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Defiance – Gaming Laptop REVIEW (PC Specialist)

Defiance – Gaming Laptop REVIEW (PC Specialist)

hey guys today I’m going to be talking about my laptop the Defiant’s again I did a quick overview on this laptop when I first bought it and since then I’ve had loads of questions about different kind of things about the laptop because a lot of people are like do I get it you know you didn’t how to mention this or that in the video so this video is going to be a general answer to all of those questions and also an update to how the laptop is doing pretty much nine months down the line from when I bought it so I’ll be going over the fans specs and game and the general wear and tear of the Defiant’s I apologize for the strange background the radiator is not the loveliest thing to look at but let’s talk over happen laptop ok so a lot of people ask me what are the in-game stats of this laptop how does it play games you know what’s the heat of their GPU the CPU was the stress load so I’ve put Tomb Raider on here virus the Tomb Raider and these are the settings I have for the game mostly high or very high I’ve currently got the reflection quality and dynamic foliage sets of medium due to the fact that when you set those to high it can lower the framerate a bit but I’ll set these to high for now so you can see the kind of specs that the system is capable of so I’ll go through the menu here choose graphic quality and then we can see how it works in the game ok so here are the overlays I have it the framerate here is about 36 and currently in geothermal valley I don’t have vsync on if you switch off dynamic 30-inch well I’m not switched off but if you change those to medium the framerate does go up quite a bit which I’ll show you later on but as you can see here the stress limit is not that bad at all the dip in the framerate isn’t too bad either and look at there the water effects I mean geothermal valley is a great place the kind of stress test the machine because of all the water and the trees and there’s a lot of stuff going on in here so I’ll just go through my stats quickly just in case you did not watch the first video I’ve got 8 gigabytes of RAM and currently I’m only using 68% of that supply rice in Styria so the machine here is future proof I mean eventually you know eight gigabytes of RAM might have to be upgraded in the long run but currently 8 gigabytes of RAM it can play the new games now the GPU I’ve got the geforce gtx 980m right now it’s using about 90% of the graphics card it’s running at 72 degrees and is using out about half of the graphics memory which is again that means I’ve got room to breathe here I’ve still got a lot of memory that can be used in future games and let’s talk about the processor I’ve got a core i7 for 720 clocked at 2.

