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Asus X551MA Laptop — Review

Asus X551MA Laptop — Review

hey there YouTube welcome back to the channel I want to go over this real quick a laptop I haven’t reviewed any laptop so I hope this one is all right this is the asus x5 51 ma the x5 series from asus is pretty darn popular it’s been around for a very very long time this is the latest installment this laptop came out in April I think of 2015 and it does a pretty darn good job so I want to go over this real quick because I’m not using this anymore this is kind of a guinea-pig machine because I’ve got a desktop for most of my production stuff but this used to run my production software for the YouTube channel anyway it’s kind of hard to see just because of the color this kind of has a textured sort of front kind of looks like a piece of sandpaper and it works out pretty nice unfortunately it does collect a lot of dust another things like that my cat likes to sleep on this this is kind of her computer rather than mine it’s an all plastic build it is pretty darn thin for a full-size laptop it’s just over and it’s just under an inch in depth at its thickest point towards the middle here all plastic build pretty darn nice the specs are not out of this world but it’s really really good for the 250 dollar price tag computers are definitely getting a lot cheaper chromeboxes Chromebooks Chrome’s really been driving Google and Chrome has really been driving down the price of all the laptops so a lot of these windows manufacturers are coming together to put out some inexpensive laptops and it’s all driving down the price is only 250 bucks you can get it for as low as 225 but it’s it’s not gaming grade you’re not going to be you know hardcore gaming graphics you can’t run like Adobe Premiere or other things like that on it but it’s okay real quick I’m going to go around the laptop and then we’ll talk about kind of what’s inside this is the right side of the laptop where you’ll normally your CD Drive there is no CD Drive here that is pretty darn old technology I rarely rarely use one you can put one in here but this is just a blank cover for it you’ve got the Kensington lock if you somehow need to lock it on the back there is nothing Dell are really the only idiots that put things on the back of laptops foolishly on the left side is normally where everything happens you’ve got your power and I’m not going to dig out the power adapter if you’ve seen an Asus power adapter they are all exactly the same you’ve got a little exhaust vent here on the side to let all that air out you’ve got a Gigabit Ethernet port VGA which I’m confused why they still put that on there but apparently a lot of people still use that HDMI USB 2.

0 USB 3.0 and a headphone microphone combo jack now you can’t use headphone and microphone at the same time unless you have a splitter so let’s say you want to do some really light lightweight gaming on this and you can like indie games you’ll have to get a headphone microphone little splitter and then you’ll be able to use that and then on the front here there’s nothing except right down here at the bottom you’ve got your SD card reader and that reads a couple different variants of SD cards so real quick the specs it’s got a 15-inch screen which is okay it’s not great it’s okay it’s glossy so you can obviously see me in the reflection which is fine it is not a 1080p 4k it’s keep in mind this $250 so the resolution is 1366 by 768 so it’s technically a 720p screens ever so slightly better than that the keyboard is really nice love the layout of the keyboard you still have the full number pad over here which is great I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it it’s kind of hard to get in there but down here is kind of like the sand paper graded grooved pattern that’s in here that which is the same on the front of the case and then this up here kind of has the brushed metal look to it it’s kind of hard to see but it’s got a brushed metal look into the plastic there which is pretty pretty nice the trackpad on here is horrendous it doesn’t have actual buttons down here everything is kind of like the Mack where you can just touch anywhere and you can click anywhere but if it does have left and right click so you can right click over here and left click over here this is not this is just like painted on it’s not even actual like division it’s all one button so the unfortunate part is when you try to click on something this also counts as a trackpad down here this is not an actual like button because the whole thing is a trackpad and the whole thing is a button problem with that is when you go to like right click something it thinks that you’ve moved so you’ll have to spend you have to be either really really precise or try to get it like three times in a row to actually click without moving your mouse accidentally my cat stepped on it a couple of times even though I did get this in April I’ve torn this apart way too many times to upgrade it obviously that’s why I have these stickers over here yours will only come with the Energy Star and the intel sticker I just made some upgrades to this quick and easy upgrades which we’ll talk about in a second but the trackpad actually doesn’t work for me anymore because my kit has stepped on it way too many times which is why I use a little logitech wireless keyboard our wireless mouse which is way better anyway and most people will use that anyway unless you’re really on the go and you need that added portability you can’t somehow carry a wireless mouse with you so that’s about it for this typing experience is great everything from here down is not so great screens good don’t have a problem with the screen it does have a built-in webcam at the top if I can maneuver this over here built-in webcam and microphone up there it’s nothing too impressive I think it’s like five megapixel but it’s ok if you want to do some Skype or you know YouTube or something like that you definitely can use it for that but it’s not fantastic keep in mind 250 bucks I think I got mine for actually less than that it’s 250 right now I think when I pre-order this it was like 220 or something like that so that’s it for that I won’t turn it on just because it’s preloaded with Windows 8.

