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at&t samsung evergreen cell phone review

at&t samsung evergreen  cell phone review

what’s up guys this is a review on the Samsung evergreen phone from AT&T just keep in mind well I’m unboxing this and giving the review on it this is not my first time opening it I’ve had it for since the beginning of the summer and now it is November 11 2011 um so right now I’m filming with my minnow HD flip camera so let’s get to the unboxing I have opened it and I have used it I wanted to make sure I use it before I give you guys a good review on it so keep in mind I’m not really a tech dude so I don’t know everything about this I don’t know super in detail but I will do my best I will get better with time and maybe if I get more into tech and I get more tech stuff I’ll make a new tech channel and you guys can go review that and stuff okay so okay so first let’s start off at the box when you look at it it’s kind of a it’s just like a recycled box I think Samsung evergreen there’s the picture of it on the side it says 70% of Senet of this handset casing is made of post-consumer recycled materials that says mobile email my camera doesn’t pick up movin email text and instant messaging social networking 2.

0 megapixel camera it just says random stuff and packaging content content sorry I can’t talk contents recycling envelope phone standard lithium battery wall charger USB cable user manual Quick Start Guide please don’t text and drive now if you’re wondering why I was having so much trouble reading that is because I was reading off the camera or trying to so now let’s enter the box itself when you open it up it says thank you for purchasing purchasing the Samsung evergreen please use the enclosed recycle bag to send in your old phone and we use we will be sure to sure it is properly recycled we care about being eco friendly and appreciate your help and protecting the environment that’s at the top and it says mobile email texting social networking 2.

1 megapixel camera and then ever paid here’s the phone oh this is my phone it does not come with the screen saver or the screen protector on it but here it is nice buttons pretty big screen I like that this thing for the AT&T and the samsung part change colors and the light like it so you can see has green around this button I don’t know if you guys can see that yeah there you go and this is made out of 70 percent recycled material so that’s good eco-friendly actually let’s turn it on you turn it to the back it comes with this plastic thing it said I tried to keep it on as long as I can for you guys but when you take it off it’s this black finish with these little dots and it says Samsung and then world world for planet first and then there’s the camera with the microphone right there so this is just as this is not the background I have this phone for a little while here it is and then it has a eco and the word it has an eco thing on it so over to your side right here to the right side you have the charger port right here down below that you have the camera button and the multi task button here’s the here’s the multi task but that was the camera pretty good camera in certain nights it doesn’t do too well like it gets all fuzzy and stuff and I don’t really like that here’s the multi task button pulls up like call messaging social networking music games and some other one and to your left you have the memory card slot and the volume so hope you guys like that this video I know it wasn’t too in-depth and it wasn’t the best but you know I’m not that I’m not good at tech right now I’m trying to get better trying to get more into it I’m gonna put some you can get this home on lockers swagbucks and some other websites like points to shop I will give you referral or I’ll give you the link down in the description please help me out with those please just not sign up under the referral link I’m not gonna lie to you I need some new stuff like I know that sounds really selfish but like my laptop my HP laptop has a bug so I can’t even turn that on my other computer in my homework room we don’t remember the password – so I’m computer this kind of right now I have to use my dad’s I don’t really like that because it’s just kind of weird so help me out with that if you guys like this video and like like this video subscribe if you want you’d help me out a lot and if you like this video then if you press the like button then it’ll help me make more videos or more of these videos and especially if you go sign up under those links then I will have more videos and the more videos I’ll get I will the better I’ll get at making these videos and the more in-depth and better I’ll get alright like the more interesting they all get oh one thing I forgot to mention about this phone is it’s not very thick its I would say about a half an inch maybe half an inch thick maybe less I don’t know exactly that’s just off the top of my head so yeah I’ll give you the links to two websites where you can get this one and other cool things I will if you sign up under those I’ll be able to make more and cooler videos about these phones iPods video cameras computers stereos iPod cases iPod acessories and other cool tech stuff but and I’ll make a different channel just for tech oh sorry there again so yeah comment rate subscribe sign up under the links and help me out and I’ll help you up


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