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BEST Phone Ring! WizGear Phone Ring Review

BEST Phone Ring! WizGear Phone Ring Review

welcome back today’s reviews and today we’re gonna be moving the finger holder from waste gear this is a nice iPhone ring with two magic solutions up or again your phone it doesn’t matter what device you use it on but again instructions and stuff on the back but I was going to be covering all that in my review so let’s get into the review so the more interesting packaging all the instructions are included inside the packaging however I kind of ripped them up so I’m not gonna show them to you guys because you don’t want to see you ripped up paper anyways extracting the two mounting solutions for the packaging and tossing the packaging aside we have our three items now I’m actually gonna talk to this to back my soap swim vault case this is bit of a book your case I could use that extra big there and I still haven’t assaulted my phone I’ll actually have my phone of my own right now cuz I do post audio and there’s just some 3m tape you just remove it and you stick it on the back to your phone so pretty pretty simple and the easiest way to show you guys what it does is just by showing you so again and as 360 rotation and 180 degree rotation the other way as well so the best way to figure out where you’re going to put it it’s actually put on your middle finger put the ring on your middle finger then grab your phone or your case like you would normally do find what’s comfortable and then you’re good to go so then you just place it back down and then you lift your finger out and you kind of see where the mounts is and mine’s kind of a line with a little cut out there with the ring so all times going to do is remove the 3m tape and this is a circle and it’s really 360 degrees it doesn’t matter if it’s like a little off-center so I’m just going to align it as well as I can in the center of and where I put my finger so it was comfortable and there it is so that I’m just going to apply some pressure to the sides so that it sticks on nice and well and there we get the product is pretty much installed and all I’m gonna do here is grab my iPhone 6 and I’m just going to install the iPhone into the case so here’s the phone and it installs perfectly just perfectly normal than it would be without the ring there so take a look look at the ring here’s your closer look at your 360-degree rotation and it can fit you can twist it fit in your hand however you would like it to excuse me again fit it any way you like to do it again theater 6 degree and 180 degree rotations it’s all made of a nice smooth the material nice smooth the metal and overall it’s very very durable and if you are going to be uninstalling this product do not pull it off the ring also damage it and it works as a tripod stand it can go sideways horizontally and it can go vertically with just a simple twist of the mount and it will stand flat thanks to the flat base of the ring so taking also look at the mounting solutions I actually rented a little shake test there before I look in the mouth so it’s just it’s very very stable so here’s closer look at the amount of solutions it’s got the one niche for the actual ring to sit in it’s got some rubber rubber ID materials on the other side so same dealio you stick 3m tape to wherever you want to I’m not sure where I want to tape it yet you can do it in your car bedside anything like that we’re just going to slit all you need to do do da chura is slip the ring in and it is good to go you can do so do your 360 rotation and 180 degree rotations and it again has that rubberized material on the other side and it could be easily slipped in and out and those are really awesome that they are included with the awesome package anyways that pretty much concludes the review if you do like this product make sure to check out the links to risk gear and Amazon down below to purchase this product for yourself if you did enjoy the video make sure just like the video if you did enjoy the show that you want to see that you like the content and that you want to see more uh you know you can subscribe if you want to if you wanna stay updated all my content and see some of my past content you can and that pretty much wraps it up I’ll see in the next video thanks so much guys for watching peace


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