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Camera Review : Sony Xperia E3

Camera Review : Sony Xperia E3

Sony Xperia e3 features front VGA camera and it’s you know like a small really poor camera and this one on the back has five megapixels it has autofocus it has LED flash although it this smartphone doesn’t feature a side camera key you know that physical key on the side for camera stunning sometimes implements that physical key this time on e3 it’s not here application of the camera turns on when you click the icon and turns on after two seconds maybe three seconds but snapping is pretty fast it takes a second to store the photo and I love the interface of the camera icons are big it’s easy to use this interface you have a direct icon to switch from front to back camera the rear five megapixel camera in daylight you get somewhat usable photos there isn’t too much of noise but you don’t get sharp images also so photos are not something special I lack a better stabilization and some more brightness this is just for some basic usage in indoor or if you’re in a bit look or if you’re in a bit lower light conditions I was surprised you get same usable photos as outdoors in direct sunlight but far from photos being great in you know if you’re in a city with city lights photos are somewhat usable but you know colors are not right and this is pretty poor video can be recorded in Full HD 1080p but video really is terrible the picture literally vibrates you get a bunch of artifacts so this is just you know if you get attacked by someone and you have to record him so the police could find him easier this camera will probably do for that the front VGA camera in daylight you get photos that won’t be usable for anything maybe they should have put front VGA camera at all and in low-light you won’t even see yourself on the phone those video in the VGA resolution looks like some retro video from the 80s so in the end you know cameras on Xperia e3 are just for basic usage the rear 5 megapixel camera is somewhat usable as I said someone is chasing you so you want the police to to find him easier but these front images or video I wouldn’t use them for social networks thank you guys for watching


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