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Dell XPS M1210 Laptop Review & Hands On

Dell XPS M1210 Laptop Review & Hands On

they got welcome again I’m here today I’m going to leaving this Dell laptop and the model number is Dell XPS m12 Chen so the laptop has two point one inch LCD display the screen size is 12.1 okay well the resolution is 1280 by 800 pixel and the processor is intel core2duo and ice police 2.

0 gigahertz hundred gb of harding’s and 2gb of ram and the graphic is g4 new and media ok it have a rotating cam web camera as you can see here okay and optical drives and Wi-Fi USB ports and firewire port bluetooth call it a shot given so there’s a key feature of this laptop let’s see the other physical option of this laptop ok so the first is VGA out d1 as you can see a VGA port and two USB of 2.

0 and is a FireWire port ok and this is the optical drive dude rater and the bottom side is why in one corridor okay so 2 USB VGA port and a DVD right side ok so the front side the admin might walk or doin Mike output okay and the multimedia Keys given like pause play and it’s forward ok so good thing into the multimedia Keys the front side so the left side is let me check it has a lot of words okay the first is I think the hard drive section and the Express card reader and exhausting and Wi-Fi button given ok and the ps2 already this is appears to I think I in two days we have 2.

0 rj45 port oh my god it has a lot of for yeah and the backside what is this I think these are power option John okay and yeah this is the rj45 yeah that one the rj11 put and this is the rj45 also it has 2 ports ok and if you that you are orange camera webcam okay so that 12.

1 inch laptop kaleriya is Sucher combination slower shining salwar on the back okay so it has button also in the front side I show you okay so this is a LED indication of Bluetooth Wi-Fi and battery power on/off okay do the power room button and I speaker given the top side there’s a good thing and how come the main thing that I spared and the keyboard that’s very space is very small yeah I look nice here but the performance like to check okay yeah nice it’s really working eyes is a good touch perform of touch barrier so what you find here that’s better than fine but even one thing this is not a travelling laptop is the commercial laptop it’s very heavy and very thick yeah so no issues the touchpad and the keyboard is a full-size keyboard layout and the keys yes so working fine no doubt the keyboard a keypad and a touchpad is working where you find good yeah nice so no problem the keyword and the touchpad and I speed yeah it had only coat of uparasa 2 digit of speed and 2gb of RAM I it’s ok but I don’t think you can play the heavy games or can your Haley software’s on this laptop because it has only 2 GB RAM and co2 your process look at the speed is average iris has coded opposers this is the speaker going the furniture and thickness either said is not a slim laptop which had very thick I have looking desktop as you can see here the base it has a little bit thick because it has all pull that off would like their desktop yeah they’re a good thing and the weight ok let me check it’s really really Haley I think around 2.

5 or 2.6 kg yeah this is no lightweight and is not a traveling laptop so these are sort of you and quick review of this Dell laptop a little spice and full situation of this lever click the link in reducing thank for watching and purify like comment subscribe please click the link given in video description for latest price and full specification please like share and subscribe


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