Home Camera Reviews Eufy 2K Indoor Camera Review – Feature Packed Camera at an UNBELIEVABLE...

Eufy 2K Indoor Camera Review – Feature Packed Camera at an UNBELIEVABLE Price!

Eufy 2K Indoor Camera Review – Feature Packed Camera at an UNBELIEVABLE Price!

today I am super excited to show you the brand new 2k indoor camera from oofy and when you hear the prices thing you won’t believe it let’s check it out back friends if this is your first time here my name is Eric if you’re in the home automation smart homes and especially home kit you’re definitely in the right place say it’s video is a part of my home kit series but unfortunately you feet indoor camera is still in beta when it comes to home kit but more on that in a moment I’ll be leaving a link down below to my full pros and cons list on my website so if you want to get more information or get an update as I continue using this product definitely check out that link down below Luffy offers two versions of their 2k indoor camera there’s this one which I’m just calling the freestanding one and it retails for a drumroll please of $40.

00 that’s right only $40.00 and then they also have a pan and tilt version for just additional ten dollars for 50 bucks you really can’t beat that I’m gonna be reviewing the pan and tilt in the near future so make sure you subscribe to this channel but without further ado let’s see what you get for you 40 bucks so like I mentioned this is a 2k camera so it should have a little bit better resolution than a 1080p camera also features on device AI for human and pet detection which is really nice that it’s running locally and not up in the cloud it also has the ability to record 24/7 which is a huge plus in my opinion you will need to provide your own SD card and also has the ability to work with voice assistance like Lady egg and also Siri home kit which I’ll talk more about later it also comes with a USB a two micro USB wire fortunately it’s not USB C even though it is 20/20 it should be this thing’s only 40 bucks I’m kind of giving a pass here they also include a power brick or power adapter and some mounting hardware so you can mount this to a ceiling or to a wall on the front device of course you have the camera lens above that is a microphone below it is the status light on the right hand side is the SD card slot on the back is a speaker sing but and the power input go ahead download the app which is available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and follow the instructions to make an account if you add the device select what device that you have this is the inner camera and just follow the on-screen instructions is super super easy if I have you scan the QR code on the bottom of device and about two or three seconds later or have you press the sync button on the back and that’s it you’re done syncing this up actually want to select what Wi-Fi you currently have you will have to have a 2.

