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Asus G550JK Gaming Laptop Review!

Asus G550JK Gaming Laptop Review!

what’s up guys gents Garcia here and this is the Asus g550 JK gaming laptop it’s one of the latest laptops from the company this year that is running the nvidia 800 series graphics last year we looked at two of their laptops so let’s go ahead and find out whether this gaming laptop is worth getting or not as always I love to start talking about the design and you can tell straight away how beautiful and attractive this laptop is and you know Asus is really well known for bringing some high quality finish on app tops the combination of black finish and red accents really makes you think straightaway that this is a gaming laptop now these days gaming laptops are starting to become slimmer due to smaller chips and the g550 JK is actually one of them although it’s not as slim as the razor blade for example it weighs in at 2.

3 kilograms which is not that bad actually and it will fit most backpacks now aren’t about you but there’s something really cool about this rogue logo at the front of the laptop especially when it lights up now let me know in the comments below whether you liked it as well on the left hand side you’ll find the power and speaker jacks Ethernet port HDMI port mini DisplayPort and two USB 3.

0 ports and a combination of headphone and microphone jack on the other side you’ll find the casing to unlock blu-ray drive another USB 3.0 port and an SD card slot now the speakers are located on the bottom and above the display you’ll find a front facing camera hiding inside this beautiful machine is a fourth generation Core i7 processor clocked at 2.

4 gigahertz and NVIDIA GTX 850 and which is probably the key feature of this laptop there’s a 16 gigabytes of RAM as well as well as 256 gigabytes of SSD which has been partitioned and that way you’ll have 95 gigabytes of space for your system and 121 gigabytes for your games and media files the storage is definitely going to be an issue for sure and I think they went a little too cheap if not they went to chip with the storage and they should have at least double the storage as you don’t want to spend more dollars after spending your money on this machine so with the specs aside how does the laptop perform in real life well before I started playing some games on this machine I’ve done some other benchmarking first and the programs have used worse in the bench nova bench 3dmark fire strike and crystal disk mark and then based on the OpenGL test it scored 81 frames per second 1091 for a nova bench 2866 on fire strike 500 for megabytes per second and 400 3.

7 megabytes per second on the sequential read and write speeds for gaming I’ve played four games and during those testings I’ve ran different configurations and the first one would be Far Cry on ultra it’s scored 26 frames per second battlefield for 24 second an ultra crysis 3 scored 17 which actually went down to 11 in some parts of the gameplay so it was a bit of a letdown and of course on BioShock Infinite it scored 28 frames per second on Ultra now the new graphics card is definitely a really good performer the graphics looked great and the games had some really good amount of vibrancy and the default produces are really impressive Crysis 3 on Ultra wasn’t very playable it stutters and the frames was just really bad that it’s just not playable at all so if you’re going to be playing that then I’d recommend playing it on a high settings or perhaps a medium so but ultra and really and comparing it to last year’s edition the GTX 850 m is a much better performer overall I didn’t have any hearing issues at all even I was running some benchmarking programs and they seem to have some multiple fans inside running from what I can hear they’re not too loud but you can certainly hear in quite environment I was also feeling the vibration but that thing will affect the experience and overall I think the fans were very effective another cool feature of the laptop are the red LED keys and while it may not be a big of a deal it adds that extra look on the laptop as well I also find the keys large enough for me and I didn’t have any trouble using it when gaming it is a slightly the same filling as MacBooks a chiclet keyboard so you don’t need a lot of pressure when pressing the keys now my only criticism is that they could have done a better job with the keyboard by adding a program that will let you change the color of LEDs and I’m sure that’s not too much to ask the touchpad on the other hand is pretty decent overall it’s large but lacking of supported gestures although in regards to touch response it’s one of the most responsive touch pads I’ve ever used I’ve always been a fan of the display on some of the laptops from Asus and this machine is definitely one of them it’s very comparable to the G 750 which is the one we reviewed last year and the I mean in terms of colors and brightness and that really helps when you know you’re viewing your media files and playing some intense graphical games and as expected the matte coating also does an excellent job reducing the glare which means there’s no issue on using it in bright situation it would have been better however if this gorgeous IPS panel had 2k resolution but sadly that’s not the case you can also get this machine with 720p display but I’d recommend getting the 1080p model so I’ve already mentioned the gaming and benchmark performance what about the battery life unfortunately the battery life is disappointing just like any other gaming laptops I’ve tried I was able to get 53 minutes of game time and five hours of standard use with power saver set to balance I was really hoping that it would have a great battery life but sadly it didn’t it’s tough to say whether this really belongs to the rug series after using the G 750 late last year I mean think about it the price is just way too much it’s 2,200 Australian dollars and I think that’s way too much for what it offers I mean those are Australian pricing so but if you live in the US this is going to be definitely cheaper for you guys but I mean considering you can also get BG 750 with GTX 870 and bigger RAM support for a very close price I just really can’t tell you whether to buy this or not unless you want the metal body of this machine and of course the portability the g550 JK will also run most games for sure but as a standalone gaming machine not really so there you have it folks that’s the Asus g550 JK gaming laptop take off for watching and if you found this video helpful then why not support the channel by liking this video or perhaps subscribe to our channel for more reviews you can also follow us on Facebook Twitter Google+ and Instagram all the links will be in the description box below as always i’m jens Grecia from dock for geeks and i’ll see you all in the next one


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