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Best TVs of 2018 (37 TVs tested) – RTINGS.com

Best TVs of 2018 (37 TVs tested) – RTINGS.com

Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com. We’ve now bought and tested 37 of the most popular TVs this year, so here are the best ones that you should buy. Note that these are simplified recommendations, so you can find all our test results on our website or in the description there are links to our detailed video reviews.

We’ll start with the budget models and work our way up. Each step up brings better picture quality and more advanced features as we’ll describe later. Of the budget brands, we’ve tested TVs from TCL, Vizio and Hisense.

The best budget TV is the TCL 6 Series. It has some advanced features like local dimming to improve the dark scene performance, and also supports a wide color gamut to make HDR content pop. It has the excellent Roku smart platform and has low input lag so is a great choice for gamers.

If you’re looking to save some money or are interested in a wider range of sizes, then the TCL 4 Series is a good choice. It isn’t as good as the 6 series, especially for HDR content as it lacks local dimming and can’t produce bright or vivid highlights.

It is still a good basic TV though and has low input lag for gamers. Note that budget models tend to have the most variation between regions, so while these TCL TVs are a great pick for those in the US or Canada, the same models can’t be found elsewhere.

In this case the Samsung NU7100 is a good choice with widespread availability. It offers similar performance to the TCL 4 series but has Samsung’s smart hub platform. The step up to mid-range models brings better picture quality and a more polished experience, especially for HDR content.

Note that many people do consider some of these models to be high-end, however we’re making this distinction based on price. The Vizio P Quantum is the best mid-range TV we’ve tested with excellent performance across the board.

It has great picture quality in both SDR and HDR and can get the whole screen very bright to counteract glare in a bright room. It also has excellent motion handling, but the image degrades when viewed at an angle.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find, as it often goes out of stock and isn’t sold at some retailers. For a more widely available model which is also available in more sizes, go with the Sony X900F.

It offers great picture quality and excellent motion handling due to the fast response time. If you do plan to do a lot of gaming, then the Samsung NU8000 is our top mid-range recommendation. It doesn’t have as good picture quality as the Vizio or Sony but has some neat gaming features.

It supports FreeSync variable refresh rate from an AMD graphics card or a new Xbox for smooth gameplay. It can also interpolate low frame rate games with very little input lag, which is great. If you only care about the best performance, then the LG B8 is our top pick.

It is an OLED TV with excellent picture quality as it can produce perfectly deep blacks. It also remains accurate when viewed at an angle, which makes it great for those with wide seating. The LG C8 also offers the same picture quality with a different design and a slightly faster interface, so most people are better off with the cheaper model.

OLED TVs aren’t perfect though, as long periods of static content may result in permanent burn-in so if this is something you’ll worry about then an LCD TV is a better choice. The best high-end LCD TV we’ve tested is the Samsung Q9FN.

It can’t produce perfectly deep blacks like the B8, but still had great picture quality with effective local dimming. It has the same neat gaming features as the NU8000, which is great. The image does degrade when viewed at an angle, but there is no risk of burn-in.

The Samsung Q8FN is another great choice if you’d prefer to save some money as it offers almost the same performance. There were many TVs we tested that have great performance, but don’t quite make our picks.

The Sony A9F OLED is a great TV, but it offers almost the same performance as the LG B8 OLED but at a much higher price. The LG SK9500 is great for wide seating as the image remains accurate when viewed at an angle, but it isn’t as good as the Sony X900F because blacks appear gray in a dark room despite the local dimming feature.

The Sony Z9F is a very good LCD TV with interesting picture quality. It performs somewhere between IPS type TVs like the LG SK9500 and VA TVs like the Samsung Q9FN, but this also means it isn’t as good as these other picks for those with dark rooms or wide seating.

The Samsung Q6FN is a great gaming TV, but it offers almost the same performance as the NU8000 but at a higher price. To summarize, if you’re on a strict budget then get the TCL 6 Series. For a mid-range TV the Vizio P quantum is the best choice, but can be hard to find.

If you can’t find the Vizio or would like a different size then the Sony X900F is the best choice. If budget isn’t a concern then go with the LG B8 OLED. So that’s it! If you want to decide for yourself then see our test results on our website.

You can also check out our video reviews which are linked in the description. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel, or become a contributor. Thank you for watching and see you next time.


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