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Dell G3 15″ (3579) Review

Dell G3 15″ (3579) Review

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here? This is the DellG 3 This is Dells cheapest gaming laptop in their G Series lineup So the G 3 g 5 g 7 this is their entry-level model and it’s the cheapest one it starts at $750 but the question I think a lot of people have is whether or not this particular model is Worth it.

Is this thing actually a better value or a better pickup than the g5 or G 7 or other devices in that pricing? Let’s take a look at it so first build quality This is a device that is entirely plastic and most of the devices and the G Series are like this It’s got a blue theme going through the whole device So the keyboard deck has this blue striping pattern going through it, which I think doesn’t look amazing It almost cheapens the aesthetic of this not that I dislike the color blue You guys know, I love it but it just There’s something about this particular pattern that makes it look a little bit cheap the top deck is this satin blue finish? I do like the look of that and the logo is that metallic blue Which I do like I think the design on the whole is nice when it’s closed, but when it’s open There’s something about this like candy stripe or pinstripe design that it just it’s just not doing it for me But if you’re into it, it’s got that look.

So the build quality is actually pretty good There’s no weak spots on the chassis and the hinge feels well-made The top panel itself has a little bit of flex to it, but it’s nothing crazy It’s not an aluminum tank, but it’s built.

Well, the bottom panel has the same kind of finish as the top Is that satin blue? so it’s a very Uniform look to this whole device one thing to note that this is a thinner device than the g5 and the g7 Not a lot thinner but it is a little bit thinner and also a little bit more compact in terms of footprint So to remove the bottom panel, it’s 10 screws, and I don’t love that I mean there are devices made by Dell that were just once group remove it and you’re in this has a bunch So if you’re just not super Hardware inclined and this might be a little more intimidating but Relatively easy to get in there Inside you get easy access to everything Your 2 Ram slots your Wi-Fi card your two drives and you also have really easy access to the fans in case you need to Clean them in the future.

The Wi-Fi card is actually slower than I was hoping. This is actually one of the slowest Wi-Fi cards I’ve used in a while It’s not a huge problem because you can easily find replacements like really good for like 15 20 bucks on eBay So it’s not a huge problem, but the one that they include for stock is not great The battery 56 watt error is not a particularly big one around four and a half hours of regular use You’re gonna have to bring a charger if you’re gonna bring this into class for a full day Okay ports on this thing depending on the unit that you have you may or may not get use PC so the high respect models with a 1060 max Q will get a Thunderbolt 3 port but the low respect models don’t you also get an Ethernet port and an SD card? Slot it’s got a fair selection of ports, but on the base models because it doesn’t have use BC in 2018 That’s a bit of a minus for me.

But I know 750 bucks. That’s what you get The speakers are located on the front or the bottom front there. Okay, they’re not amazing laptop speakers Very generic sound but I can’t say I’m too disappointed.

Alright opening up the lid. We have a mediocre screen again at $750 I’m not expecting too much, but this screen is not particularly bright not particularly color accurate But I’m comfortable playing games on it the keyboard.

It’s a good layout. I actually really like this keyboard I would say that this is its biggest strength and I think this is a keyboard that a lot of people will like the trackpad uses Windows precision drivers good tracking the surface is It’s not my favorite.

It’s like a textured plastic It’s got this wobble or play on the trackpad Which is a little bit weird button mechanism is also just okay because of that wobble So the performers on this device is probably my biggest concern.

This is a model that’s running the 1050 Ti It’s not their most powerful configuration and the thermals are hot It doesn’t throttle and the fan noise isn’t too loud or anything But I do wish that the temperatures are a little bit lower and you could repay sis.

You could undervolt it but at stock I don’t love those temperatures and this is the reason why I don’t think that this particular device is Worth the savings compared to a g5 or g-seven because if you pick up some like the g7 You’re just going to get better thermals performance is going to be very similar if not identical But I don’t like the fact that the temperatures are running so hot Now if your heart is set on this device, there are a couple of Vantage’s number one It’s a little bit thinner and there’s like sleeker looking the thinner bezels are nicer And I also think for the device is less flashy looking So if you’re bringing this to work and you don’t to stand out as like a gaming device This kind of fits the bill better but I think for most people if they’re looking for performance and they want a device that just has better thermals and will have a Longer lifespan because of the better thermals.

I will look at a g5 for g7 instead of the g3. Okay Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs be liked it subs if you loved it. See you guys next time


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