Home Camera Reviews Fuji Finepix XP20 Rugged Digital Camera Review

Fuji Finepix XP20 Rugged Digital Camera Review

Fuji Finepix XP20 Rugged Digital Camera Review

so here you can see the Fuji finepix XP 20 under the water hi everyone this is Dave from get annoyed and this is the Fuji finepix XP 20 digital camera it’s got some bold claims on the front of the box here waterproof shockproof freeze proof and dust proof but I’ll be testing at least one of those possibly two during this review and I’m going to start off by showing you what you get inside the box let’s open this up we have got a pack of pamphlets let’s show you what you get inside here sometimes I skipped over this people like to see what you get inside these boxes of these products so we get a sore QuickStart guide about closing the battery chamber cover this is going to get you up and running nice and quickly warranty booklet user guide in multiple languages and a fine pix XP 20 series CD and on here we’ve got fine pics to do and fine pics viewer so we’ve got Windows and Mac software on there so a nice little collection of goodies to go with the camera further down inside the box very simple affair there comes the camera last actually we have thoughts a charger so this is going to charge the battery it’s already inside the camera three pin UK plug so this is a very depending on what country you’re in USB cable for transferring data across to your computer little lanyard strap now there is a small amount of built-in memory in this camera but not much so you’re going to need to get a memory card there isn’t one included with and this is the camera itself let me just close this box up and pop it to one side so here we go this is the XP 20 really nice looking camera you can’t get it in all different colors as well it’s got five times optical zoom lens and the range that zoom lens is twenty eight to one forty millimeters the actual image capture is fourteen point two megapixels so pretty impressive on that front and then just here you’ll see we’ve got a couple of little sort of switches and I’ve not found out what this one’s for but let’s just open this one first oh there we go so this this one I thought I thought this was in a different position on this camera but this one here is for that USB AV cable and then this one here is where the batteries house it says 720 milliamp hour battery so a bit of a puny battery actually would have liked to have seen a higher rated one if I can just show you there there’s also the SDHC card slot up to 32 gigabyte card supported and then these are all God sort of rubber seals around them so when they’re closed I just get that to close that is sealed that gives it the waterproof status now one thing I did find annoying during my tests on this was you have to close this and a void and it still comes up even if you avoid that little bond but it doesn’t always clip in so so annoying so let’s just clip that in here we go you have to give it like an extra push and I found that really frustrating it’s such a tiny little clip that Clips it in you have to give you that extra push each time to make sure it does clip into place we’ve got a little portion here which could be used to put that lanyard connector on or a strap sums or stronger strap and then here we have got 2.

7 inch LCD I’ll show you it’s switched on in a minute this is another one of the negative points with the camera or comes out in a short while on the top here on switch shutter button zoom sauce rocker switch again it’s a little bit of a sort of a mismatch of wobbly plasticky buttons not too happy with that on the back here recall button for movies because this does record in 720p for I remember rightly and we’ve also got rocker switch here for navigating the menus also accesses the flash the exposure compensation timer settings macro mode we’ve got a display button to affect the amount of information shown on the screen and also that play button there and then on the bottom standard tripod mount this sides completely clear apart from a speaker and then on the front I should show you this lens a little bit closer nice quality optics on the camera we’ve got the flash and that is about it on the camera so let’s get this switched on and I’ll show you the menu system and let you know how I think it performs so this is the camera switched on and I’m going to zoom in onto my subject there just to show you the screen and to take a picture we just half press the shutter button it locks on to focus and then we click all the way down to take the photo now I just want to point out that this is a very poor quality screen it’s such a low resolution you will be very disappointed in the actual screen quality let me just take this photo again there we go because that first one was out of focus but it’s got um sort of an automatic mode so it’s trying to determine whether you’re shooting in macro or landscape and that seems to be pretty reliable it does seem to do a good job of detecting the type of photo that you’re taking but as I say this screen is very low resolution is 2.

7 inches but the the resolution just really lets it down we’ve got plenty of detail around the screen as well we can touch that button for information we can turn the information off or we can add a grid or we can go back to information on that’s about all of the changes we can make we’ve also got a menu system here where we were in the actual shooting menu at the moment we can change the ISO the image size image quality white balance depending on what mode were in continuous shooting face detection AF mode movie quality LED illuminator and then we can go down to the settings menu and it’s in here that you can format your memory card do resets date and time etc image display playback volume we can turn off the little beeps that we’re getting why we’re pushing the buttons red eye removal LCD mode etc so the menus fine is it’s fine to be able to navigate through this menu news is pretty effective the menu quick push of the shutter button and we’re back to actually taking photos now I will show you this in action underneath some water because I think that’s important to show you that it does work underwater I’ll also be playing you back some HD movie footage from the camera the actual build quality is pretty good after I think it is a very sturdy camera but as I say I’m just disappointed by sort of the flimsy button on the top here and also the quality of that low resolution screen now it claims it’s waterproof down to five meters I’m not brave enough to test it down to that sort of level but you can see it actually underwater now taking a photo and also be showing you that photo on the screen so you can get an idea of the underwater quality so here you can see the Fuji finepix XP 20 under the water and let’s just try and focus in on this little model here and we take a picture under the water it’s also fire up the movie mode and we will take some video underwater as well and we play you this back as well so here you can see my little model under the water it’s only in the sink it’s not down to the depth um that the manufacturers claim it will work but you can see it’s working absolutely fine and let’s take the camera out of the water and there we go absolutely fine no problem at all using this underwater so this is some HD video capture using the Fuji finepix XP 20 this is obviously using the built-in microphone there’s no external microphone input now interesting fact is that you can zoom in why should your recording it’s not a very smooth zoom and that’s because it’s a very tricky little control to handle on the top I’ll let you judge for yourself the picture and video quality will just give you a close-up look at this keyboard but for me this could be quite good sort of holiday camera for taking little holiday movies the fact that it’s recording in 720 resolution as well it’s definitely a bonus point it also claims to be shockproof to one and a half meters freeze proof to minus ten degrees centigrade and also dust proof as well now the overall feeling I get for this camera is that it is a good choice if you need something that’s a bit more rugged pricings good as well 120 pounds in the UK 160 dollars in the US and I think that’s a pretty good price point for a camera that you’re going to be able to take out and about on a holiday and not worry about it getting sort of knocked about too much so this is the Fuji finepix XP 20 thank you very much for watching I’ll see you all again in the next video


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