Home Phone Reviews Blu studio 5.0C HD phone review

Blu studio 5.0C HD phone review

Blu studio 5.0C HD phone review

hello everyone this is mr. schedule like the little skill technology at gmail com now i’m here to review the blue studio 5.0 CHD again this is a nice phone I’d highly recommend it to anyone um who is looking for something to start out with I mean this is a good phone it’s big it’s nice you can take off the bag you can remove the battery add extra storage through microSD card it’s great I mean blue is also a company in America that creates really cheap phone so if you would like to look at another blue phone maybe if you would like another small one um you can visit their website to look at more phones but right now I’m just reviewing this colors on the screen are um okay to poor I really do not have any major complaints about this phone um I liked my calls I haven’t had any interruptions and it does not have any finger scanners or anything or water resistance no oh but this phone I believe did come with the case that’s nice I mean pretty much all blue phones do but yeah I mean overall this phone is nice and I really enjoyed my time with it anyways this is a little skittle technology @ gmail.

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