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Dell Vostro 3555 AMD Powered Laptop Review

Dell Vostro 3555 AMD Powered Laptop Review

so we have here at the Dell vostra 35:55 it’s a 15.6 inch screen AMD powered business computer it’s really aimed at small businesses that are on a budget so the starting price that this Vostro is actually a 370 9.

99 right now with that you would get an AMD a4 processor the particular configuration I have has an upgraded and the a6 processor and cost close to the $500 price range so for that price you get excellent build quality and a lot of features it’s actually made of all aluminum so knock on there you can see that there’s really no flex anywhere in the body it’s very rich in this design it uses aluminum both in the keyboard area and on the lid so it’s metallic lid and it’s very solid feeling so it’s a for the $500 price point or even a $400 for the cheaper version you’re getting a very well-built laptop so today we’re just going to take a tour around the bus for 35:55 and just talk about it and do a review here first I want to talk about the design and build a little bit more of the poster 3555 so you can get a few different colors but I went with the standard silver color and as you see it’s kind of a very professional looking business like you can get a red if you wanted something a little more interesting or out there I think this is probably going to be the most popular color just because it is very professional-looking you get some black trim around the edges if you open it up on the inside it is black so black around the keyboard the keys are themselves are matte although if you see inside the keys between them that is actually a glossy area used just to talk about the build quality again the hinges are made of metal and they’re very solid it takes two hands to open the laptop so it’s very rigid hinge that’s a good thing the casing is all aluminum and while you push in on the back of the screen you can get a little bit of ripple but it’s not too bad so fairly solid and on the bottom of the laptop it is also metal cover so you get good protection all over its overall with the price point as I mentioned earlier that build quality is very good let’s take a look around the port selection for the Boat Show 35 55 so here on the left side from back to front you get a USB 3.

0 port and here is the heat vent then you get an hdmi port then you have a USB 2.0 eSATA port and then this is just a media card where just so you can put things like SD sub cards in there there is nothing on the actual front side of the laptop you rotate around to the right side here we have a 34 millimeter ExpressCard slot optical drive and here we have headphones then microphone and then USB 3.

0 port again and we have some ports on the back have an Ethernet LAN connector USB 3.0 DJ monitor out and then this is just the power track so if we’re all nice selection of ports as you expect on a 15-inch laptop and you probably have everything there you would need – maybe DisplayPort which is included on some business notebooks but not this one where they went with HTML HDMI instead the keyboard uses a chiclet style design so each key is separate the key travel is pretty good it’s not as deep as say a think pad but the most part I think most people will be satisfied with this the media keys are on top you have to hold down FN and then say f4 to dim the screen or five to increase and then you see the f8 f9 for f12 keys will increase the volume more muted you do have a few dedicated buttons at the top here most of those are just access utilities such as system care and you do get a fingerprint reader down here on the lower right side the touch pad is a nice size it’s easy to slide your finger across and I really like the click button singer nice and soft they don’t make a bunch of noise so you’re not going to bother anyone that’s in a meeting room with you over the coral the keyboard is very nice it’s not going to be quite as high quality as say a think pad you don’t get the pointing stick in the middle like you’d own the latitude line which I would like to have but again this price point of four hundred five hundred dollars you just don’t get those kinds of things but on the whole and there’s not too much to complain about the keyboard and it’s a very solid feeling so it’s not really going to bother anyone and I think most will be happy with it one feature I really like one is demonstrate was the backlight keyboard for $400 you get the backlit keyboard which is a pretty rare feature to have at this price point and you can easily turn it on and off if you hold down on the FN + the f5 key so there you go now it’s off turn it back on FM + f5 so this is great for working in the dark you really makes finding keys a lot easier just um you know if you’re on an airplane as well and it’s a night and that’s this will make doing work a lot much a lot easier for you now we’re just going to demonstrate the viewing angles on this 15.