4 6 gigahertz now I’ve got all of the cause here on show so you can kind of see the stats now I find personally that the processor in this machine runs quite hot light as soon as you put a graphics intensive game on a light Tomb Raider the fans really kick in there’s a lot of heat coming out of the laptop you can see here that the processor is running at about 90 degrees which is quite warm now I’m just gonna turn these settings down so you can see how the framerate changes but I don’t think there’s too much of a graphical difference when you turn those settings off I think the game still looks pretty damn good I mean I’m really impressed how it looks but yet as you can see from the processor I’m only using about half percent like most of the calls are running at around 50 percent apart from CPU five it’s like I’ve run against 70 or 80 calm down but as you can see that the process does run quite warm there is a fan that is dedicated just to the processor which is on the side of the machine but it it likes to kick out a lot of heat and that’s probably the noisiest fan on the laptop the graphics card fan I never have any issues with it’s not loud it it just it works perfectly fine I mean the processor fan I know is working because that’s why it’s loud because it’s so cool this processor is running pretty hot right now but that is probably one of the only qualms I have with this machine is that the fan for the processor can be noisy sometimes but there’s kind of to be expected on a laptop when you’ve got so many amazing components crammed into such a small case so now I’m moving on to the Witcher 3 because even though the Witcher 3 isn’t like a brand-new game I do find that it’s still very graphically intense and it’s quite stressful on your components so I currently got vsync on at the moment on The Witcher 3 so you don’t take into account the framerate here because capped at 30 and I don’t have a new video hair works on I’m basically gonna start showing you the whitshire on the settings that usually PI it on and you can see how it goes and then I’m going to take the vsync off and put on the hair effects and see how it runs that so now I’m going to go over the frequently asked questions about the defiance why you guys can take a look at the witch stats now a lot of people ask is the battery removable now the battery is not easily removable like you can’t just like take it out and then put another one in if you’re on the go but it can be replaced but to do this you have to open the back panel on the laptop to swap it in and out so it’s not an easily removable battery but you can be replaced in time if you’re tech-savvy and you don’t mind opening up the back of your laptop PC specialists even offers you a second battery when you buy your laptop how long does the battery last if you’re doing the simple stuff well I think I was on my laptop for about two hours and I guess I wouldn’t call this simple stuff because I was rendering videos editing footage basically very stressful CPU intensive stuff and the laptop kind of lasted about three hours doing that so I imagine if you’re playing a game it’s probably around the same amount if you’re doing simple stuff I just watching YouTube going onward you’re looking at about eight to ten hours it’s is actually quite amazing because usually gaming laptops the battery gets worn down really quickly but if you’re doing simple stuff it’s gonna last a long time if it’s fully charged okay so that’s the battery questions so let’s talk about heat how hot does it get when you’re playing a game CPU and GPU well let’s take a look at the stats when playing The Witcher you’re looking at about 80 to 70 degrees for both the CPU and the GPU when playing game but whenever you touch the laptop you know it’s not like the components are running so hot that the keyboard is hot to touch the graphics card it never feels like it’s overheating the processor could sometimes feel like it’s overheating I think I play Dragon Age Inquisition for about eight hours and it got to the point where the Escape key was getting pretty warm because that’s where the processor was but eight hours of playing Dragon Age Inquisition on the highest settings that’s not too bad juice think is this laptop a decent laptop it is not a g-sync laptop it has got a normal screen however you can use dual display so currently I have a HDMI cable running from my laptop to a TV so I can go to monitors the screen how good is the screen well I’ve got the 15 inch screen as I felt like there was more options for the Defiance and the 15 inch screen I got the matte screen which means I have no glare so you can sit in the Sun and it’s great there’s no glare on the screen and as you can see the well you can’t really see cuz you’re using a different screen but as I can see this great quality is pretty amazing so let’s move on to the power brick now the power brick is it heavy well it’s quite big but I wouldn’t say it’s heavy I don’t notice it when I’m carrying around does it buzz how a brick does not buzz it’s quite silent does it get warm no it actually doesn’t get that hot I put my phone on it I put I put loads of stuff on actually which probably isn’t great use it as a little table but it doesn’t get that warm which is fantastic because most of the time I do have the laptop plugged in as I’m always doing really intensive things on it so let’s talk about the fans right now I have a video playing of how the fans sound like reader now as you can see they can sound very very loud especially this process about talking about and sometimes it gets so hot I have to prop became sir yes sir there’s enough air for going to a bottom of the page and where that is otherwise it can get very hot but I only really have to do this if I’m doing some sessions anyway so here I am playing Tomb Raider and you can hear how fans sounds when I’m playing this game on full settings and that pretty much answers the question of how loud are the bands when you’re playing again now I got another question which was do the fans randomly start living up when you’re not doing anything and honestly yes and they kind of do that sometimes we’re doing absolutely nothing maybe watching a youtube video is writing something down and the fans will randomly turn on specifically the first is a clown in the random experiment or is like it’s just like I need to cool down this process a lot right and this happens I don’t normally notice that because I watch stuff all the time you know I’m always listening to things that covers a salad up I guess it’s passing five points of issues with family noise no I mean I don’t know if you sit there in silence it could be a problem I also have a video here of how the fans sound when you do basic applications like watching YouTube now currently the funny sound quite loud when I’m doing this basic application because I literally just exited Tomb Raider and went straight to meet you and the processor is still trying to cool down from the Tomb Raider section but this also gives you kind of an overview of how the fans sound now there are three fans in the machine there’s one for the GPU one in the middle and one for the processor so there’s quite an even flow of air they’re coming in and out of the laptop only qualm is is that due process a fan can be noisy at times and sometimes likes to rev up I don’t know why but that’s the only issue and it’s only been more noticeable like in the last month or so and that could be because I need to dust my shoe which comes on to dust now the laptop can get really dusty because it’s matte black you’ve really really notice when does kind of accumulates so I would say you probably need to regularly clean your laptop plate every month or two months it depends how diligent you are with this kind of thing I haven’t actually cleaned mine at all I mean I’ve dusted the periphery of it but I’ve not like cleaning the inside or the fans or anything and it’s doing actually surprisingly okay but like most kind of electronics there are dust huggers and this laptop is not exempt from that it does collect dust so just be wary that you know if your fans are being loud or you could burn it so running hotter than usual it’s probably the dust issue more common questions do you have issues with not having a DVD Drive currently no I’ve not had an issue where I’m like I wish I had a DVD Drive right now thankfully a lot of games and software can be digitally downloaded now so having a DVD drive is not necessary I mean I have a portable one just in case – so far it’s not been an issue not having a DVD drive the trackpad is the trackpad good personally I always use a mouse I never use the trackpad for gaming because just know um but this trackpad is actually quite good it doesn’t stick he’s actually very very fluid sometimes a bit too fast for me to keep up with but it’s really good finally I think the most important question would be how is the laptop now down line so I’ve had a laptop for around what nine months I think we’ve got it in July or June I can’t remember now but it’s been a really really long time have I noticed any degradation in the laptop no I’ve noticed that the processor fan has got a bit loud recently but like I said that could be because but I do do a lot of processor intensive heavy work on this laptop a lot of games now processor intense and I do a lot of rendering video at it seeing a lot of stuff which the port processors like why why are you trying to kill me off but I actually haven’t noticed any kind of wear and tear with the laptop I mean sometimes you get laptops which are quite cheap so the screen hinges kind of go after a year or so and then you get quite a wobbly screen I have not had that issue with this case the screen is still really sturdy and learn and wobbly hinges the sound isn’t tinny it’s still doing well there’s no kind of crackling the screen there’s no tearing or pixels or anything that would suggest that you know something’s broken in there so I’d say after nine months down the line I am still super happy with this laptop and I will remind you that this laptop has basically been a replacement for my desktop PC and as a replacement for a desktop PC it has done everything I needed it to do I mean I’ve been waiting for the day where I buy a game and I have to turn the settings down but they can’t be on ultra-high and that hasn’t happened yet and it’s been nearly a year and I’ve not had that moment room like I can’t use Nvidia hair effects or I can’t play tomb raider an ultra high because I can and there’s no bad framerate and there’s no technical problems with the machine when I playing on these high settings so yeah you know I’m that’s down the line I’d say the only the only huge problem I have with this laptop is the fan noise and that is it and it’s specifically just the process of that everything else I am super super happy with okay so that’s pretty much all of the FAQ answered on D defiance I hope I got everyone’s question if there was something else that you wanted to know about the laptop which isn’t in this video please check out the first video that I did when I bought the laptop as that is more about the hardware what’s inside the laptop and the original benchmark that I did on it um yeah I hope you enjoyed this update I hope it was helpful if there is anything I missed it’s not in the first video all this video then let me know in the comments down below and if you bought a defiance what do you like most about the laptop and what do you dislike most about the laptop please share in the comments down below because anyone who might be wanting to get one this could really help them out the video I know it was a really longer in-depth one but I felt like it was necessary as always please don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it share it if you thought it was informative and if you haven’t already click that subscribe button and I’ll see you for more Let’s Plays game news and other random stuff that I like to do by changing my state for the family pain might stay clean migrate and away train


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