1 which we’ll get into in a second I have Windows 10 running on it because this is kind of a guinea-pig machine right now and your experience will be different I’m only going over the laptop as a product not getting into the software because they’ll all be slightly different so in terms of specs which we’ll talk about in a second we’ll start with the battery you notice the battery you cannot take out you can’t remove it there’s no clips there’s no nothing it is built into the device which is okay I think a lot of batteries get damaged because they have the ability to be taken out but if you really really use this laptop for you know five or six years you’ll definitely have to replace this battery it can be done but it’s not as easy as you know flipping a couple tabs and then pull on the battery out so on the inside it has Intel’s new 2015 mobile processor and it is the bay trail processor it’s wonderful dual core which is not fantastic but at hyper threads so it becomes four cores and the clock speed of it is two point one seven gigahertz stock but it can overclock itself depending on the demand up to five 2.

5 gigahertz you’ve got a little exhaust vent here it has four gig of ram which is okay most people don’t normally need more than four gig of ram especially in a laptop like this you’re not going to be doing any heavy gaming and you cannot upgrade the RAM in this you can’t open this up the rant and find a ram slot and then upgrade the RAM in here this Ram is soldered into the motherboard unless you can D solder something and solder in new so-dimm chips good luck so four gigs of ram which is fine this is not a gaming laptop at by any stretch of the imagination do not buy this cheap laptop thing l this is the best thing ever I’m going to conquer the internet with it and play all these ultra-high res video games that ultimate settings and play Adobe you know to use Adobe suite on this now it’s not going to happen this is the very generic user average consumer you know don’t go spending $2,000 on your kid for some MacBook Pro when all he’s going to use it for is a Facebook machine so if you want a Facebook machine if you’re on the internet checking emails doing some basic word processing some light programs even like gaming indie games other things like that you want for like you know retro console you’ve got some emulators on that good idea don’t go buying you know the brand new grand theft auto 5 for PC and expecting to run this on you know 60 frames at Ultra settings not going to happen until HD 4000 graphics that are in this and it’s there okay what else can I tell you about this no optical drive like I had mentioned before that’s just a blank plate you can take this part and I’ve done it way too many times and you can put a CD drive in here if you want blu-ray drive CD drive whatever the connector is in here you can do that I have a second hard drive in here you have to get a little adapter and there’s two hard drives in here the first one is right here you’ve got these two little nubs to help protect it in case of a fall and this little cutout right here at the bottom is for for that let’s see what else it’s easy to take apart pretty darn easy but keep in mind the screws are all different it’s kind of weird the two screws up here are the same size the screws in on the four corners are the same size but there’s about ten screws that you have to take off on the back and then the whole back whole back doesn’t actually come off you have to take the keyboard off and once you take the keyboard off then everything is underneath it and you can upgrade it I put a kingston SSD in it there’s a 120 gig SSD in here so everything is nice and fast speaking of which with Windows 8.

1 that comes pre-loaded on this the hard drive in here is a 500 gig hard drive which is good but it’s only a 5400 rpm drive that is the slowest hard drive that they make and unfortunately with Windows 8.

1 after a couple months of use you’ll find that things get slow there are programs in there on Windows 8.1 that really bogged down this hard drive and SSD is a definite upgrade that I would recommend very easy to do take the all the screws on the back off this is one big piece this kind of pops up if you kind of pry the corner there and you’ll be able to you know see everything get into everything add another I put the 500 gig hard drive over here with a little adapter for additional storage but I have a 120 gig ssv boot drive that’s right here in the corner and it’s very very easy to do maybe I’ll do a video of that if you guys are interested so there are definite upgrades that you can do with this an SSD is something that I recommend because some of the new operating systems like Windows 8.

1 in Windows 10 on an older hard drive even a 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive you’ll definitely experience some performance issues with the built-in software that it comes with don’t get me wrong Microsoft software is pretty darn good but it is also you know becoming taxing on some pcs Oh what else um it weighs 5 pounds it’s pretty darn portable I’ve never had a problem with it if you do take the back off you can replace the battery and there are bigger batteries I get about 8 hours of hard use on this I’ve gotten between 8 and 12 hours depending on your load charge is pretty darn quickly lightweight screens very good the trackpad is really my biggest complaint and the hard drive the 500 gig hard drives kind unacceptable but if you go the route that I did where you’ve got the SSD and the additional drive it came with under here for storage you’ll be in pretty darn good shape so you can definitely get this laptop to be pretty darn quick for for not too much money so that’s kind of my review on this $250 laptop easy easy to upgrade it and turn it into a four or five hundred dollar laptop this is just kind of my guinea pig machine nowadays I don’t use it for too much more I’ve got the big desktop below me that I use for my video production and I have a whole bunch of other computers that you may have seen in my battle station room for different tasks so that’s basically the review on this if I missed anything leave a comment in the comment section below like the video if you liked it dislike it if you dislike it and stay tuned we’ve got a lot more videos coming up in the next few weeks I think actually today’s Friday and on Sunday I’m actually going skydiving so hopefully we’ll have the skydiving video up early next week if you’re on for that so this has been a quick review on the Asus x5 v one mA I will link it in the section below so if you are interested you can go out and purchase your own alright guys we will see in the next one thanks


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