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BEST TRAVEL CAMERA Under $1000 | Sony RX100V Minimalist Camera Review & Tips

BEST TRAVEL CAMERA Under $1000 | Sony RX100V Minimalist Camera Review & Tips

Finally the big day is here. You’re about to go on an epic trip that’s somewhere awesome, and you need a camera to capture all the experiences. Problem is your budget’s not huge and neither is your backpack.

Don’t worry. We’re the Vagabrothers, and we’re here to help. One of the most common questions we get is what camera we recommend for travelers, whether you’re just snapping some photos from mom and dad or starting your first travel vlogs.

We shoot our videos with a wide variety of cameras, from drones to action cams and pretty much all of the Sony Alpha series. But if there was one camera one of our cameras that we would recommend to you that does it all, it would be the Sony RX100V.

No matter where we go, we never leave home without the Sony RX100V. It’s an essential piece of our kit because it does it all, super versatile if it’s in any bag, and it doesn’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Sony to bring you this video.

Glad that camera wasn’t any bigger. You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is the best travel vlogging camera under a thousand bucks. These days if you’re tight on cash, you can do a lot with a smartphone or an action camera.

However, there are certain looks and functions that you’re just not going to be able to capture. so if you’re serious about your photography or your filmmaking, you need a real camera. On the other hand top-quality cameras, like the Sony Alpha series, which we use quite a lot are larger; they’re more technical; they’re heavier, and they’re definitely not under that $1000 price point especially when you start investing in lenses, which is what makes the RX100 V such a great deal.

It packs a lot of punch of these larger cameras into a small, easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera body that fits in your pocket. It’s pretty crazy that this tiny body holds a one-inch sensor that shoots full 4K.

1080 is the standard, but if you want a future-proof your memories and create content that’s going to last into the future, you need to be shooting in 4K. If you want to take your videos one step further and get that cinematic look, shoot in S log to gamma, which is Sony’s raw video format It gives you a lot more wiggle room and creative expression in post-production, especially with color grading.

Most of the other cameras that are competitors for this don’t shoot in 4K, and they don’t have a raw video format. We shoot all our videos on the Sony Alpha series and the RX100V, and the footage blends together seamlessly.

That’s why when it comes to the balance between quality and size the RX 100V is pound-for-pound on the best cameras on the market. The main benefit of such a small camera is that it is compact, fits in your pocket, and you can take it anywhere.

For filmmakers and photographers, capturing the essence of travel is all about documenting those spontaneous moments, which you can’t capture if you don’t have a camera on you. Larger cameras can be burdensome when traveling and filming, but this guy is small enough to take with us at all times in all situations: when we don’t feel like carrying a camera bag, late night at bars, or in a crowded festival when a larger more conspicuous camera could get stolen.

That’s why no matter where we’re going, we know we can capture anything we encounter without compromising quality. Another great feature is the excellent slow motion or HFR high frame rate ,which can capture footage in up to 1000 frames per second or 960 if you want to be exact.

This feature is one of the secret weapons in our filmmaking arsenal. When there’s a lot going on around you, it helps slow everything down. It’s great for food shots, popping a bottle of champagne, pouring a beer into a glass or smashing that egg Yolk that dribbles down all over that plate.

It has three different HFR modes 250 frames per second, 500 frames per second, or a thousand frames per second so the real question is, how slow can you go? It’s so slow that it captures things we don’t even notice until editing like the time we were using it in the middle of a medieval battle reenactment in York, England ,and dudes were getting it impaled all around us.

Nothing conveys the agony of a medieval battle wound like 1000 frames per second. However, there are some limitations with the slow-mo. It only shoots in Five-second burst and takes another 5 to 10 seconds to process it after you’re done recording.

It doesn’t always work with every single light temperature. That being said, it’s never failed us yet and remains an essential piece of our toolkit. You know when it’s game time? When you flip it. The RX100V has a flip screen which tilts 180 degrees so you can check that you’re in focus before you start vlogging and you can also take a look behind you and frame your shot.

