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Asus A555 / X555 / K555 Budget Laptop Review! – [Core i5 / GT 930M / 8 GB]

Asus A555 / X555 /  K555 Budget Laptop Review! – [Core i5 / GT 930M / 8 GB]

what’s going on guys gives moded here and this is my review of the Asus a triple Phi L F notebook the a triple Phi series from Asus has a range of budget oriented laptops starting from 30000 rupees – all the way up to 50000 the K triple Phi X triple Phi and a triple Phi are pretty much the same laptops from Asus and the model that I am reviewing today features an i5 5200 CPU eight gigabytes of RAM one terabyte of hard drive and an nvidia 930 m GPU since this is a budget oriented laptop it is primarily made out of plastic the lid has a glossy blond finish which while looks good is a big fingerprint magnet upon opening the laptop you will notice a champagne color scheme around the keyboard which looks nice and complements the brown finish of the lid the trackpad has a large surface area and there are two clickable buttons at the bottom I personally did not find the trackpad to be that smooth but given the price point it gets the job done and after using it for a while you do get used to it the keyboard on the other hand is a joy to type on it is an island style chiclet keyboard and the soft keys combined with the big palm rest provide a very comfortable typing experience I would have loved a backlit keyboard as it would have added a bit more value to this laptop given its price point in terms of i/o we have a fair amount of ports on the laptop the left side has two USB 3.

0 ports and its GMI port VGA port Ethernet jack and a DC in port for charging the laptop on the other hand the right-hand side has an SD card reader a combo headphone microphone jack a USB 2.0 port and an optical drive the laptop is 2.

3 kilograms in weight so it is not the lightest laptop out there the display is a very standard 15.6 inch 1366 by 768 panel and there’s nothing great to write about it the colors seem to be a little washed out and I would have loved a better sharper display the viewing angles are also not that great and the screen being a glossy panel is very reflective the display might not be an issue for most of the buyers but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who works with photos and videos on a daily basis and requires a very color accurate display issues does provide the splendid utility app similar to what we have seen on the zenfone which lets you change the color temperature of the display while most of the laptops in this price range come with a 720p display by adding a 1080p panel Asus would have definitely attracted more buyers for the laptop coming to the performance I’d be a triple five variant that I have sports an i5 5200 CPU with eight gigabytes of RAM it ships with a standard one terabyte hard drive which i think is a serious bottleneck and makes the laptop feel slower than it actually is the boot up time and the app launching times are quite slow and it feels a lot slower when you have just booted up the laptop and the applications are loading in the background on top of that asus has installed McAfee Antivirus security which slows down things a little more and I would just recommend you to uninstall it issues should have included an SSD albeit in a smaller size but unfortunately they don’t moreover you cannot upgrade the hard drive easily because the backdoor only gives you access to the RAM to change the hard drive you need to remove the keyboard and then access it so the hard drive that the a triple Phi comes with is quite a bit of bottleneck but once everything is loaded up the laptop is mood to use it comes with Windows 10 out of the box which is loaded with a few asus apps which I personally did not use the eight gigabytes of RAM makes multitasking and gender usage a breeze on the laptop and 4k videos also play without any hiccups on YouTube the RAM is upgradable but out of the 2 4gb sticks only one is replaceable I am running a few benchmarks that I added on the laptop on the screen right now it does have the NVIDIA GTX 930 m GPU but don’t expect much out of it because it is an entry-level card from Nvidia I did manage to play call of duty black ops 3 with low settings at a decent framerate and project cars also ran well with medium settings so if you are into casual gaming the games might just work fine on the lowest settings on the Asus a triple 5 the CPU temperatures under load remained under 65 degree Celsius and the placement of the heat went is around the hinge of the laptop so the bottom doesn’t get that hot when the laptop is sitting on your lap also a Sosa’s ice cool technology which keeps the palm rest cool does work to some extent and I never found the palm rest to be too hot to use the a triple Phi comes with 2 cell lithium polymer battery so don’t expect much out of it I couldn’t test out the battery life extensively but I think it’s going to be average the audio out of the speakers is amazingly loud the sonic master technology from issues does a great job and I am very pleased with the speakers on this laptop overall for around 45,000 Indian rupees da sues a triple fie LF is a good contender and you should have a look at it if you are in the market for a new laptop the range starts from 30000 rupees so the laptop does offer a good value for the price it sells for Asus also provides a 2 year limited international hardware warranty but it is region dependent so please check the terms and conditions in your country before buying the laptop the SOC a triple Phi has its pros and cons but if you are buying this laptop or any other laptop in this price range then please upgrade to an SSD because it drastically improves the loading time and the data copping speeds of your laptop even my fire roll Lenovo laptop with a cheap SSD boots faster than this laptop SSDs are getting cheaper day by day and I will be doing an SSD showdown soon on my channel so make sure that you subscribe for it in case you have any questions about the laptop then do let me know in the comments or you can tweet them out to me please like the video if you liked it and make sure to subscribe for more laptop reviews and I will see you guys in the next video


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