Home Phone Reviews Cortex TV #1 – Vodafone/Alcatel 354 Mobile Phone Review

Cortex TV #1 – Vodafone/Alcatel 354 Mobile Phone Review

Cortex TV #1 – Vodafone/Alcatel 354 Mobile Phone Review

now the joys of recording your very first video you marry first or a few so we thought we’d pick something interesting the stock when we start off with a generic for this something that you can pick up from the Vodafone shop at the point and it’s probably the cheapest looking smartphone you can possibly buy they come saying that the princely sum of fifteen pounds yep fifteen pounds something that you know ten years ago would have been Costas bleeding edge technology but now it’s fifteen pounds the side of the phone yes it’s called the the type easy Vodafone three five four obviously it doesn’t know it’s so good it doesn’t have its own brand that’s a look at its features shall we it has two inch four color TFT display so that enjoyable mobile internet in AF gods with built-in Opera Mini instant messaging with the SMS MMS and email VGA camera FM radio an SD card slot so this just lets you make any reference whatsoever to the fact that it has a brand corner this is just water phone whether they actually make it themselves we don’t know but the main thing to point out about phones like this yes there are only 15 pounds but if you remember ten years but something like this would have set you back a couple of hundred pounds and now it’s 15 pounds and you know from what I can see on the box it doesn’t look that bad I think see how about to cover over the phone number there because the stupid woman in there decided she would write the fall over on there even I told her this was going to be for review purposes anyway let’s open up this piece girls security sales there’s the phone itself on the charger with what looks like proprietary connector oh no we know what the brand is it’s it is Alcatel yes that’s make because of those wonderful phones that we all know and she had flaws it’s good to know you know the phone is made by by the company hard to tell which I have heard of but they’re obviously generic graph phones it’s good to know that trusted bought for us to put their branding on the front of the phone not fine okay okay so it doesn’t feel as cheap and nasty as I was expecting it actually feels like a little phone screen look at the size of that screen tiniest of keyboards the phone itself doesn’t feel too bad the keys don’t feel too bad it’s got its own little look now were the way for it to focus Katelin why won’t you focus it won’t focus it on the very small smart affairs key which amuses me that the fact that they has its own it has a doctor cotton key on a smiley-faced key but you can’t see it because the floor nephew’s there we go can you say no no it doesn’t want to know where fuses okay let’s put the fish together the battery goes actually I look for a SIM card it will be jealous well one kind of give me a SIM card the music store applied to buy this in the shop I was almost not fight with the drunken guys who insisted that I pushed in and all I wanted to do is buy a really 15 pound phone it turns out he’s been stood there waiting for an hour I was getting increasingly more and more angry and it turned out when he actually finally got to the counter he did attempt on top of guard which he could have got from the machine next to the door true story anyway right I assume that same guard goes in there how it goes in one will not notice this thing flip up okay so the SIM card it doesn’t actually fit how do you go in here now that clearly doesn’t fit in there look that’s fantastic copy because it goes in here you know I’m good with these technical gadgets looks like that’s the for the SD card right there might even be a little actually came at the camera a 15-pound phone with a 15-pound camera it’s gonna look excellent no it’s what connectors do we get on this thing looks like that’s the proprietary power connector there is that actually a three and a half no headphone socket no believe it is alright I don’t miss those days when all you got was their proprietary addictions oh yeah it’s switches bad boy on nice I thought that was quick okay well it’s you know these days when you when you saw use two phones taking several years to boot up and this one actually managed to do it straightaway which is actually truly amazing let’s have a quick look at the screen big disaster focus farming makeup doesn’t stay on risk doesn’t stay on ridden it’s unlock a space key to unlock right okay okay so it’s a knife I just this lights up on a second that’s probably about the best we’re gonna get okay so you can see the screen fairly clearly that it’s about the best were probably gonna get you see it looks like a fairly generic screen with the timeout that doesn’t last very long probably it doesn’t have a sim card in there maybe often it doesn’t talk again I only did that with the sim into one place I’m just wholly amused by the fact that how long this foreign texture beautiful I’m so used to Android phones taking nine years to boot and this one does it straight away right what’s it doing package installing Tory start okay why are we doing hello restart bought bought bought bought bought bought bought bought yes thank you for that wonderful tone so it’s searching them it still thinks it’s the first of January 2018 valid okay looks like it’s working we’ve got battery power cellphone right first off okay so the look of the phone itself in the size well it’s tiny it’s got a proper keypad right which is something you just don’t see in this day and age anymore it’s close to the Vodafone shakhas Cola sec whatever that means in this damaged classic because it’s got the keyboards on it it actually says on the product description on the website that it sends messages and has a keyboard and that’s generally the limit of its features so I’m not expecting much the reason why I got this one was basically because of the fact that well it looks like a smart phone I mean if you compare it to life or size wise it’s a bit small so it misses the screen but let’s have a look at its features shall we I can’t imagine they’ll be a great deal apparently it has Facebook CC 8 that’s overlooking the here their menu okay let’s go a little menu on it so what I’m thinking I’ve gone to the internet which probably isn’t going to work camera okay so see if I’m gonna take a picture which I’ll tear the picture off me marvelous we shall delete that and now we’re going to a problem screen for you later and applications news weather services let’s have a look what’s in the news today yes you may incur their charges ok News BBC News a group of news you know what I don’t really want the news or the weather but services do we have more for and synchronization what is this really don’t want to care profiles my files calls messaging organizers to look at the organizer I’m gonna lock a little world clock any standard media oh it’s got a video camera music and I had a radio please plug in the headset first I wanna know they have an mp3 player and then we have no music oh let’s take a look okay let’s take some video let’s take some video of me taking the video don’t talk and see us we have known email we have known lettings okay appears to be it okay so I was under the impression that let’s think here with some sort of social networking functionality obviously that was a lie that is the functionality of the phone what you see there on the screen is all it does I shouldn’t really be surprised to be honest it’s unlike any applications nope there’s no social networking when the here whatsoever even though we play the advertised on the website as being so whose is Vodafone you lied to me you lied Chetty headphones at least it has the three and a half mil socket I’m so pleased about that never worn phones didn’t come with this and all you can plug in was these shitty headphones that’s an awful lot of instruction so on phone anything interesting just mostly warnings and don’t use about driving it’s all pretty box down stuff there you go – ten years ago what’s the question will be as does it actually function as a phone we don’t know that it’s try messaging message right we’re going to send this to you I said if due diligence ever yes I had to take a message and say this keep always keyboard works yeah mr.

