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Asus R510DP Laptop Review

Asus R510DP Laptop Review

I guess they have another review this one is on my laptop the Asus are 510 DP it costs $700 at Fry’s Electronics and yeah let’s get to it it has a lot of great features one of them includes it has a no glare screen as you can see there’s no glare on it at all I really like that because whenever there’s glare it really messes up when I’m playing games and other than that it also has 8 gigabytes memory 750 gigabytes of storage Windows 8 and it is 15.

6 inch screen so it’s a decent size it’s really light I like that and I’m able to run out a lot of a few games on it so far Ivan did that many I’ll show you on here I am running Garry’s Mod on it and as you can see there’s no lag whatsoever my little look a little choppy when I’m recording right now but well right here there’s no lag and yeah I think it’s a really good computer a decent one for gaming at least like a start off and yeah that’s it like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye


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