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Brinno Mac200 Motion Activated Security Camera Review

Brinno Mac200 Motion Activated Security Camera Review

hey everybody its Lyman and the folks from Brinn Oh lent us their Mack 200 security camera this is very similar to their time-lapse camera that we looked at a few weeks ago but it’s kind of tuned in for detecting things that happen in front of it and it’s got some decent low-light sensitivity but no night-vision so just be aware of that coming into it it runs on two D batteries and the battery life is so efficient on this that it’ll probably go for a couple of weeks before you need to swap the batteries out so it’s nice is that you can set this up and if you’re waiting for something to happen you can not have to really worry about going out and checking the batteries every morning because more than likely they’ll still be fine I’ve been using this off and on for the better part of a week now and I still haven’t really even scratched the surface so the battery indicator is still showing I think it’s still showing completely full at the moment you have a little motion detector here that will detect motion events when something walks in front of the camera and you can have it do different things depending on how you have it configured it comes with two mounting options it’s got a strap here for tying it around a tree or a post or something like that it also has a little mounting bracket that you can install somewhere and then it plugs into the tripod mount at the bottom you can also use a padlock to secure the electronics from being open so as you can see on the clamp here you can put a lock right in there of course you could probably force it open with if you really wanted to but it’ll make it easier at least four or harder for you know someone just looking for a quick swipe of the memory card to get at it so inside it’s weatherproof it’s got a nice gasket around the electronics here and this seals up really tight as well you can hear that really just snap in so I think it’ll survive pretty well out in weather it runs on an SD card what it does is it records to AVI video files and like the time-lapse camera we looked at before what it’ll do is you can set it to record at an interval so you can say capture a frame maybe every 5 or 10 seconds and continually write to that a file all night and what it’ll do is either do that exclusively or you can run it in a hybrid mode where it just does like a frame every 5 or 10 seconds and then if it detects some motion events it will continually take pictures until those motion events cease you could also just have it run at in motion mode only so that it will only turn itself on and record something if something crosses in front of the camera so you have a couple of different modes there I’m just going to briefly run through some of the features of the camera right now it’s set in hybrid mode and that means it’s going to take a picture every 10 seconds regardless of what this sees but will also take more if something happens now one of the things that I noticed with it is that you see where it says weight PIR basically it’s waiting on this sensor I guess to get heated up or calibrated or something and what I found is that you have to wait a really long time for that weight PIR to go away and you can’t really start the camera you know recording or getting ready to record until that message goes away so you kinda have to hang around and wait for that to happen then you have to go back and hit the OK button to begin the process of arming the camera for whatever it’s going to do so I’m just going to briefly step through a couple of the things that I found interesting within the menu system the first is the capture mode so you can set it to work in that hybrid mode where you can records a time-lapse video plus any motion events that occur you can also have a just do motion so it’ll only record of something trips off that sensor and then you can do a time lapse mode where it doesn’t use the sensor at all and just records all the time so we’ll switch it back into hybrid you can also set it so that if you know again the batteries on this lasts forever literally so the chances are you might over over fill up your card over time so what it can do is erase the old files on the card to make room for new ones and that’s helpful if you’re waiting for something to happen that didn’t happen you don’t have to keep going out and erasing the card it will basically erase the old files for you as time goes on you can also set it to do a timer so that it doesn’t do anything perhaps during the day when there’s people around so maybe you set it to start its recording function around 5:00 p.

m. when everybody leaves and then turns off at 8 a.m. when everyone comes back in so you can have some flexibility there to not waste battery or recording time there’s a playback rate here I recommend always running this in 30 frames per second because that’s what most video systems like to playback at at least YouTube for that matter likes to playback at that mode there’s also image quality settings if you’ve got a big card I got a 32 gig card in here I would just leave this at the best setting you can have it put a time stamp on there you can also disable the little LED light here that blinks when the motion detector is sensing something happening so let’s take a look at some in samples and I left this out in the yard overnight and as you can see when the sun went down and it got really dark out it saw nothing it was totally dark but as the Sun came up obviously it started seeing more the problem though is that the colors are completely off and I’m told that’s because they’ve tuned the camera to be very sensitive in low-light conditions where it has a little bit of ambient light to work with it’ll see something but it doesn’t have night visions so there’s no way for it to really see anything in complete darkness a lot of the other cameras I’ve looked at security cameras that I’ve looked at have those little infrared flashlights on them that nobody can see but at least it can illuminate for a night vision sensor and again this is not a night-vision camera what I did do though is I tested the darkest spot in my house during the day which is where my closet where my dog was resting and I closed all the doors up left a little bit of ambient light coming in as you can see it actually took a pretty decent image the closet to your my eyes looks a lot darker than the image sample that came out of here so I think if you’ve got like a porch light on or something in the area that you’re monitoring it’ll work pretty well I think where this camera can be useful is if you have a few areas that you might want to take a closer look at for an extended period of time you can kind of set it up out there leave it not really have to check on it all that often you have to run wires to get the camera hooked up and it’s really nice of the batteries on this last as long as it does I haven’t really seen even like those game cameras just don’t seem to last as long as this one does if it had night vision it would be an awesome security camera I hope that they make one in the future that does because without the night vision capability it’s it’s not going to be as useful especially for security environments but that is the Brinell mac 200 and this is LAN Simon you


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