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Dell Latitude 6430 S Laptop Review Video By Intellect Digest

Dell Latitude 6430 S Laptop Review Video By Intellect Digest

followers am from intellect Isis and in this video I am going to give you a quick review of the Dell Latitude e6 for three 0s this is a Professional Series lightweight laptop it’s a 14-inch display laptop it is part by a core i3 processor has 4gb of RAM you can configure the hardware specification on the basis of your needs in terms of build and construction it is very solidly built very rugged and is fairly portable to carry this is not very heavy this is under 2 kilograms in weight and have a very solid construction let me quickly show you the hardware and then we’ll talk a little bit about the specifications and the features you get with the laptop so on the right hand side you get an optical disk drive which can also be taken out completely to make way for an additional battery which can fit in here next to it you have a physical Wi-Fi button so you can turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not browsing the internet to save the power there is a smart card slot over here ICI spot a USB port over here which is a power charge port so in case your laptop is turned off and the charger is plugged in you can still charge your USB devices using this board there is an eSATA and USB combination port just next to it on the back side you have a rj45 full-size LAN port a mini HDMI port there is one more USB port at the back side this is the charging port on the other side a standard VGA full sized port with a combination audio headset plus mic port on the other side this is the air ventilation mesh over here along with some more mesh on the bottom side of the laptop this is also a docking station port so you can dock it onto a latitude station and use it as a proper dogged desktop also this harddrive section here has been made removable so you can remove these two screws and take out the hard disk for quick repair functionality there are two stereo speakers at the bottom and a SD card slot as well so you can read your SD card memory card etc using this port talking of the display it is a fourteen inch display with slightly matte finish this is not glossy but the viewing angles still are very good it looks very nice and brightly lit and this is the minimum display brightness and let me turn it to the maximum to show you so this is how bright it can be so you can use it in the outdoors as well the one we are testing here is part by a core i5 processor with 2.

6 gigahertz of clock speed that this has a 4gb of ram 32 bits Windows 7 Professional operating system you get a variety of operating systems including Windows 7 and Windows 8 to choose from you get a variety of processors to choose from from the 4:3 family you get processors from third generation of a3 all in all it’s very robust in terms of battery performance it also does a fairly good job at around 3 to 4 hours of battery on a normal usage if you’re a heavy user it may last little less let me show you around the keyboard and the buttons that it has on the offer just below the hinge you have a part key over here there are three physical buttons on the right hand side for volume so you can quickly turn up the volume turn down the volume or Muta laptop there are two set of keys one below the trackpad and one above the track where the size of the trackpad is not very large but it does support scrolling functionality on the edges you have to turn it on from the settings talking a little bit more about the hardware the keyboard quality seems good with the keys in chiclet style there is also pointer control over here between the keyboard and this pointer control which you see on the ThinkPad series as well is very convenient many business laptops offer this pointer within the laptop so while you are traveling in tight spaces in a flight seat and you are not comfortable in spreading your hands while using the trackpad you can conveniently use this track pointer to use the mouse functionality on the laptop in terms of build it uses a lot of metal in the hinge in the components and this is the alloy construction along with high quality plastics all around the laptop it gives it a very good strength along with keeping the weight on the lower side it will cost you around 1000 to 1200 dollars in USA and around 65 thousand rupees in India in the price it is a good deal for people who are looking for a robust and strong business laptop which can be carried around easy you know compact lightweight with a decent battery life of three to four hours this is all we have on a quick review if you like our video please press the like button below for more such videos please press the subscribe button below this is Rohit Khurana signing off you


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