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Asteroids Deluxe for Windows Phone – Review

Asteroids Deluxe for Windows Phone – Review

hi this is paul acevedo of WP central com here are the video review of asteroids deluxe asteroids deluxe is a game room title so it has a great 3d recreation of the arcade cabinet history section tells us the deluxe is the 1981 sequel to the original asteroids it doesn’t mention how deluxe is a lot harder and so everybody thought the first game was better that’s okay instructions tells you how to play the game some strategies would have been nice though it’s a hard game configuration has all the same options as other game room titles you can pick tilt controls which suck but they unlock a secret achievement you can also choose between native and stretched displays I normally prefer native because i like the proper aspect ratio and the authentic screen borders in asteroids case though the game’s graphics are so tiny that stretching them is a must I’ll show you this game uses vector graphics which means everything is composed of lines unfortunately it’s all really tiny and hard to make out on the small screen backdrop doesn’t really help either anyway you steer with the left and right buttons acceleration is controlled with a separate button over on the right we also have to manage firing and shields on the right which means you can’t comfortably do two things at once in this version makes an annoyingly tough game even more challenging anyway the objective is to clear a wave clear waves of asteroids from the screen each one splits in two and hit and downed only a couple of little pieces right now the asteroids part of the gameplay I like but there are three annoying kinds of enemies you also have to deal with big UFOs small UFOs and killer satellites we’ll see them again in a moment here’s a UFO ouch worrying about a screen full of asteroids UFOs shooting you and satellites chasing you it’s just too much at times I normally play a little better but you get to do ouch and the game ends you can earn medals in three categories based on your performance the score and survival time metals are really tough if you find it too hard on the small screen you can always buy the xbox 360 or pc game room version of asteroids earning metals and those versions automatically unlocks them in this one and vice versa game room phone games have great leader boards they can be sorted by friends or globally and by all platforms or just phone scores you can even view the best replays from did a fine job with this version of asteroids deluxe the problem is the game itself isn’t that great it’s more annoying than fun and everything is too tiny for mobile screens if you’re into asteroids I recommend buying the console version instead unless you just want the phone versions achievements you know what’s a real deluxe version of asteroids geometry wars somebody needs to bring that game to Windows Phone read the full review at WP central com


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