Home PC Reviews Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series In-depth Review with Pros & Cons

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series In-depth Review with Pros & Cons

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series In-depth Review with Pros & Cons

Dell’s makeover of the Inspiron series of laptops continues we showed you the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 machine sometime back this one is the Dell Inspiron 11 and the uncanny resemblance to the XPS series of ultrabooks is very much there and a good thing on the lid it’s the silver/gray finish with a very soft feel to it all Mac throughout no chances of scratches or dusting into it open it up the keyboard deck has a matte black finish again will not catch scratches and we can’t find dust sticking to it either very good thing the bezel around the screen is slightly glossy but that’s something you can easily manage with the piece of cloth the poor placement is fairly conventional you have a USB port your Ethernet port and the memory card reader on this side and you have two USB ports and an HDMI out along with the 3.

5 mm jack on this side turn the machine over the lid silver finish comes here as well though not as as darkish as this one there’s a very slight color difference if you can notice that in the in the video this is your main intake and outtake cooling went partly for intake partly for throwing the air back out the two speakers are placed on this side though they’re adequately powerful enough for use as a laptop they are not in a leak of let’s say some of the higher power Dell machines that probably pack in better speakers in terms of the specs this has the Celeron to 9:55 you processor the you basically means it’s an ultra-low voltage processor the interesting thing is this is now on the in the hospital 22 nm architecture the separate chip on the board for peripheral interface has been moved onto the main processor in theory this was increase this would technically increase the power consumption but that’s been reduced to 15 TDP by reducing the clock speed here to 1.

4 gigahertz this equivalent in Ivybridge would clock at 1.8 gigahertz there’s two gigs of ram a 64-bit operating system so in case you want to upgrade the time to four gigs or eight gigs this will handle that very easily in terms of performance as as your primary machine for a typical day at work or basic tasks at home like web browsing watching a movie listening to music this machine will do very well there’s absolutely no problems in that regard the problem comes when you want to multitask so if you have let’s say a Chrome browser will open when let’s say ten tabs that’s when the machine starts to become a little slow but then that’s expected from from a machine that’s not meant for multitasking anyway not meant for gaming at all it’s got the integrated graphics so that’s pretty much out of the question a 500 gig hard drive is there for your storage needs let me talk about the critical aspect of the keyboard this is a much better keyboard than one the previous generation of the inspiron hand and incidentally the smaller keys now are the better successor to the wider keys that Dell basically dabbled with for a while it takes some getting used to smaller footprint here because you have less palm listeria when you’re typing but once you do it’s a very very precise keyboard the display is the 11.

6 inch 1366 768 pixel screen slightly reflective but once you turn up the brightness beyond 50% that is taken care of fairly well good colors good test text Christmas I mean this is a display which will which will be fairly comfortable to use in the end the big question is who is this machine meant for at 39 K you are paying a slight premium for all the all the classy build quality and the redesign look essentially this machine is meant for somebody who needs a laptop that will last him probably let’s say 6 oz on the same battery back on a single charge of battery is light and easy to carry around this machine takes all those boxes it’s a simple machine not meant for heavy multitasking we get your basic work done very very easily good battery life easy to carry around if that’s what you need this is a machine you should consider among all the 11 inch versions that are currently quite a fashion in the computer world you


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