6 inch screen that the poster 35:55 comes with it’s a 1366 by 768 resolution and there are no upgrade options that’s kind of the standard resolution you get so let’s tilt the screen back and you’ll see that since this is not an IPS screen the colors will distort it also doesn’t tilt back very much so that’s as far as the screen will go certainly not 180 degrees it’s about maybe 120 at the most we tilt the screen forward and the colors will wash out but it’s always reviewing straight on the colors are good and it’s a matte screen which is a bonus because you don’t get any of the glare that you typically would find in the business office horizontal viewing angles are better so if you’re going up from the side the colors will hold up a little bit better this is a pretty typical laptop screen it’s not an IPS screen like you find in an iPad so while we can complain about the viewing angles it’s really no different to 95% of the other laptops out there on the market right now I’ve got a benchmark where I’m the butcher 35 55 it’s 3dmark Vantage so it’s pushing the laptop pretty hard and what I wanted to do was test how hot this thing gets when it’s being stressed out and also just kind of get an idea for how loud the fan might get so I’ve got a heat gun here so I’m going to measure different areas of the keyboard and then near the heat and so in the lower right side it stays really cool it’s only 79 degrees in the middle of the keyboard throughout 89 degrees which is still lower than what your body temperature is so you shouldn’t notice too much heat there where it does start to get warmer is on the left-hand side so it’s well again 89 on the left palm rest but then if I move up to the top near the heat then it goes up to 96 degrees so you might start to notice some heat there then ever on the actual heat then itself it’s it is again 98 or so degrees that’s still not bad it’s under 100 and you’re probably not going to put your hand right next to where the heat bent is what if you do then you’ll be feeling some of that heat coming out as far as the fan noise right now I have some 3d gaming going on and it’s really only barely audible so it doesn’t get loud at all so overall the laptop is doing a pretty good job of keeping itself cool with minimal fan noise so that’s a good thing and I give them the size of this laptop you were kind of expected to be able to maintain its temperature pretty well since there’s a lot of space inside of it so a Roth I mean that’s good news that the heat stays down and the fan noise isn’t too terribly bad with the Buster 3555 as far as performance goes we have the AMD a6 3420 apu so that’s part of the fusion processor family from AMD it has dedicated graphics in the form of AMD Radeon 65 20 G however those aren’t powerful graphics that you could do maybe a little bit of light gaming but you’re not going to be playing higher-end games such as bf3 or Skyrim or anything like that you cut you could play them on low low frame rates but the performance wouldn’t go that good the the windows rating is 5.

9 for this machine and as you expect the graphics get the low score there the processor actually gets to 6.6 which is pretty good the performance of this machine is very good for typical business tasks you can multitask and you can do you know all the typical things you would usually do as a business user you’re not going to notice any slowdown due to the slow process or anything like that that you might see on like a lower-end chip so this is kind of a mid-range chip and if you’re just a business user the AMD a6 is going to be more than enough performance for what you need let’s weigh in the Vostro 35 55 we already mentioned he uses a lot of aluminum in its body so we expect it to be heavy and it certainly feels like it so put it on the scale and it’s going to stop at 5 pounds 8.

4 ounces so right around the 5 and a half pounds so it is a pretty heavy notebook and you know if you need something like to travel with this is not the good option for you however if you’re just sitting at a desk and the weight of 5 pounds 8 ounces really isn’t going to make any difference to you so it just indicates that there’s a lot of metal used in this laptop and that it is durable so just to conclude on the boaster 35:55 i think it’s a good buy for small business users just looking for cheap laptop that’s around four or five hundred dollars has a lot of nice built quality features such as the aluminum case and it has a spill proof keyboard also the backlit keyboard one complaint noticed i’m using it is that the there is a little more flex and torsion in the actual screen itself than i would like to see but it’s not horrible and it’s stuff I’ve seen before you just got to kind of take care of it the performance is going to be on part of what you need is a business user so there’s no real need to upgrade to the above the a6 processor and you do get some options to upgrade the RAM you know I would say at least four gigabytes maybe six and then you have of course various hard drive configurations you can get based on what your storage needs are but for me I would say a thumbs up on the bus or 3555 if you think it might fit your needs I think the price is especially attractive for the build quality that you get


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