Home Camera Reviews Better Than Logitech c920? Vitade 960a Camera Review!

Better Than Logitech c920? Vitade 960a Camera Review!

Better Than Logitech c920? Vitade 960a Camera Review!

When starting out with your streaming adventures or career on twitch YouTube mixer or Facebook gaming everybody goes with though Logitech c920 but what if I told you there was something bigger and better and more importantly cheaper out there well allow me to introduce you to the Vitade 960a web camera that’s aiming right for the Logitech c920 let’s go! Hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you and I bring you the best tips and tricks and even product reviews to help you with your streaming adventures if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve your stream make sure you hit that big red subscribe button and tick that bell so you know and my videos go live for you and hey at any point in this video if you like the product that I’m talking about did you all a favor I put links in the show notes below so make sure you check them out so the Vitade 960a or maybe Vitade 960a I’m not really sure how it’s said is a web camera that comes in just shy of 50 bucks which means it’s in direct competition with the Logitech c920 which is everybody’s go-to starter camera but how does this stack up against it and will this dethrone the Logitech c920 well let’s take a look the the Vitade 960a web camera is a 1080p at 30 frames per second camera has an AR coated optical lens for clearer in brighter image quality wide viewing angle without any added distortion has a rotating camera head great for picking up additional angles when you stream has a close focal length of 7 centimeters to infinity which means it can keep focus at extreme close distances and an on-board camera ring light and there you go it’s a basic web camera to get you started on your streaming adventures but how does it look not you never asked and here you go this is the image quality you get right out of the box for the 960a web camera now it’s shooting at 1080 at 30 frames per second and the first thing that you probably noticed is how bright and how white the image naturally is and that’s because the color space and color science of this camera naturally add more white and actually bring up the entire levels across the brightness for this camera now there’s one thing this camera really excels at is working with in low-light situations like I stated before the fact that it naturally adds white and boosts up the levels of the actual brightness in the camera means it’s got to work for a lot of people that are limited to maybe just one light or have no lights that are just getting started which is something it does better than the Logitech c920 and speaking of Logitech c920 how about we do a nice little compare and contrast so that way you can see the different color spaces and here you go I’m on the c920 from Logitech and again I’m going to make no adjustments to the camera these are the straight out of the box settings that you get so that way you compare the c920 to the Vitade 960a and that way you can judge on what you think would be the best color profile and science for you to me I think the Logitech wins by just a hair but you can always make adjustments within the properties and add certain filters or sharpness or saturations or whatever your heart desires when making your judgement so what are my final thoughts on the 960a camera well to be honest I was a little bit blown away by the capabilities that it actually had now to me I think the Logitech c920 actually looks a tad bit better only because I think the colors are a little bit more true or realistic but if you like the added white or boosted levels or a little bit on the cooler tone I would say this camera would be awesome for you especially since it goes for under 50 USD and if it goes on sale even way below that at any point it’s a must-have I would say definitely get this over the Logitech c920 you will be impressed by it now there’s one thing that this camera really excels at low-light situations so if you stream from a console by the way it works on Xbox or you stream in any low-light situation where you got only one light natural light or using whatever lamps are in your room this camera actually works extremely well due to the fact that it adds that extra boost of white and bumps up the levels of overall brightness within the scene so keep that in mind when choosing your camera now you probably notice I didn’t talk anything about the ring light on this nor the microphones on it and that’s because they suck there’s no no added value to the microphone and to be honest no web camera does as well so I don’t hold that against it and the ring light is literally just for show it doesn’t add any added illumination at all the only thing that may help out is if you’re in the particular niche of doing like small painting of miniatures or detail work this may add some added value due to the fact that it can work within such a close range on the focal plane and it may add a little bit of a fill light if you need it but to be honest it’s just for show to let you know that the cameras on alright so I’m curious to know what did you think about the 960a camera do you think it looks better than the Logitech c920 or did you think the Logitech actually wins let me know in the comments below if you still struggle on what to pick for your beginning camera if you’re getting into twitch streaming or mixer streaming you know I’ve done a video on an awesome camera that I think you should take a look at I’m gonna put it up here it’s the AVermedia cam 313 maybe a good suggested camera for you to start with if you’re not interested in the logitech c920 or 960a once again my name is wild and I will see you all in my next stream support video coming out real soon take care all and PEACE!


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