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Hi everyone, I’m Gavin from Sony Europe TV Group. In this video we take a look at the latest Bravia OLED AF9 TV, which is part of our Master Series. The Master Series is a designation for the most high-quality models from Sony, which meet our strictest criteria.

Our goal is to design a TV that can display images in which the intention of the creator is really conveyed. A TV with an image quality comparable to that of the professional monitors that directors use in film studios.

One of the most important elements with which we achieve that image quality is the image processor. The AF9 features our recently developed image processor of the latest generation, the X1 Ultimate. In addition to the various technologies that the X1 Extreme already included, and thanks to the extra power of the X1 Ultimate, are essential technologies like Object-based HDR Remaster refined and improved.

We also introduce a new technology with Object-based Super Resolution, for even more depth, more precise details and ultimately a more realistic image. X1 Ultimate also drives our new screen controller for OLED, Pixel Contrast Booster, on.

Pixel Contrast Booster maximizes the dynamic range of the OLED screen by broadening the color area at high brightness. This gives images superior detail and fantastic texture. The AF9 is also tailored to use Netflix.

Sony is introducing the ‘Calibrated for Netflix’ mode specifically for this purpose. This unique feature has been specifically developed to provide the same picture quality as an evaluation master in the studio for television recordings.

In this way, the creative vision that the maker had in mind is precisely conveyed. For 4K HDR content, the AF9 supports HDR10, HLG, or Hybrid Log-Gamma, and the Dolby Vision HDR format. So you can enjoy 4K HDR content from various sources.

In addition to the stunning image quality the AF9 offers an equally impressive sound quality. Acoustic Surface technology was first introduced last year as part of the acclaimed A1 series, followed by the AF8 earlier this year.

The AF9 takes it one step further with Acoustic Surface Audio +. In addition to the actuators left and right is included with Acoustic Surface Audio + a third actuator in the center of the screen. This creates a center channel.

An additional subwoofer channel is also integrated, so it is a 3.2 channel sound system. The extra center channel functions just like the center speakers hidden behind the acoustically transparent screens that can be found in the cinema.

With the three actuators and two side-facing subwoofers the AF9 produces an even more immersive sound that improves the viewing experience. In addition, the AF9 has a mid-speaker mode which allows Acoustic Surface Audio + to be used as the center speaker of a Home Theater System.

With its OLED display and Acoustic Surface Audio + the AF9 represents a perfect interplay of viewing and listening experience. Continuing the A1’s iconic One Slate design, so that no standards or speakers are visible and nothing distracts your attention from the image.

You only see the magnificent image, surrounded by a super thin aluminum frame. The stand on the back contains the actuators and subwoofers and all common connections with a built-in cable system. All of this is covered with a fabric covered back panel.

If you prefer to mount the TV on the wall, the AF9 can be mounted on the wall with a standard VESA compatible wall bracket. Finally, you explore with Android TV a world of movies, music, photos, games, search options, apps and more.

With the Voice Search function it is very easy to find content, ask questions and even operate the TV. Send content effortlessly thanks to the built-in Chromecast from your smartphone or tablet to the TV and with access to Google Play enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and games on the TV.

Using Google Assistant or Voice Search is even easier on the AF9: the TV has a built-in microphone for hands-free operation. Now you can just talk to the TV and you will find quickly find the information you are looking for.

You can also ask Google Assistant to play or play TV shows or movies Operate Internet of Things devices. So this was a first look at the new AF9 Bravia OLED TV from Sony’s Master Series, available soon in 164 and 139 cm (65 and 55 inch).

Thanks for looking. If you want to stay up to date with the latest information about features, release dates and prices, you can keep an eye on the Sony website. Bye.


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