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Bben Ultra Slim 14 inch Laptop Review

Bben Ultra Slim 14 inch Laptop Review

Hello this is a very quick look at the Bben ultra slim 14 inch laptop, this is a low cost laptop but it is really well designed it’s very slim, I’m very impressed with the overall design. When you open this up you get a 14 inch screen and the full keyboard here are some specs, so you’ve gots the 1920 by 1080 screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB hard drive, Intel graphics, Windows 10 Home.

On first use I had a slight issue with the Windows 10 Home license but I contacted their product support and they soon resolved it for me. Heading back to the specs on the right-hand side you’ve got a headphone jack, USB 3, an SD card slot.

On the left hand side you’ve got another USB 3, HDMI out and a USB type-c very handy and give you a bit of future proofing. On the bottom if you’re not happy with the hard drive size you can upgrade that that’s an expansion of slot for an M.

2 2242 SSD, supports up to 512GB hard drive. Once I was up from running I found this laptop to be pretty good this is primarily aimed I guess at people who want a casual laptop for a bit of web surfing, typing up, bit of casual blogging maybe for university I think this would be absolutely perfect.

It’s very lightweight, decent battery life very easy to type on with the full keyboard and then slightly under that you’ve got the trackpad and you can do a bit of casual gaming so this is Meatboy and I have Steam installed, everything works perfectly getting this set, up no issues at all, but it’s not going to be for those who wants to play high-end games it’s just not powerful enough.

I did give it a try on Warframe and have to say I was impressed it actually gave it a go you can see this is just part of the CGI introduction, it’s a little bit jerky and gameplay is very similar. It is playable.

..sort of…and I guess you might get better performance if you tweak the display settings, turn down some of the graphic options, but I’m very impressed actually that for the low price that this runs this kind of game at all I was expecting it to just stop completely and just be very juddery.

For those on the move: I found battery life to be pretty good it’s no better or worse than other laptops I’ve tried and the slimline design means it slips into laptop bags very easily you’ll need something that can cope with a 14-inch laptop but because it’s so slim it really doesn’t take up that much room.

I’ve been using this to type up several reviews and do have a little bit of work out and about and the keyboard has been absolutely fine you don’t get a numerical keypad on the right-hand side but that’s to be expected with this being a laptop.

I found the trackpad to be fine of course if you don’t like using the trackpad you can always plug in a mouse into one of the USB ports. The laptop also has a webcam built in which is what I’m recording this on now just to give you a general feel for the quality.

I expect the microphone quality and sound quality probably won’t be great on a low-end laptop but it would perfectly fine if you’re doing a bit of Skyping with friends or family. I think this is a great looking laptop for the price and all you’d have to pay a lot more I’ve seen plenty laptops that cost more that this and are pretty ugly.

It’s got just the right amount of power for those looking for something basic just to do a bit of typing on but it can also play basic games I was pretty impressed that it did run or at least try and run some high-end games that weren’t amazingly playable but fair play for this price I was very impressed that they actually run at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about this laptop I’ll put a link in the description below if you haven’t already please consider hitting the subscribe button thanks for watching I’ll see you next time.


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