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BikingWithBeach Gaming, Walmart, and Splits lanes in New York!

BikingWithBeach Gaming, Walmart, and Splits lanes in New York!

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this guy right here back again also known as liking with beach doing a really really short motovlog today i swear to god guys I swear it will be under five minutes I will edit it until it is under five minutes we’re just gonna hit up actually I’m just coming out of Best Buy I’m trying to trying to find a 50 foot Ethernet cable so that I can have a cable in my in my bedroom we’ll go we’re actually gonna go to Walmart right now because Best Buy is way too expensive it was 35 bucks for a 50 foot cable I can go to Walmart and get a 50 foot cable for [ __ ] 10 bucks we’re gonna go do that we’ll walk in there with the helmet on and that and look at the looks on everybody’s faces it’ll be pretty funny and oh yeah if you’re wondering that’s what splitting lanes in New York looks like I do that [ __ ] here because I’ve been rear-ended before and also I just had a [ __ ] dude almost rear-end me so I don’t [ __ ] around with that [ __ ] if a cop wants to pull me over or say [ __ ] to me that I’ll explain them exactly why I’m doing it I’m not hurting anybody I’m not causing any damage to any property to any vehicles I just feel a lot safer doing it and you know if you’re a seasoned rider and you know you’re familiar with proper riding techniques it’s it’s good it’s good to split lanes people just don’t pay attention around here to bikers they’re [ __ ] oblivious but uh yeah I just want to get a quick quick vlog in and uh ask any of you guys if you game at all I know I’ve mentioned a couple times in the past that I have a pretty beastly gaming rig and you know I haven’t really had much but not much time to play I mean I guess I have some time to play but I just don’t have anybody to play with so it’s not as fun so if you’re on Steam feel free to add me my Steam account is sharp shooter oh three five two and that is spelled s8a or shor8bit now I don’t have I really have no problem purchasing is long it’s not [ __ ] a $60 game on Steam but I have a very very lot of teams I probably have over 60 games on my PC so you’ve got ARMA well man will play ARMA ARMA 3 until the death Daisy I’ve got Daisy I don’t mind playing that I’m playing h1z1 if you’ve got it what else what else strike you know I got you know I got all the [ __ ] I got all those games I’m not much of a Call of Duty guy I don’t have any Call of Duty games I feel like those are more geared towards console gamers personally but yeah I’d love love to get maybe a group together and just you know get a little game little get a little bit of gaming in I’m not I used to twitch I used to have a twitch or I do have a twitch and I used to stream but I just did it for a while and I didn’t really get that many viewers and I wasn’t really you know like a that much into it so here we are guys Walmart let’s go see how many weird looks I can get walking in there with my [ __ ] helmet on weirdos wow this is back to oh what the hell bunch of sales going on what the oh my god there’s so many people in there I’m probably yeah I need to get out of here quick I can’t deal with this many people excuse me excuse me sorry about that you have to know where I can find Ethernet cables would you okay I’ll be able to find them thank you 50 feet 30 bucks I didn’t really want to spend [ __ ] $30 on Ethernet cable though whatever I’ll take it back if I get yelled at yeah man I’m a moto vlogger I’m a youtuber give you one of my cards my YouTube channels on the top and stuff can check me out if you want nope you too man it’s a nice kid walking around with the camera around this town people just always stop you when you’re riding when you’re when you’re doing on it all that fun stuff I’ve never been in this Walmart when it was this packed and it’s a [ __ ] it’s Thursday in the middle of the day what the hell [ __ ] Food Stamp Warriors over here oh my full rack self check out there oh god oh god fast and furious okay okay we’re good see I don’t mind being in here when I oh my god I don’t the [ __ ] talk to people have a good day lots of special individuals in here not to be judging you know I sound like a judge ik dick I’m sorry alright well those is my Walmart I also want to let you guys know that my Instagram I have my Instagram up on YouTube now it’s right up here like right in the lower right hand corner of my profile not my profile picture but the [ __ ] whatever it’s called the banner I’m actually about to go help my grandma with her car it’s squeaking when the wheel turns so I’m only assuming that it’s either a the power steering pump itself or she’s out of power steering fluid but we’ll find out so yeah guys nice little short moto vlog we’re gonna try to keep this short from now on guys got any questions comments or concerns please leave them in the box below if you enjoyed the video please hit the thumbs up if you enjoy following along with me and wanna go along on some more rides hit the subscribe button down below and once again the instagrams up here so yeah these kids are like what is this guy pointing at what is he doing alright guys this was another biking with Beach production grease


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