Home Laptop Reviews Dell Inspiron 11 2in1 laptop Review (2018)

Dell Inspiron 11 2in1 laptop Review (2018)

Dell Inspiron 11 2in1 laptop Review (2018)

hey guys it’s typical review and today I will be reviewing the two and one dell inspiron laptop, the laptop has a well built quality and is very stable as you can see the screen size is 11.6 inches which is pretty small compared to other laptops but this is both a laptop and a tablet on one of its sides it has two USB ports and one hand Jack port on the other side it has one HDMI port and a charger port also it has a high-speed USB 3.

0 port and an SD media card reader this laptop has an Intel processor speed of 1.6 gigahertz it can hold about 500 gigabytes of storage and a ram size of 4 gigabytes it weighs 3.2 pounds a bit heavy but the small size for taking it almost anywhere as a laptop and a tablet mix up for it the speakers are located on top of the keyboard and the sound quality was surprisingly good as you will see in a second pricing thing about this too and one laptop is that it can multitask for example in the background right now I have six chrome tabs open while playing a YouTube video without any lag after the seventh one it would just start lagging a little over although in my opinion this laptop was definitely worth getting or tablet you would say in the comments section below please tell me your opinions on whether you’re getting this laptop or you’re interested in getting this laptop if you want to check out the laptop please click the link in the description subscribe comment and leave a like this is typical reviewer and I’ll see you all later


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