4 gigahertz Wi-Fi if you have five gigahertz unfortunately this will not work for you next you have to select what type of video storage you like I’m gonna personally go for the local backup where you have to insert your own SD card up to 128 gigabytes right onto the camera and it’s going to record 24/7 to the SD card in the app it will identify different detections the Hangout what settings you have on I’ll go more into that in just a moment but that should speed up you finding what you’re looking for when you are recording 24/7 second option is cloud-based and there’s not a lot of information on this currently I’m trying to get more I will be updating with full person cons lists while I get more information it does work on the app so even if you do not have an SD card it will store clips in the cloud and does give you 33 days I’m not quite sure what the price is afterwards I’m trying to get full confirmation of what that price is there is a rumor that it’s going to be three dollars or thirty dollars a year for one camera or $10 or 200 dollars a year for unlimited cameras now this is unlike their other oofy cameras where it has a home base this does not have a home base and it’s not going to back up to the home base but you do have an option of a nash drive you will have to use rstp I will be doing my own Nash drive-in in their future so if you guys are interested in that hit the subscribe button then you’ll see that video which super excited for it that way I’m not storing the footage right on the camera because the thief comes in sees the camera they’re going to take the camera with them but if with an ass drive if you have it hidden in your house somewhere that footage is automatically backed up and you can turn in that footage to the police and hopefully catch the thief once the firmware is updated or take you to the main page and you can see all your cameras right here down at the bottom you click on the vents and see all the events but we’re going to go into the camera settings and see what other features there are you can turn the camera on and off you can turn the status light on and off and you can also turn off the auto night vision so if you store this in a window like I’m going to do and point it outside you don’t want that night vision on because you just get reflection in the video quality tab you can adjust the quality of the streaming and also recording if you have the bandwidth you might as well pull it up as high as you can but if you do have connection issues or bandwidth issues you definitely want to lower that down but personally I’m gonna keep it to K or as high as I can for streaming next one down is detection settings and this is what it’s going to record of course it’s going to record 24/7 if you have a SD card but otherwise it’s gonna follow your detection settings if you want to you can specify activity zones that way you can specify that will only record when something is moving in that zone fortunately they do limit to two zones you can also specify what you want detect and the sensitivity so you can do people and pets or all motion all together it can also detect sound of any sound or something like a crying baby and you’re in just the sensitivity of that detection also the next feature is SuperDuper cool and they call it pet command all it is is a motion detection in a activity area if it detects motion it actually just trigger a pre-recorded message so you can do it for your kids if they go into the cookie jar or tell them to get out of cookie jar or maybe even a pet that jumps onto the couch no no get off the couch no no get off the couch well at least the alert worked but yelling out didn’t work at all next section down is notification setting so you can specify what you want to get notified of and how efficient you want it to be I didn’t really notice any difference between the first one and the second one so I kept the full effect on you can do the third one if you must have a thumbnail but I did see a little bit delay with that but the other two it came through right away in the record settings you can specify if you’re gonna record 100% of the time 24/7 or follows some type of schedule in the storage setting you can change to some cloud storage or to an ash drive and in the auto settings you can turn on/off the microphone and the speaker phone and adjust the volume back to the main screen if you start getting too many notifications you can actually use it for 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour whatever you need down at the bottom you can also see all your events all listed out right there which is really nice to see all your events in one place next tab over is a security mode tab where you can set the cameras individually to home mode or way mode that way when you’re home you don’t get notifications and when you’re away you can definitely set that alarm off and God tell you it is video test of the Fe 2k indoor camera now about 10 two feet away for the movie cam now about 15 feet away for the UV cam alright this is the infrared or night vision of the Fe 2k which has one two three four five six seven eight infrared lights and five feet is the UV night vision at 10 feet and it would be about 15 feet now when it comes to a home kit like I mentioned earlier currently it is in beta they’re actually shipping this out without Honka though they did announce that would come with homekit and people are upset and I can understand that I did get into the beta program so I’m able to test it out for you if you’re into homekit and you’re buying this because you want home kit I would say hold up wait until it’s fully certified with Apple and then buy it because we’ve been through this once or twice before and it we’ve been burnt but I will be updating my full pros and cons list with an update when this does get fully certified so definitely check out that link down below for an update once the update firmware for home kits it is super easy to install all you need to do is go to home kit and add it like another accessory press the plus button add accessory and scan the QR code on the bottom of the device because this isn’t beta it did tell me is on the certified accessory I went ahead and anyway so I can test it for you guys if you’re new to home kit secure video is really cool to specify what happens when you’re home and when your way you can have everything off when you’re home or you can detect activity because this camera is also a motion sensor within the home kit you can activate automations which i’ll show you more in the minute but i know a lot of people don’t want recordings when they are home so you can turn that off right here and then you can set the way setting to stream and record when you are not home automatically and like I mentioned it does treat the camera as a motion sensor also that way you can trigger automations within your home so I tested out here as I’m walking into the house I have an automation that says if it detects motion it will turn on this vocal link light also enable this camera with lady a Angulo and if you have one of those units with a screen like I show five you can definitely pull up your footage but unfortunately in my testing with my echo show five once I set everything up and got syncing unfortunately it just wouldn’t pull up the footage it would say that it’s going to but just never did so hopefully they will fix that in their future but other than that I got to tell you this thing is awesome honestly I can’t believe all these features are jam packed into this $40.

00 camera this thing has features not even seen in cameras that cost three times as much so job well done oof II love love love this thing two thumbs up if you guys have any questions let me know down below don’t forget to smash that like button I truly appreciate it and if you want to see the next video in my home kit series check that video right up there I will see you on next video I’m out


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