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Big Buck Hunter Pro – Xbox on Windows Phone Review

Big Buck Hunter Pro – Xbox on Windows Phone Review

hi this is Paul civetta of Windows Phone central here with the video review of big buck hunter pro for windows phone 7 it’s an xbox live game from merge interactive and Microsoft Studios big buck hunter pro is a port of the action well it’s a translation of a popular arcade game although this version is a port of the iphone version okay basically you have a choice between either doing one track or three tracks these are like extended length levels you can play them in a single player or local multiplayer in which you take turns and pass the phone around so i doubt too many people will engage in multiplayer there are two separate adventures available in each one you’re hunting a specific animal either whitetail deer or elk the rest will presumably be added as DLC in the future probably for money okay so one truck has three different locations to pick from if you’re to do if you were to do the three trek one you would have to play through all three locations in a row okay so that’s your objective shoot only the male animals this is an arcade-style hunting game being an arcade port so you don’t have to worry about movement or anything like that you just have to shoot the right animal okay I got a male 1 the graphics are pretty good not really impressive but certainly adequate the frame rate is sometimes really bad though depending on the mini-game you have to put in your initials every time you play which gets a little old I kind of wish it would just save it I guess that’s based around the multiplayer aspect so you’re rewarded for accuracy and whatever animals you hit that contributes to your score screens like this in the arcade and even iphone version would have a lady standing next to the the information but unfortunately Microsoft has removed all of the women from the game which is really was part of the original games charm so alright and if you shoot a female then you automatically fail the level you still get credit for whatever you shot before that but not anything afterward so after you complete all five levels within a single track you would end up playing a bonus game but thankfully you can also play the bonus games all on their own there are six different ones to choose from so we’ll look at duck hunt real quick this is kind of like the NES game all do you really don’t have a lot of time to shoot the ducks since they come out from almost the middle of the screen this is one of the funnier bonus games you’re actually shooting cow pies as they’re called very silly ichi minute on this one is really easy to get which is appreciated and here’s stuff on my least favorite minigame the controls and hit detection are just not up to snuff on this one and the framerate also gets really bad to it um I’ve seen the wii version in action and it’s far easier on the way so I wish the windows from Port had gotten this one right big buck hunter pro is a fun little hunting game I mean you can just think of it as a shooting gallery really you don’t have to actually be interested in hunting to enjoy it the only things holding it back are the poor hit detection and a bad frame rate basically making aiming and actually hitting animals more of a chore than it needs to be if not for that this would I’d almost call this must buy read the full review at WP central com


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