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ASUS Dual Screen Laptop Review in Nepali | Creator’s DREAM!!!

ASUS Dual Screen Laptop Review in Nepali | Creator’s DREAM!!!

We think of a laptop as a single screen portable pc alternative but wait this is a dual-screen laptop This is asus zenbook pro duo and this has a fully usable second screen not like mac’s touchbar its a fully-functional second screen i was a little skeptic when I first heard of it Of course it was gonna be useful for multitasking but i was not so sure about the practicality about the second screen So, im gonna clear up all the things in this video And we are gonna find out how useful the second screen really is First thing first The second screen is called screenpad plus and asus has done a good job interms of software integration There are dedicated softwares on the screenpad plus like handwriting, number key, and quick key Plus there are shortcuts to switch the content of main screen to second screen and vice versa and there’s a dedicated key for this purpose as well There’s a feature called task group for window arrangement on the screenpad plus where you can arrange the apps and save the layout for direct and quick access no need for re-arrangement of the windows a clever feature Asus has done good job of integrating the second screen As a writer and a content creator Basically, i can have research windows on second screen Generally, multiple tabs are open but the second screen reduces the need to jump through multiple tabs Plus, i don’t need to use split the main screen to use multiple windows i can just place the main content on main window and the research contents on the second screen Similarly, programmers can have the main terminal on the main screen and research contents on the second screen I think its perfect for this use case but something to note the viewing angle of the second screen is not that good usually, you need to stare at it straight down else its perfect for this use case Next use case, i think it’s good for gamers as well Foremost, it’s powerful it has rtx 2060 graphics card and intel’s i9 9980HK processor so its pretty powerful what gamers can do is have the game on the main screen and then have the apps like discord on the second screen you can even have spotify and especially for streamers, you can use streaming apps i was using xsplit and interestingly it detected the second screen and automatically adjusted itself to it If you’re streaming on youtube you can monitor youtube chat on the second screen it makes it easier to monitor your stream but the problem is its cool and all for streaming but the game minimizes when you interact on the second screen so that’s a problem, it’s not perfect The next use case is the video editing the general idea is to have the preview screen and controls of adobe premiere pro on the main screen and the timeline on the second screen so that I can have more workspace I set up my workspace accordingly and used it for a while and it is quite practical It gets interesting as you can use the touch screen to control timeline but you have to shift your focus from top to bottom and vice versa generally, we are used to editing on a single screen but we have to shift focus on this laptop But still, it’s usable but there’s one problem well its more of a glitch When you preview on the full screen using the tilde key there are some glitches, so this use case is usable but its not perfect after using this for 3-4 days, i think, this second screen is mostly useful for secondary contents only important but not that important so content creators, writers, editors, video editor it’s useful for them but there’s a learning curve you need to learn to arrange the windows and sync your workflow else it’s not worthwhile, moving on this second screen is on top of the hottest area of the laptop CPU and GPU are right below it thus Asus uses ergo lift mechanism to cool this laptop this creates a gap between laptop and the surface in contact plus, it pulls in air from the sides to cool itself Cooling is adequate on this laptop there were no major problems due to temperature there were no problems like CPU throttle while rendering on adobe premiere pro, But intensive games like red redemption 2 did cause the CPU to throttle after playing for a while well i didn’t try many games since its not a gaming laptop i played dota 2 and red dead redemption 2 on this thing Games do not run smoothly on 4k settings since its an rtx 2060, 4k gaming is not smooth i was getting around 45-50 fps in 4k settings on dota 2 with the drop to 40-45 when there were many elements on scren its smooth sailing on 1080p settings i used benchmark on the red dead redemption 2 On full HD and high settings, the average fps was around 46 talking about gaming and throttling even on max load the fan noise is not that loud Asus could have increased its fan speed it would have been better for gaming but its, not a gaming laptop so it’s alright Talking about size its a 15-inch laptop But it’s not thin.

Due to the dual-screen and heavy specifications, this device is thick Top panel’s design is generic and simple it’s a fingerprint magnet though Build quality is solid and it’s very premium but the device is on the heavier side the laptop alone weighs 2.

5 kgs, and it weighs 3.3 kgs along with the power brick The main screen is really good Its a 4k oled panel whereas the second screen is a 4k ips panel The main screen has glossy finish thus contents look very impressive and the brightness is also really good The second screen has a matte finish matte finish is used to cut reflections thus this panel is not that bright asus includes a stylus for the second screen its okay for occasional writing but not that good for high-level drawing So, because of the second screen, the keyboard has been shifted downwards and it almost comes down to the edge of the laptop It will feel unusual and difficult for first time thats why asus include a wrist rest so that you can just do this after this, it gets normal like the other laptops and it gets easier and comfortable the key travel of this keyboard is shallow at 1.

4 mm if you are used to longer key travel it might feel unusual but it won’t take time to get used to it it will get comfortable easily Now the other thing, where it’s touchpad? well it has been shifted to the right its a dual purpose touchpad as it works as a number pad as well the touchpad has a good response i felt comfortable plus it uses Microsoft precision driver so that’s good as well using the number pad is easy enough you just press the toggle button and start using it you can use the touchpad and number pad simultaneously and it’s unique in that sense its usable but you could accidentally press numbers even when just using the touchpad so its not perfect moving on, the speakers are located on the bottom, not exactly bottom its on this side talking about quality, the speakers are good the depth is good and the bass is good as well but i felt it could have been louder while listening to songs but it’s fine talking about port selection, there are a full-size HDMI and USB A port on one side and there’s USB A, headphone jack, and USB type c and it supports thunderbolt 3 but sadly, someone like me, we use sd card but we do not have sd card port on this thing so that’s disappointing In Nepal, we get this laptop with 1tb ssd and 32GB RAM and the RAM is slotted on meaning, we cannot upgrade the RAM And the other thing, it uses intel wifi 6 series card thus it has a better and faster connection than the previous generation Now, last but not the least, it’s battery is not that impressive its using two 4k oled panels this is also one of the reasons for bad battery backup while using both the screen watching contents and browsing the internet, this combined usage let’s say moderate usage i was getting around 3 and a half to 4 hours so its not that impressive but you have to compromise on something because of the dual-screen and it happens to be the battery So at the end, asus zenbook pro duo dual-screen laptop, it’s an interesting tech cannot help but feel the need to get this laptop just when you look at it So what i suggest it if you’re someone who needs dual screens from developers to content creators dual screen is very important for such If you can view your secondary contents important but not so important contents on the second screen, its good laptop for multitasking But something to note the secondary screen’s viewing angle is not that great so keep that it mind before you buy it and the other thing is that since its a dual-screen laptop all the apps may not work as it should like I’ve mentioned earlier, games get minimized there’s a glitch while using full-screen preview on premiere pro so there could be these kinds of problems plus there’s a learning curve to this laptop You have to learn to arrange and adjust windows on the second screen but if you can manage your workflow it’s worth it So that it for this video like if you like it, plus subscribe to our channel TechLekh then press the bell icon for notification as well That’s it for now, bye bye


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