Home Camera Reviews First Impressions with the Olympus Trip 35 – Camera Review

First Impressions with the Olympus Trip 35 – Camera Review

First Impressions with the Olympus Trip 35 – Camera Review

you can call me dear standing in your head I don’t wanna be here hello everyone so today we’re taking a look so today we’re taking a look at the Olympus trip 35 a manual focus plane shoot which I’ve been struggling to review for quite some time now okay so first let’s go over some of the technical specs of this camera the ISO ranges from 25 to 400 the camera will automatically select a shutter speed of Eva 140th or one 200th of a second the aperture goes from f-22 all the way to F 2.

8 now there’s also an aperture program mode which will automatically select a pitch it’s use which is great because there isn’t really a lightning you can read on this camera but it will lock up if it detects the photo is gonna be underexposed providing the selenium cell which powers it hasn’t depleted rendering the entire thing useless wow that was kind of a mouthful but yeah this camera doesn’t really take batteries it has a solar powered cell which once depleted you’ll have to replace which can be kind of tricky but anyway let’s look at some photos shall we ah yeah so remember that selenium cell yeah it depleted so basically the camera is partly underexposed every photo by a couple of stops which is great now because I didn’t want to make a review of a camera without any decent photos taken with it I asked on my dis card if anyone had had this camera and if they wouldn’t mind me sharing some of their photos but before I show you some of those I just wanted to talk about why it took me so long to review this camera basically I kind of hate it everything about it just kind of frustrated me and the reason why isn’t because I just kept accidentally wasting shots when I was taking it out of my pocket and it isn’t even because I had a bad experience and didn’t get any photos it’s because it’s the perfect cliche camera which you would find on your quirky hipster relatives mantelpiece I hate it because of what it’s become now olympus manufactured over 10 million of these things before they eventually discontinued it and now that means they’re kind of everywhere and you get these sellers fixing them up and reskin them with cool patterns only to them sell them at a ridiculous price and evidently they don’t even do a good job of fixing them because this one was bought less than a year ago and it’s already broken but anyway it’s not fair to criticize the camera because of this but at first I really did hate the camera itself the design just makes it seem more like a fashion item than a camera and the manual focus and like me a situation made it kind of hard to take seriously but that’s the thing this isn’t a serious camera and it never claimed to be it’s called the Olympus trip because it was designed for families to take on their holidays their trips it’s not camera built for shooting landscapes and street photography although I did enjoy it for the latter the Olympus trip is meant to capture their was personal moment to capture the fun of family and friends it doesn’t matter if it’s not the sharpest and easiest to used it’s just the funnest and most casual so yeah overall I kind of like this camera but only on paper only in concept because my god I did not have a good experience shooting with this camera but yeah it’s it’s kind of good it’s just I had a bad experience but I’d still recommend it so yeah thanks to Leah and Tom who sent me there first to use in this review please go check them out because they’re amazing and if it wasn’t for them either this video wouldn’t exist or I would have had to shoot with this camera again and oh my god I did not want to do that so yeah


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