Home Laptop Reviews ASUS NAMBAWAN | Cong TV’s Asus GL702VM 17.3 FHD Gaming Laptop Review

ASUS NAMBAWAN | Cong TV’s Asus GL702VM 17.3 FHD Gaming Laptop Review

ASUS NAMBAWAN | Cong TV’s Asus GL702VM 17.3 FHD Gaming Laptop Review

I wonder. Why is Asus supposedly NAMBA WAN? I’d really wanna get in depth with Cong’s laptop and get to the bottom of this. If only, I could just have it for a couple of hours to check it out for myself.

♫Phone rings♫ ♫Door knocking♫ I think that’s him knocking on the door. But first let’s roll out the intro! ♫♫ROLL INTRO♫♫ ♫Door Knocking♫ Cong: Hey! Barry: Hey! You were pretty quick! Cong: Yup! Haha! Cong: This is where you live? Haha! Barry: Let’s go! Come in! Come in! Come in! For those watching Think Tank TV PH for the first time, I’m Barry your anonymous yet awesome host for today.

Anyway, I wanna dive into Cong’s laptop review with this notion in mind: why is Asus Republic of Gamers brewing up a storm in the Philippine PC and Laptop Gaming Market today? Well aside from the fact that it’s street cred is popularized by big names like Cong TV, their hardware’s aesthetics appeal to the gaming community is matched with power punching components that isn’t hurting a typical Pinoy Gamer’s pockets.

A perfect example is this laptop that Cong Velasquez brought us, which is the Asus GL702VM. It is equipped with the following specs. The main CPU is an Intel Quad Core 7th Gen i7 7700HQ mobile processor clocking at 2.

6GHz with 6GB of cache and can be turboosted up to 3.5GHz. It comes with 2 forms of storage a 128GB SSD to initiate your games from and a TB hard drive for normal storage. The memory at stock form is at 16GB DDR4 2133 megahertz which Cong can expand up to 32GB later on.

I have a feeling he will to get more chicken dinners on queue during his long PUBG sessions. Speaking of PUBG, the game plays smoothly on high settings with the video card in this bad boy which is a NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 VRam.

Asus didn’t short change Cong either with that monitor real estate. The screen spans 17.3 inches diagonally. It boasts Full HD display capabilities with 1920 x 1080 energy efficient LED backlighting and has G-Sync technology for smooth game play.

And when Cong decides to get an Occulus Rift headset, the laptop is VR Ready. It doesn’t just stop there. The GL702VM’s I/O has an RJ45 connection, a single HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm headphone/microphone combo jack, 1 USB Type C port and a Thunderbolt 3 port used to hook up to a ROG XT Station 2 for a secondary GPU like a Titan XP on its left side.

While on the right, you got 2 more USB 3.0 ports and SD card reader. I wish my Macbook had these ports built in still. What impresses me the most about this laptop are actually because of 3 main things.

Firstly, despite its size and its chassis being built with black anodized aluminum, it only weighs 6.02 lbs and measures 1 inch thin. It’s ridiculously light for what it has inside. Lets focus inside for my second reason why I like this laptop.

That brushed aluminum finish is definitely striking. The Strix and ROG logos are carefully positioned to not be of annoyance yet still make a statement. I love the WASD keys in bright orange too. It’s a perfect complimentary contrast to the rest of the keyboard.

Speaking of which, the membrane keys aren’t bad at all for being what it is. Lastly, what I love about this laptop is the price. With all those components, I would think this would cost more than what it is selling for now.

It really is worth it. It is really is for a Pinoy Budget Meal. This is why I truly believe why Asus as a brand is so appealing to the Philippine Gaming Market. They truly know how to appease the masses with power punching yet affordable components.

So If I were you guys and if you really are pressing on that Asus is truly “NAMBA WAN,” visit your closest ROG store near you! Cong: Pssst. Cong: Hey… Cong: Will that still take long? I’m going to be late for my flight.

You talk too much! Barry: Boss, have patience. Barry: Haha! Luckily, you didn’t “Nosebleed” this time around. Barry: Anyway, let’s go! But before we leave, I’ll finish up my outro ok? Cong: Ok, ok, ok! Just hurry up! I’m going to be late for my flight.

Look, what time it is? Cong: Oh, I don’t have watch, haha! Just hurry up there! I’m going to be late! We hope you enjoyed our run through on Cong’s Asus GL702VM so much that it’s making you itch to go smash that like button.

But if you didn’t, well hey go hit that dislike button so we can see how much more room we have to improve. But we’d prefer that you don’t because we’d wanna get you to subscribe, click on the notification settings, write a comment below too and tell us what gaming gear did you want us to review next.

Big thanks to Cong of Cong TV spending the day with us. If you haven’t seen our collabo video at his channel, I don’t know where youve been Anyways, until then, this is Barry and Cong, signing off for Think Tank TV PH where we enjoy taking Tech from all over the world and fitting it in a Pinoy Budget Meal.

If you think it, we’ll make it! Cong: And of course, a shout out for Think Tank for allowing me to upload and for the review of my laptop. Cong: Thank you for watching, my friends. Cong: Until then, Chicken Feet out! Cong: PAAwer! Cong: Peace! Cong: Hah! Cong: Squak! What up Nosebleed Crew! You thought I’d forget about your shout outs? Much love for the undying support! The first 20 are.

.. ♫♫Music By Meluran – I Need You♫♫ ♫Static♫


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