Go with the XT4 for future proofing IBIS, better batteries, you don’t have to carry a bag of them You can ask Fujifilm photographers about that Fujifilm photographers are known to carry a lot of batteries on them XT4 eliminates a lot of that and it’s just a more refined camera overall Anyway those are my thoughts on the XT4 Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below Like always, follow us on facebook Subscribe to us on youtube Any questions you have for me hit me up in the comments section Or you can ask me on Instagram Be safe, stay healthy And we’ll talk to you soon, take care


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