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Fuji GS645 Camera Review | Mastin Labs

Fuji GS645 Camera Review | Mastin Labs

hi this is Kirk Matson from masam Labs and this is a practical camera review of the Fuji GS 645 possibly the perfect travel camera I was looking for a camera that wasn’t quite the size of my larger cameras my larger medium format cameras and I stumbled upon this Fuji GS 6 4 5 and found that it actually could fit in my coat pocket like a large coat pocket it’s a rangefinder and it folds so kind of like one of those old-school besa cameras from like the 20s or 30s this has a folding lens so it folds inside the body and it’s very very compact so I would say that it’s about the size of a CD in diameter and it’s about 2 inches thick so it could fit in a large coat pocket so it makes it a really great travel camera this is a rangefinder camera meaning that you’re not actually looking through the lens you’re looking through a rangefinder which is for those who don’t know what a rangefinder is you’re looking to remain like kind of viewing lens and then superimpose on top of that is a kind of an image from a secondary lens that’s at an angle and to focus you’ve got this focusing tab right here and as you focus the two images in the middle there’s like a little circle the two images will align and whatever is aligned is what’s in focus so the downside to that is that it’s not really good for action you know this is beyond even manual focus like you’ve got autofocus which is super easy you know normal SLR focus so you can see as you’re focusing like the whole picture and then you’ve got rangefinder and for the uninitiated shooting action with the rangefinder is really hard because things are moving closer and farther away all the time and it’s kind of hard to align those things however the plus side of it is that you don’t hardly need any light to to be able to focus you can focus this thing in low-light you can focus close-up wide-open and know that everything was like perfectly sharp as long as some line within that circle matches up where you want it to focus so the focusing is very accurate but it’s just tough to focus on something that’s moving this is a good travel camera you know you’re shooting landscapes maybe you meet someone you want to shoot a portrait you have time to focus with this camera and not worry about the moving the orientation of the camera is vertical so when you look through this camera instead of like a normal 35 millimeter camera where everything is horizontal so you’re looking through like a horizontal triangle or trying when you’re looking through a horizontal rectangle you’re actually looking through a vertical frame with this camera so it really lends itself to being a portrait camera the lens on it is a 75 millimeter 3.

4 lens that doesn’t sound like much but when you’re at such a large negative size medium format camera that means a fairly shallow depth of field and 75 millimeter is almost a 50 millimeter in terms of how much it sees like a 50 millimeter lens on 35 millimeter camera is roughly the same angle of you as this camera so if you get up close shoot wide open it makes incredible portraits and I’ve been really really happy with the portraits it can make there are only a few kind of weird little idiosyncrasies about this camera one is that you have to put it to infinity focusing and you have to make sure that it’s fully cocked before you can actually pull the camera back together if either of these things aren’t done you can’t get the camera too close and people often break these cameras by forgetting to turn the focus to infinity or the shutter before folding it back in and that will break the camera the other thing too is you have to be really conscious of the the leather bellows so these can crack over time and if you have even a little pinprick of light going through this leather it will ruin your photos so if you’re buying one of these on ebay you have to make sure that whoever is selling it to you you know has taken a look maybe with a flashlight through one end in a darkroom to really see if any light is like going in through the bellows on any side they’re nearly impossible to repair the bellows so you have to get one that’s got good bellows that’s really really important and the last thing really to to know about this camera is that it takes both 120 and 220 film and all you have to do is just switch this pressure plate in the back depending on what film you’re using so that’s really really convenient and you oh and one one last thing that makes it an ultimate travel camera is that it doesn’t require any batteries at all to use it’s got a very basic meter inside that you can use if you have batteries but if you don’t have batteries you can just use a sunny sixteen rule or f/8 and be there and get great pictures even without batteries so to recap the Fuji TGA 645 is an amazing travel camera not so good for action or sports or little kids running around but if you want to take a wonderful film camera on a trip with you and not carry something that’s really really big and get nice big negatives beautiful negatives with a beautiful beautiful lens this is the camera you should look at you can get them on eBay they’re use they’re about five hundred dollars if you’re lucky sometimes a little bit more and yeah overall I’m very very happy and I always keep it in my kit at least as a backup to see more reviews of film camera so you can go to mass and labs comm /blog and I can also tell you more about my hybrid system for matching your filming or digital together seamlessly so you can go out and shoot digital and film and match up your digital to your film shots and they look amazing and look identical so check it out more reviews coming soon thanks


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