Home PC Reviews Dell XPS 8500 Unboxing!!!

Dell XPS 8500 Unboxing!!!

Dell XPS 8500 Unboxing!!!

all right in this video I’m going to be unboxing the Dell XPS 8500 and that’s about it so I got this computer from Costco calm and just arrived a little while ago and I’m just gonna open it I’m very excited for it and it looks good so right here we got see these cables identification that you bought in stuff QuickStart guide information and use the mouse and the adapter what is this all right and here we have I have no idea this is speakers yeah these are speakers all right now we’re here keyboard okay all right and this is the complimentary keyboard that’s pretty cool and that is the first layer here’s an actual XPS I don’t know hanging this out yeah here it is the XPS and this is the top right here so I’m gonna set it down and take this stuff off and there it is so sorry about that and sir I’m in pajamas I just woke up and this was at the door so here Dell it’s the stuff on the bottom Arnold that is yeah here’s SD card I think there we go pretty cool and here’s a little tray on top with the USB and earphones a microphone sorry does easier than screaming and look at that xbs beautiful here’s the back there’s the adapter I think and all the freaking plugs so I’m gonna put the link for the thing in the description but I don’t really know so much about any of this I’ll learn it on the way and that’s about it guys so and I’m hoping to do more oh here’s a power button by the way hoping to do more unboxings later on maybe you have a little God or something like that got the keyboard here wires and all that stuff pretty awesome okay that’s it if you like this video please subscribe and like the video and that’s it but


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