Home PC Reviews CyberpowerPC Black Gamer Ultra GUA250 – Unboxing | Setup

CyberpowerPC Black Gamer Ultra GUA250 – Unboxing | Setup

CyberpowerPC Black Gamer Ultra GUA250 – Unboxing | Setup

they tricked me I thought uh I thought it was gonna be here because he said that it was gonna come Monday Saturday so uh when you’re rid of this and there it is so go ahead on box on my shape um I’m pregnant put it here I don’t know yet um I’ll make space so I found out what to do so look at this going this will look like in the box this here this was too so I’m actually using you because I like my keys out these are membrane which if you see it’s flat as so I’m go ahead and use it I’m actually going from the stuff hold up well it’s not mechanical work no matter should lift this lights up and the cyber pop you see part lights up right here I don’t know if you’re showing it because you give us this is the this is the mouse slides up as well when you see these little bipartisan Hey so what no dang what now it actually feel way better than the one that I got now uh shot a fondo see it says weights is weights in it so I’m going to tell you and therefore those so this is something I don’t know okay so with this one I didn’t change anything buzzer the once everybody quad-core any gigs ram I think this is 7:30 and vad four seven three right there I mean as long as they kill run games I’m cool so this is each team okay I see now so yeah um I’m gonna continue use this until something happens if num fun logo USB so I got three USBs because this is taking up one and that’s basically it have everything a calling can we see it cable management compatible with 2.

55 data a solid-state drive rear blue LED silent fan hopefully it is power supply unit dust filter perform mesh design okay it’s gonna find some of that so I love probably little quiet just because people still sleep it is 2:18 break I see that geez I ain’t going do it so we turn to the front real quick and sit so set it up I need to work on the band cables on that movie maker no Sonny big is right I hit it but uh hope y’all enjoyed it listen uh I’m not doing that right now channel channel again fixes hearing named Phil um we hope you enjoyed this I actually like all this stuff like something beautiful love it we got Sylvanas world Warcraft right now so – yeah oh this is his video I’m really going to write here comment like yeah sure oh good Choki


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