Home Phone Reviews Fanvil X5G IP Phone Review / Unboxing

Fanvil X5G IP Phone Review / Unboxing

Fanvil X5G IP Phone Review / Unboxing

hello and welcome to VoIP TV VoIP on solutions video product review channel I’m Luke Perry popped the technical sales team at VoIP on solutions and our sister company for jion by fooding distributors of communications equipment and serving customers worldwide today we’re going to look at the farmville x 5 g a cost-effective enterprise VoIP phone so let’s get started the x5 gboye upfront from farmville comes complete with the base unit handset handset cord network cable stand or wall mount and power supply the x5 G is of a sturdy quality and comes with well spaced Keys ensuring comfortable usability in the office the farmville x 5 g VoIP phone has features including 6 zip lines HD Voice gigabit ethernet support local three-way conferencing and a 128 x 64 backlit LCD screen the x5 G is designed to be cost-effective the phone has a high level of interoperability with major platforms including three CX asterisks elastics z KU and BroadSoft fan will also offer the x5 which has similar features to the x5 g except the x5 does not have a gigabit ethernet port after reviewing the farmville x 5 g VoIP phone we’ve given it a VoIP on rating of eight out of 10 the x5 g is a cost-effective enterprise VoIP solution with 6 zip lines gigabit ethernet support and a higher level of interoperability the x5 G is perfectly suited to medium-sized businesses so that was our review of the fam Ville x 5 g VoIP phone visit void pondok kind of UK for the best selection of work products excellent reset our pricing next day delivery and worldwide shipping give us a call with any questions you have and our team will be happy to help don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel and if you want more information on this product and many others visit VoIP uncovered or follow us on our social media channels and we’ll see you again next time on VoIP TV


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