blank space virus the backspace key the door key I can’t find the backspace key getting anybody see a backspace no they can hi I can see a space they have a turn I can’t even see ah right let’s start again that’s just like the most basic of won’t even remember shitty on the autocomplete keyboard keyboard okay so the autocompletes just lets type of different words yet the autocomplete just decides that the words even though the wrong are actually correct great and as predicted the keyboard is crazy it makes that horrible sucky noise look at that even think that’s correct oh it’s got a bit of light going on okay so what beginning when I use this I know exit okay so that’s pretty much the functionality of the phone it’s got enough foot screen capability it’s got a pretty basic kibo lines but it’s a 15-pound can you really complain I certainly couldn’t I mean it’s basic it looks okay it doesn’t feel all that cheap keyboards it’s there it actually has a keyboard ins in some cases actually miss fathers of keyboards so the fact that it actually has one is a good thing but what it ASCII function very well as our fallen in this today’s day in a 12 bothered about social networking at all accessing it tweets and you know browsers and your internet you know this is probably work okay as a phone I wasn’t necessarily ever did granny because it has quite a long time trying to figure out why there’s all these keys and trying to find out why the a of the be aren’t together at the same time but you know he should got a teenager wants his first phone and he’s not too fussed about you know what it adds this would be ideal so just a pony can’t argue with there’s a small addendum to just as I was packing up the box to tear the footage off the camera I realized one small thing I was going to take a photo on the video are taking off just to show you the quality avoid gets of it over has more than small tiny snag there is usb-cable don’t want now we do help a proprietary connector which is there which puts the power charger into it we have an SD card slot obviously we have no SD card in it but there is no USB cable how I supposed to get anything off it the answer is we don’t because the only way you would actually connect the data cable to it is find something that connects to that proprietary connector which is not in the box that okay so let’s look at it from the point of view of should it be destroyed yes No let’s look at it from the positive and the negative I mean obviously with the pros that you’ve got about it it’s cheap it’s it’s got some functions it’s got a nice headphone jack and the battery life on it is fantastic I mean it’s been on for three days constantly and so I still got two bars of battery on it so you know battery life’s great but let’s look at apart from the sense of the negative points it doesn’t really have any functionality there’s you know we discovered that there’s no USB cable no SD cards yes if we had files on it we could put an SD card into it take the SD card out plug the SD card into whatever is heat transfer and often tooth falls off that way but without a cable or an SD card you know you just can’t do it so what’s the point it’s got a tiny little click your keyboard with its little proprietary power connector thing when it’s just basic now if you judge it by its price you know it’s okay now what I would go thumbs up do you thumbs up over because this is the first episode we’re going to have to destroy it that’s just the way it is ok so we’re outside we’re going to think of some fun ways to destroy this thing for the doom the doom block this is where things will be destroyed say goodbye hmm it seems completely impervious to the doomhammer what is going on here this is very strange the doomhammer will not destroy it I think we need more extreme measures in mind since this is the first episode we need to do something quite a special for the first one so you know what I’m going to destroy it fall in somewhere I automatically think of using the stealth after 2000 it was basically made for destroy horns don’t worry this isn’t real since the airsoft version honest now that must be our safety glasses now I’m ready to go shoot some phones all right let’s have a look at the damage damage wonders it still works well would you believe it even with all that damage it still terms are under the keyboard lights off when the screen comes on that’s rather cool so in conclusion we didn’t do a great deal of damage to it the keyboards still intact got a few dents in the shell with a metal bit salver screed and absolutely wrecked and as we said before it still works which is amazing I mean we’re never gonna use it again we’re gonna put this in the the box of destroyed things you’re not gonna build a collection of these up the back survived alright the inside salad the SD card things stuck over here quite a hit that bend the whole buckled the whole back there but it’s still working and the screen still lights up and everything I think that’s quite amazing so well done for building an extremely tough and strong phone so for that I think it passes I think it’s more than two thumbs up for 15 pound for that survived an onslaught from an F 2030 G well done hotel he made a tough phone


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