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Fitur lengkap TV 2 Jutaan – Review Smart TV SAMSUNG 32 Inch T4500

Fitur lengkap TV 2 Jutaan – Review Smart TV SAMSUNG 32 Inch T4500

Open Youtube Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings. Welcome to Faeyza channel, in this video I want to review about Super Smart TV from Samsung 32 T4500 for those who haven’t subscribed, please subscribe first To get information on videos updated every week Okay, we start from its first features, built-in wifi This Smart TV is already in built-in wifi so you don’t have to bother watching streaming videos just connect-in directly to the internet or WiFi in your house second, watch movie anytime, equipped with applications that provide movies or movies, both paid and free like netflix Prime video Apple TV and this is most importantly YouTube Third Easy Control, one remote can restore multiple devices from starting media players game console and USB drivers The fourth, control the TV with sound or BIXBY For Samsung fans, you will definitely be familiar with BIXBY with the bixby feature we can easily control the TV via voice, I will give you an example Open YouTube This feature I like the most too if we want to find a video on YouTube, just say it like this Nussa official, the video we are looking for appears immediately Fiersa Besari Sheila On 7 the fifth, this feature makes Screen Sharing us to get screen mirroring from mobile, tablet and laptop but before I want to tell you the “Smart Thing” application for Android smartphone users Friends, you can install the application in the playstore, just type “Smart Think” then install If so, we just have to open the application friends can turn off and on the TV with this application Here we can see the applications available on the Samsung Smart TV we can also control the TV through this application If you want to display the cellphone screen on the TV, just select the menu at the top right then select the mirror screen The next feature of Home Cloud, this feature allows us to store various important files to Smart TV wirelessly and automatically The seventh is a music player, a feature that is no less exciting than this TV is can be used to play music in the Spotify or Joox application The audio is supported by Dolby Digital Plus so the sound is good we listen to ya The last feature is Playstore, you can install the applications you want here For example We want to install the application, we just have to search it here Just type in the application you want, for example “Facebook Watch” Here we can also install exciting games that we can play directly on this Samsung Smart TV next on the back of the TV Available 2-input HDMI cable USB input network cable input, audio and video input, as well as an antenna So that’s all the video review Hopefully this is useful for Superstar TV from Samsung 32 T4500 don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to help me to build this channel so that I am even more excited to make the next videos.

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