Home PC Reviews Dell XPS 27 7760 review: Awesome VR-ready all-in-one PC

Dell XPS 27 7760 review: Awesome VR-ready all-in-one PC

Dell XPS 27 7760 review: Awesome VR-ready all-in-one PC

yellow 1pc categories always a challenge because this compromises to be made but Dell thinks you have a solution with the XPS 27 which just had a revision today I’ll tell you what’s awesome about it what’s not stay tuned there are two hallmark features which are about the XPS 27 one is obviously that 27-inch display it is 4k near bezel us actually those bezels are thinner than the surface studio so kudos to Dell for making that happen but there’s also the 10 speaker sound system which hangs just below it now a lot of people have complained that the XPS 27 is a little bit ugly because of that giant chin but hey it packed in 10 speakers plus a Windows hello camera all into that making the payoff quite significant let’s talk a little bit about that display obviously it’s 4k 3840 by 2160 comes in two versions there’s the non touch and touch I happen to have that touch version here it’s pretty awesome it’s also a very color accurate display making it very ideal for people who work in video and photo editing for instance it gets a hundred percent srgb which isn’t that hard a lot of laptops get that but it also gets a hundred percent Adobe RGB which is definitely more difficult it makes is one of the best displays I’ve ever used now there is a downside here you cannot use a pen with it that’s where the surface studio gets its edge there’s a lot of people use it for drawing an artistry work where you can’t do that with the Dell XPS 27 getting back to those speakers there are 10 of them I won’t go through each one as is quite a bit but it’s 50 watts per channel it gets very loud for instance when I’m using Windows I need to keep the volume at 10 just to use it normally if it goes up to 80 that’s about as loud as I can tolerate it goes over to a hundred decibels when fully maxed out it’s pretty impressive and it makes it one the best sound system available now won’t compete with your home stereo system if you’re an audiophile but for a lot of people this is easily the best sound system you’ll get with any PC alright let’s talk a little bit about build quality here this is CNC machined aluminum it is the XPS line so as you would expect it is super high quality of course it also weighs around 40 pounds or 17 kilograms which is not light so you wouldn’t want to move this around too often that bass also has rubber feet on it making it very secure now in terms of hardware there are two versions there is a Intel Core i5 7400 SK bulik and there’s also a Intel Core i7 7700 both of those are quad core processors we have the seventh generation Core i7 model here and it’s very powerful it also comes with 16 gigabytes of RAM but it can go up to 64 gigabytes if you pop up in that back panel for display graphics you get two options as well there are of course the Intel HD graphics 630 which isn’t that powerful you’ll get that with a core i5 version and that’s it summing up though to the core i7 model you get the new AMD rx 570 with 8 gigabytes of gddr5 video memory and that’s a very impressive video card that’s actually a big step up from the previous generation and it almost doubles the frame weight for instance when we’re playing Gears of War 4 we used to get around 40 frames per second on medium settings at Full HD that now goes over 290 frames per second that’s a huge improvement that also means this desktop is now be are compatible with HTC vive and oculus rift and of course Windows 10 mixed reality ultra so that’s a really impressive setup right there when it comes to ports there are quite a lot in this device and a little bit complicated on the side there’s a USB 3.

0 port along with power share and a full SD card reader I really like the placement here it is quick access turn to the back there are four USB 3.0 ports one HDMI out one DisplayPort 1.2 and two Thunderbolt three type-c ports on the back which are really impressive you also get gigabyte Ethernet in one auto out now let’s talk about those Thunderbolt 3 ports that sounds awesome but like all Thunderbolt threes there are exceptions so you cannot use an e GPU with this such as the racer core I tried it myself it says it’s not supported now that could be part of the driver and firmware that’s related to the Thunderbolt 3 Hardware then may be updated in the future but as right now it does not also as far as I know this device cannot be used as a dummy display so if you connect up a laptop to it via HDMI or type C it does not project automatically so those ports are only output and not input finally for internal stores there is 500 gigabytes of SSD that’s the Samsung PM 961 at least in the high-end version on the low end you’re going get a hybrid system now that SSD is excellent it gets some of the best read and write times I have come across now all this comes in a very expensive package costing $2,600 for the high end although the $13.

99 price tag for the low end is not so bad overall though I really liked the XPS 27 and had no issues with it there are a few things I didn’t care for for instance the ports on the back were hard to access but once you’ve used it and set it up you’re pretty much good to go you also can’t use a pen with this device and for some people that’s going to be a bummer that sort of surface studio obviously gets the leg up so who is this device for I really think if you do photo or video editing this is an excellent choice that GPU is going to help you out a whole lot it’s also good for people who like to watch consume media or who need a really good sound system they don’t forget you can do some gaming with this I wouldn’t find this as a gaming PC but you can definitely do some first-person shooters here and get a solid experience so if you have the cash and you’re tight on space I highly recommend the XPS 27 so there’s a quick overview the Dell XPS 27 which is now available if you want my full review make sure you head to Windows central why I have deep dives into benchmarks and more information about this device if you liked this video give us a thumbs up and take care buddy


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