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Contour Roam HD Video Camera Review at RevZilla.com

Contour Roam HD Video Camera Review at RevZilla.com

hey this is Anthony with RevZilla TV where you can watch decide and ride in this video we’re going to review the new contour roam HD camera now revzillatv we’ve done a full review of all of the new contour cameras we have the roam which is their most basic one there’s the GPS and then there’s also the plus which is the bad boy with the most functionality that sits at the top of into the spectrum but the thing that you need to know that even though this contour roam is the most basic it’s still going to shoot Full HD in 1080p so it’ll do 720p it’ll do 960 which they call tall HD and it will do Full 1080p HD resolution the nice part about the roam if you’re comparing it to the other ones and some of the other cameras on the market is that it’s going to be right around that 200 hour price point so it’s very reasonable the other thing you’re going to notice it’s very low-profile and I have in front of me everything that came in the box but the things I want to call out really quickly or it’s the only one in the contour family that has the tripod screw and mount here on the bottom that’s going to be that standard fitment so for those of you that are really technophiles that need that support this guy’s a great option so if we look at it it’s going to be this metallic casing it’s waterproof down to a meter but they do offer to my right here I have this a waterproof case which you can buy separately but what you’re going to be able to do is very quickly and easily shoot HD video on the bike I’m going to show you how to do that the camera and the camera is not going to come with an SD card it’s a micro SD card you know we have a few megabyte or gigabyte micro sd card in here now but that is one of the other notes the other two Big Brother’s of this guy the GPS as well as the plus are going to come up come with a 2 gigabyte card so this guy’s not going to come with a card but it does come with a built-in rechargeable battery and the the use of this is very simple so if I have it here you’re going to notice we have one big button on the back and then we have a slider on the top to record with this you’d mount it to your bike and all you literally do is slide that forward the red light comes on and you’re going to notice that we’re recording and we can see it in two places one on top and one on the bottom front here so you’re going to be able to see that I have that that viewable notation that I am recording and to turn it off all you’re going to do is slide it back and you’re going to hear it beep twice which means it turned off the beauty of that is there’s really no on/off button per se on this guy you’re either recording or you’re not and what you’re going to do to set up the settings of what recording mode and whatnot is you’re going to connect to your computer via USB and there’s a micro USB slot here in the back let’s spin this guy around show you so slide the back up and you’re going to notice that in the back here we’re going to have a micro USB slot you can see the slot where the micro SD card lives within and then there’s a reset button it’s very very simple very very basic operation on this guy now the other nice thing is when you’re setting it up on your bike and you get to how you connect your bike in a second there’s a single button on the back which is called status plus laser and that’s unique as well to the contour roam and when I click it you’re going to us here up on the top we see two green lights the first light is our battery indicator and that’s either going to show green red or yellow and depending on on the level of the battery or give you an idea how much time you have left and you can also see green here on the other one that is your memory indicator now we’ll also show green red yellow they just turned off they auto shut off after a few seconds but that gives you a quick and instant read on the life that’s left on both your battery as well as your memory card the other nice feature and it’s going to be tough to show on camera today but if I push it it also activates a laser in the front here and if you can see the red you should be able to see that laser on the front that red light that is actually a horizontal level laser that’s going to allow you to see where this guy’s pointed and you might ask well won’t you be able to only set this guy up in one configuration well you always know what side is up the beauty of it is the answer is no and if you look here closely as I come in you can notice the lens starts at 0 degrees and it rotates a full 270 degrees or actually 100 no it is 270 goes all the way down to the bottom and what you’re doing is you’re changing and there detents there too it stops at 90 it stops at 180 it stops at 270 and I’m back to zero so depending on the orientation you know if I side mount this on this bike and appropriately enough I have a sticky side mount here and what we would do is we would slide this guy in so I’m going to show you here if I come down so I show from the back should be able to slide this guy right in and there’s a detent there if I slide it in like that and I’m mounted to the side of my fare I’m going to be able to have it right at 0 degrees but aside from the side mount the more flexible mount that’s included with the contour Rome is going to be the swiveling top mount so what you would do and you’ll notice that I have the leash here what you do is you slide this guy back slide it down the rail here slide it back and then I’m also going to snap it together and now what I have is a locking swivel mount as you can see there’s there slight detents but when I’m ready I’m just going to push the locking mechanism as you can see it right there pushing it back and pushing it forward and that’s going to lock it into place so now if I was mounting this on top of my tank or on another flat surface on my bike I lock it into place and what I can do is I can then swivel the zero degree mark to be upright with whatever my orientation is and then if I want to check where I’m at I just turn on that laser hear the beep there’s my laser and now I’m shooting a flat laser that I’m going to be able to see and make sure I’m horizontal with the horizon so it’s really really easy really basic you know there’s a software that comes with the contour that’s quick and easily downloadable from the internet and that software allows you to not only transfer the files to your computer it’s also going to allow you to configure the camera notice my leash here as well and then some other mechanism you know I showed you the waterproof mount there’s also a suction cup mount which is a little bit more expensive is not included but this is my this is one of my favorite tools because again you’re not limited to a sticky you buy this mount and you have extreme flexibility a multi adjustable arm with Ram balls here that you would position at however you’d like onto your bike and it would interface with the rail system on the side of the camera and then there’s one last mounting option here for the contour for all the family of contours and that’s going to be the Flex trap mount and what that is allows you to really go to a handlebar system so you have a similar interface with the side of the camera it swivels it locks but then it’ll take a much larger bar or area of your bike to interface with besides just your 7 ace or your one inch handlebar you could mount to a crash bar you could mount to another area of protection on your bike where the frame as well also is going to come with a lens cap and remember the battery on this guys internally so out of the box you’re looking at a couple hundred bucks you need to buy a micro SD card or reference is to get a big card because you fill it up fast especially if you’re in a full 1080 mode and remember that you’re also going to need two charges guy using the espy USB connector to your computer so let us know what you think of the contour roam shoot us a line see us at revzilla.

com 18:7 nine to nine four five five like or dislike the product on our youtube page share it on facebook we want to know what you think and remember we review new product every week so follow us at RevZilla TV on our youtube channel as always it’s over it’s going to be over thirty nine box will ship for free will exchange for free if you don’t like it if you just don’t like it remember you have to send it back in brand new a resellable condition with all of the parts and will give you a hundred percent back your card without a restock fee you can also earn teamzilla cash to be applied to your next order be sure to check out our other videos of all the contour family of products at revzilla.

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