Home PC Reviews Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One Desktop – Review

Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One Desktop – Review

Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One Desktop – Review

hi I’m rich brown and this is the Dell XPS one 27 so this is Dells brand new 27 inch all-in-one it’s actually a new version of a model that came out earlier this year the big difference with this one is it comes with Windows 8 it has a touchscreen and has a new adjustable stand on the back this is an outstanding on one for a couple reasons but primarily it’s that its resolution is higher than any other 27-inch Windows based on one on the market at 2560 by 1440 it’s higher than all the other 1910 by 1080 on ones out there now you’d expect that a high resolution monitor and a big screen like this would not be cheap but Dell is actually highly competitive on price also the starting price for this unit is $13.

99 without a touchscreen once you go up to the baseline touch unit it’s $15.99 and the pricing scales all the way up to about 2500 bucks this model is the $19.99 midpoint model comes with a core i7 CPU a higher and graphics card and more memory and a larger hard drive although this one is actually going to be $21.

99 thanks to a blu-ray drive although that option won’t be available until December it has edge-to-edge glass so the bezel won’t get in the way of your input and in general it’s just a smooth touch experience it seems like there’s a coating on the screen that gives it sort of a smart phone quality to it and it’s a lot smoother more responsive than we’ve seen from other all-in-ones now does of course come with a wireless mouse and keyboard the keyboard in particular feels nice and sturdy so from this angle you can see the stand here it’s got a couple hinge points so you can angle it up like this goes back to about 60 degrees as well as move it up and down this makes it easier to use a touch input if you’re say standing in front of it or you just want to quickly interact with the PC it’s not quite the full 90 degree recline that we’ve seen some other ones which actually can be kind of useful but overall this is not a bad sacrifice especially given how easy it is to adjust the stand so while we’re on the side of the system we can show off the blu-ray drive here it’s a nice slot loader and then on this side you can see there’s a couple ports so you’ve got 2 USB 3 s analog as well as an SD card input enough for ports on the back it’s a little bit clunky because the stand does kind of get in the way here it’s only really kind of awkward with the power cable and you can adjust the screen enough so it’s not that big a deal over here though you’ve got a couple more USB 3 ports there’s four there’s an Ethernet input also an HDMI input and output which lets you use the Dell with other home video devices over here there’s a digital audio output which is great and you will see a coax TV tuner jack but that’s actually not going to be available here in the States it’s only here because this is a pre-production model that Dell agreed to send us ahead of time so depending on what price point you pick up for the system you’ll find different CPUs and other different components inside this particular model was a fast performer one of the fastest windows 8 on ones we’ve seen so far it can play games and it handles Photoshop pretty much any consumer-level task you can throw at it it’s not going to be a problem regardless of its internal hardware the start of the system really is its high resolution display for that reason alone this is the best Windows 8 all-in-one around and that’s why it’s an Editors Choice winner so I’m rich brown this is the Dell XPS one 27


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