Let’s talk about background real quick and framing. So many people who start off vlogging are oblivious to the framing of their shot and what’s happening in the background. Trust me. People would much rather see a street than a trash can or a bathroom.

So use the flip out screen make sure you’re in focus and check what’s going on behind you. Let’s be real. Even the most experienced filmmakers using the best equipment can struggle to get everything in focus all the time, especially while traveling.

That’s not an issue with the RX100V because it’s got super fast auto focus with 315 points of focus. In layman’s terms that means it gets your subject super sharp and keeps it sharp even as you move around.

It’s super important for travel if you’re trying to vlog in the back of a rickshaw and everything’s bouncing around. If you want to use the shot it needs to be in focus and the RX100V keeps you in focus every time.

You know when a picture is really blurry in the background but it’s sharp and crisp in the foreground? That is called depth of field, and there’s a reason why filmmakers use it. It helps draw attention to where you want the viewer to look.

Usually when you’re vlogging, you want people to pay attention to you not the the kook in the background doing dabs. DAB on Alex. You see what I mean? DAB? No DAB! The RX100V has a great lens too, a Zeiss 24 to 70 millimeter equivalent with an f-stop of 1.

8 which gives you that cinematic depth of field and helps blur out potential photo bombers. Zeiss makes some of the best lenses on the market, and the lens on the RX100V is amazing for macro shots, meaning that you can get very close to your subject, whether it’s a flower, incredibly cute puppy, or an awesome meal.

In fact we use the RX100 a lot when filming food even when we have our larger more cinematic lenses because those big lenses won’t allow us to get close enough to film the food properly. The RX100V does.

Whenever we film in bars, nightclubs or festivals that go into the evening, we never leave this camera at home. If the Sony A7SII is the king of the night, then the RX 100V would be the crown prince. It does great in low-light, which is really important.

If you want one camera that does it all. Whether it’s noon or midnight, outside or inside, the RX 100V can capture quite a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t film in total darkness But with an ISO that goes up to 12800, it does a pretty good job.

Plus, you can just turn on the light from your cell phone, flip it like this, and you’re golden. Of course, you can’t travel without taking some pictures, and the Sony RX100V five is great for that ..

It shoots 20.1 megapixel photos on a one inch sensor. That means it’s great for Instagram. But you can also blow the photos up into full-size prints when you get back home. Not to mention, it’s super easy to transfer your photos from the camera to your phone without a computer.

Just download the Sony PlayMemories app, and you can wirelessly pass the photos to your phone and post them straight to Instagram. Super simple. The only notable downside is the internal audio which records through two tiny microphones located at the top of the camera.

These are kind of susceptible to wind interference. The good news is that this can easily be fixed with a DIY dead cat. I’m not talking about going home and killing your cat… Talking about a wind muff.

Just super glue or velcro one near your microphone, and you’re going to be good to go. Another simple upgrade is the Joby mini tripod. It screws into the bottom of your camera and it basically unfolds into a little tripod.

It also breaks back down, And there you go…Ready to vlog. It folds up flat and snug against the camera, and it’s perfect for those walk up to camera and vlog shots. Last but not least, you can make the camera waterproof using Sony’s custom built underwater housing.

So when you think about all the features mentioned, 4K, ultra slow-mo, high-speed autofocus, and great low-light performance, and you take them underwater, the RX100V is pretty lethal. So whether you’re surfing, scuba diving, or cliff jumping, the RX 100V has got you covered.

All right Vagabuddies, thank you for watching. Big thanks to Sony for partnering with us to bring you this video. If you want any more information about the camera, click the link in the description box.

if you guys liked the video, you know do: give it a big thumbs up, share with your travel buddies and subscribe to Vagabrothers. And turn on notifications, if you have not already. And in the meantime remember, stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road somewhere new.



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