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Dell Inspiron 660 Full Review

Dell Inspiron 660 Full Review

hey guys it’s a review of the Dell Inspiron 660 less tears started coming down here by my computer as you can see as Intel Core i5 here’s the power button and the button little light thing to tell you that the computer is searching for your program so ever saw there is a salvage nothing seeds a nice gloss finish on the front on frontier you have a SD reader headphone jack microphone jack 2 USBS another close up this is just a same-color port map here we have a empty port I might be putting a blu-ray drive in on the end and here we have my standard Drive let me just close this come around the back I have a lot of plugs but you have 12 USB 2.

0 and 2 USB 3.0 you have a VGA and HDMI port a fan a Ethernet core port and a audio pod of audio 3.5 millimeter audio jack microphone and I dunno the blue ones for over at the top there you have another four USB three-point those are you see for my desktop I have got two monitors here with the portal dual monitors and screen thing screensaver this computer has Intel Core i5 8 gigabytes of RAM 500 gigabytes of memory 64-bit system within of it the via de minute video 660 D 660 graphics card and I saw you think about that thinking about my camera and garand and everything is upgradeable instead outlet these cap next couple of videos are just me playing some games just a tester called the out for you guys is just gonna be like minecraft Garry’s Mod Team Fortress 2 and maybe some legal agents listen music over-the-top so yeah be back in a minute well well guys I hope you enjoyed this review of the Dell Inspiron 660 if you did please smash the like button down below as well appreciate it and yeah catch you next time Mike you know where the FI PA killing and might be


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