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Fujifilm X-M1 Camera Review

Fujifilm X-M1 Camera Review

I’m telling you in for Twitter before you buy into them reviewing the Fujifilm xm1 rangefinder mirrorless camera this is a third model from Fujifilm and following the footsteps of the X Pro one also the XE one now this camera has the same CMOS sensor that’s sixteen point three megapixel and it’s aps-c size you have a very large sensor in a very small body and the ISO goes up to twenty five thousand six hundred and as I always say don’t ever shoot at that high ISO that’s just way too high that’s another native ISO of the sensor this sensor is actually the same sensor as the XE one and also they’re very very very good point issue which is not removable the lens is not removable the x100s that camera is awesome so this why would anybody buy this you will buy this if you’re really going into digital photography but you want something a little bit more than just the point issue so these mirrorless rangefinder cameras are actually replacing or taking over the space of these entry-level DSLR which they’re very comparable in price these two are both about $800 MSRP and you can find them less in street price is probably 700 or so and they all come with a zoom lens as the kit lens more about the XM one you have no electronic viewfinder but you do get a 3-inch tilt display on the back and also currently there’s two lenses that that was released with the XM one you have the kit lens which is actually a newer model of the previous kit lens this is sixteen to fifty and you there’s also a twenty seven millimeter pancake that you could get which is about the equivalent of a 50 millimeter as I mentioned before or the sensor is carried over from the XE one which is a really really good aps-c sensor I know it’s only 16 megapixel but the quality of the sensor really matters when it comes to image quality and you can see the quality in even just large JPEG if you’re just shooting JPEG so I mean I would definitely shoot RAW with this camera there’s a couple design issues such as the lens release I keep on hitting me with my hand because I’m used to holding my camera was just my right hand the pop-up flash even though it clears the lens it does feel a little flimsy pros and cons with the xm1 pro the price range and the sensor quality sensor is amazing and also just the overall layout of the camera where all the controls are they’re all very logical and there’s no steep learning curve when you’re trying to figure out where you change the settings and the only column I can think of is that the build quality because it’s much lower price point than the X Pro one like the battery door is a little loose at times I get a little worried about that by trial don’t buy for the Fujifilm XM one I’m gonna give this camera by if you’re looking to get into digital photography seriously or even just as a real hobby it is really worth looking into all the mirrorless rangefinder digital cameras out there I know everybody always talks about DSLR DSLR DSLR but another day now that we’re on digital there’s really no need for a mirror especially when the display technology is so good now and you have tilting displays and high-resolution displays and even you know electronic viewfinders there’s no need for mirrors I’m telling you for trim before you buy and this is the Fujifilm accent one


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