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Canon SX400 IS: Camera Review

Canon SX400 IS: Camera Review

whoa hi guys welcome to a little product introduction video do you want a pretty cool little item what you have in front of you is the canon sx40 this is a power shot really cool little camera put up I can one of their more affordable little super zoom cameras now basically what it feels like is actually like one of their smaller like little power shots they stuck this big barrel on and added this little area over here but it gives you such a greatest grip it’s very ergonomically feels really lightweight and hands there’s not much weight to it actually at all and the camera is actually really nice now this camera isn’t for everybody if you’re somebody who’s considers themselves a little bit more of a professional or wants to know like about changing your different is hose and what you know what should you shoot at what frame rate or what should your you know if that’s the case this cameras on for you this is basically designed for somebody who wants a little bit more out of their camera you know that their cell phone doesn’t have this has a 30x optical zoom this is a 16 megapixel camera it shoots 720p video it’s actually really nice but you know 720p the internal battery compartment here also houses the SD card now I had a little bit of a gripe with the battery not the power or anything like that but when you go to unlock the battery to pull it out cuz you have to take it out to charge it you also get a little charging block and then you get your little lens cover but to take the battery out usually they spring out a little bit more and this battery wasn’t popping out or it doesn’t pop out that much so what I actually have to do is tap it and then pull out the card and our the battery and then charge it now it takes about an hour to charge but you can actually buy other batteries and then have one charged all the time so if you have to do quick change out you know it’s a lot easier having an extra battery now you make sure you put it back in the right way and you go ahead and press it down and it will into place you can see I press the power button on the top from the cameras already ready to go before I am now the LCD screen is really nice in the back focusing is okay that’s not the best but it’s it’s okay it works what I use for sporting events probably not because it is a little bit slower so you know taking it to a baseball game and stuff you might not get the shot that you want landscapes or anything like that it’s outstanding now I did let my niece who’s this she’s in second grade and she actually loved the camera she actually did really well with it when I first seen her first photos though they were a little out of focus and what it was happening was that she would press the camera just to take the picture really quick and she just you know dude without I told her you have to sort of hold it a little bit to actually focus and then take the photo and once she started doing that it was it’s actually got some really nice shots the zoom lens works really well I don’t use the digital zoom you can if you want to but I found the photos to be a little grainy when I was using the digital zoom low-light capabilities it’s okay it’s not the best but it’s okay the benefits is it has a flash and just go ahead and pop it up use the flash in low-light situations and you’ll be good to go definitely the one Nate’s the the target it works really well like I said for having the limitations that it does have it comes in a great price and it’s well worth the money just around $100 price range give or take a little bit less or a little bit more it is a really nice little 16 megapixel camera and it does a great job with the photos be aware of the zoom the digital zoom like I said will get your photos a little bit grainy I don’t use it for video because I have a video camera that shoots a lot better video so I never use it for video actually but just the zoom lens capability is really nice like I said very lightweight very economical and very small and compact you can stick it in your pants pocket or you can stick it in your jacket or your carrying bag whatever you want you’re not going to feel the weight at all it’s really lightweight ease of use you know I give it probably 7:8 the auto mode actually makes it things a lot easier but I found it taking pictures of moving targets a little bit wasn’t the best I wasn’t focusing fast enough so you know you have that but all in all a really nice little camera so that is a look at the SX 400 any questions feel free to ask you guys have a good one be safe take care if you can like subscribe and comment on the video you guys have a good one I’ll talk to you soon you okay just a quick little audio just so you can hear what the audio sounds like on the camera and the video works pretty good 720p though


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